Does Labor have a chance of winning the election? Some of its own MPs don’t think so…

Australia is supposed to have a fair and robust political system, with both parties fighting tooth and nail for their

Australia is supposed to have a fair and robust political system, with both parties fighting tooth and nail for their beliefs and their voters.

However, things are looking a little less battle-hardened in the Labor camp these days with three MPs quitting in the last month, saying it is “highly unlikely” they will win the next election.

While it’s normal for politicians to take losing elections hard, abandoning ship completely on the grounds you don’t think you’ll win could be seen as unsportsmanlike behaviour at it’s worst.

Gary Gray, Melissa Parke and Alannah MacTiernan, all from Western Australia, bowed out of the running over the last month with Mr Gray declaring there was little hope of Labor winning the election later this year.

Mr Gray said he was hoping to give Labor a chance to fight back by installing a younger MP in his place.

“The next election campaign will be tough for Labor and it needs the next generation coming through,” he told the ABC.

“It doesn’t need me staying there because I can stay there. It needs the next generation, it needs people with a 30 or a 40 in front of their age.”

Ms MacTiernan – who was only elected in 2013 – stepped aside on the grounds she was not making enough of a difference to warrant the sacrifices of the job, while Ms Parke said she wanted to spend more time with her family.

Some people have questioned why the politicians have given up on their jobs and say it is their duty to stick it out and do their best to win the election for their constituents.

Things haven’t been so rosy on the Coalition’s side of the aisle either, with five MPs stepping down or forced out in recent months.

The news hasn’t come as a surprise to many voters who have been left frustrated by politicians’ lack of effort to fight for the issues they care about.

Some voters have asked: what happened to politicians sticking it out to the end and treating their position with gratitude and respect?

Others have accused them of wasting taxpayer money with all of the reshuffling and only thinking of their own interests.

“Another shuffle so close to the election means more money spent on changing stationary and I don’t know what else. This has got to stop!” Said one voter online.

Another said: “Getting out before they lose the election so they can still get their pension at a senior politicians rate.”

What do you think?

Do politicians have a duty to fight their best to win an election? Who do you think will win the next federal election?

    • Voters didn’t want a change of government they wanted to get rid of Newman, thats what happened, now we’re paying for it.

    • Anna in Qld has actioned many things…..Domestic Abuse Plan,hospitals,lock out laws. to name a few…..and Yes,we wanted a change of government….The liberals were about themselves,never listened to the people and were and still are so arrogant…go Premier Anna…thanks for continuing to LISTEN TO and help the people of Queensland!!!

    • Premier Anna also listened to the people ,so therefore did not sell our assets….Abbot and Turnbull have refused to give her much needed funding for hospials,as a result……Liberals can go and take a jump!!!

    • Noel Hawes Tried to do too much too quickly. So didn’t take people along on the journey with him. The biggest laugh is the fuss ALP made about cleaning out the Education Department. And just how many got their jobs back? Newman did the heavy lifting.

  1. Why haven’t they elected a new leader they can’t win with Shorten but then again who have they got???? No one worthy of that job they are all awful.

    • I’m a swinging voter(thinking of a donkey vote though this time) but think that Tanya, Penny and especially Doug Cameron are standouts on the Labor side.

    • Hopefully, the election will be decided on policies which will benefit all, not just a few. Vote for the person you want in your electorate. Leaders come and leaders go, as we have witnessed.

  2. It’s very sad where Politics are headed in Australia, I don’t believe either Parties have what it takes to Govern Australia. Our POLITICIANS HAVE BEEN FEATHERING THEIR OWN NESTS for so long now, I’m sure that’s the only reason any of them go into Politics. AUSTRALIA NEEDS AND DESERVES HONEST POLITICIANS who put AUSTRALIA and the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE above all else.

  3. The election has not been called yet, the ALP is the underdog, don’t write them off yet, Australians have a habit of going for the underdog, we like to see the person coming last win. The ALP candidate who is leaving is not going to make that much of a difference the ALP is not in Government but the 5 Liberal MP’s leaving would have to hurt 🙂

  4. NOT voting Liberal, this country can’t afford the 27 thousand new refugee’s they are bring in this year on top of the 250 thousand people who immigrate here annually and they have doubled the deficit

    • WHAT David you dope after all those BOAT people who came in under LABOUR and the will come back again IF your mob are in again 😁

    • It doesn’t matter what party is in labour or Liberal , the Syrian refugees will be given a home in Australia .

    • The annual figure for permanent immigrants is 190,000 for this year and was the same last year, this figure has changed only slightly over the last ten years, illegal immigrants that have arrived by plane number 58,000. Immigration is not an issue or out of control, any suggestion otherwise is scare mongering propaganda.

    • Watch the boats arrive if Labor wins. They lined up when Turnbull replaced Abbott as they thought the policy would change.

    • The right wing propaganda about stopping the boats, like parrots, repeat what what you are told. The fact is the boats were stopped by Labor prior to the Lnp taking office, there has also been at least 23 boats in the last 2 years. Stop the bullshit please.

  5. We need people in the Government that are prepared to give up their profits. So they can show the people that are in the job to make a difference not a BIG BANK BALANCE😠😠

  6. Not voting ALP, we can’t afford higher taxes and bigger government overspending. Not to mention opening the doors for all.

  7. why bother …almost owned by China ….current PM ‘s son married into Chinese family with strong communinist links ….of course there is no connection ..much …

  8. I, for one, do not vote for the leader. Instead I vote for the policies each of the parties espouses and decide which of these will best look after the majority of Australians- not a party which just looks after a select few under the guise of claiming to do more.

    • The good times of generous hand outs are over,get used to it. We have had times like never seen before now you will see some serious bad times ahead.

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