Does Bill Shorten really think he stands a chance?

At first glance (and second, and third) it might look like the Labor party isn’t going so well heading into

At first glance (and second, and third) it might look like the Labor party isn’t going so well heading into an election year. Despite all the grumblings about the government on the grounds of tax reform, health-care cuts, and scandals such as the Peter Slipper-Mal Brough affair, the latest polls have the Coalition at a record lead over the Opposition.

Bill Shorten’s approval rating is low at 14 per cent – but it’s not the lowest we’ve ever seen. The Liberal’s Brendan Nelson holds than dubious honour, plummeting to 7 per cent at his lowest ebb.

So the question is: does Mr Shorten think he can actually win an election? And crucially, does his party?

Paula Matthewson, a former media adviser to John Howard, thinks he might just have a chance. And she believes the same thing that has earned Malcolm Turnbull his support – his silver tongue – could be the prime minister’s undoing.

“The PM’s propensity to somewhat patronisingly over-explain has led to the term “Malsplaining” being coined in political circles, to sardonically describe the PM’s inclination to talk his way out of sticky situations,” writes Ms Matthewson in The New Daily.

She points out that, having survived the “charm offensive”, Labor continues to hold favour among the young er generations, and can, at this stage, “sustain a primary vote in the low 30s, which after the allocation of preferences still gives it a fighting chance”.

For now, it seems as if Shorten has no plans to step aside for the good of the party, although The Australian reports that ­Anthony Albanese, having all-but secured a seat in Barton, is the “likely to be a frontrunner to become the next Labor leader if Bill Shorten fails to win next year’s election”.

In the same report, NSW Labor factional player Matt Thistlethwaite stressed that Mr Albanese posed no threat to Mr Shorten’s leadership.

One way Mr Shorten has been trying to win favour with the public is by making the most of social media, following the lead of Mr “Selfie Turnbull.

Do you think Bill Shorten stands a chance in next year’s election? Should he step down?

  1. It does not really matter how popular either of them are, when push comes to shove people will vote on the issues that affect them. Only fools vote for the Leader because as past experience has shown us, the leader does not last long on either side

    • Unfortunately many voters do seem to be fools. They will not look at the policies but rather at the oratorical skills of the presenter for the party.

    • Some Robert but older voters will be looking at their pensions 🙂 and thinking..NOT AGAIN.

    • ALP Rachel, if I was tempted to vote Liberal this last term has cured me, I just can’t afford them

    • It’s the swinging voters who’ll decide the next election. The LNP has always been better at targeting them than Labor. Labor make the mistake of appealing to their intelligence . . yeah I know, what intelligence? . . while the LNP appeal to their short term greed. Right at the 11th hour the LNP will offer them a $10 a week tax cut and it’ll be all over red rover for Labor.

    • I agree there a sweetener is coming but if you are intelligent you would be asking how? and do you trust them to deliver? The country was supposedly in a budget emergency not so long ago and since then the deficit has grown

    • Libbi Elliot I am older but I believe it us older people that think before they vote, many I know do not play the political game. We do not vote above the line so the big party’s can use the preference’s for their own agenda, vote below the line and then I believe you have a better chance of your preference’s being how you want them too

    • The only way they can cut taxes if if they put the GST to 15% and we all suffer then, I heard Morrison say there would be NO compensation They would just add a little more to the CPI the same rise they wanted to cut.. we will all be living in poverty

  2. Against that idiot hyena mickey mouse stands a chance. With some luck Albo will take over the alp and then these elitist far right wing taxing scum will be out.

  3. From a regional point of view the conservative’s are on the nose, if a regional poll would be done the numbers would be 50/50 in the country region’s we have never experience Labor, an most are say what can we lose not much left to lose train’s road’s basic service’s we have not had for years since Liberal/National took them away over 29 years ago. I am a genuine swinging voter and I think Mr Turnstile is in for a shock.

    • Well I hope people ( mainly the young) read some of this I am a swinging voter never vote for anyone who give their votes for Liberal they are not for the hard working people

  4. only way this dick would win is if he totally banned Islam from Australia and deported the lot, no refugees as well.

  5. I am constantly appalled the conversation is about personalities instead of policies. Shouldn’t this demographic be a bit worried about cuts to medicare which will cost more for xrays , pathology tests .MRIS? Meanwhile the top ten companies pay no tax.

  6. I vote for the Party and policy , no way am I voting Liberal, even if they made God the leader, Turnbull thinks he is some sort of deity anyway

  7. Bill shorten needs to do lots of things and drastic changes to labour party policys as labour is the only party to give the australian public more jobs growth being fair to older Australians with pensions etc

    • Derek Homes, it is NOT ir’s and it is NOT BERNI ……. I T’S ! B E R N I E! 🌸

    • Labor set up automatic pension rises and the LNP have done their best to cut them back. Even though we were in the middle of the GFC unemployment was lower under Labor.

  8. but it wlii not work because the Labour Party in now contolled by the moslems.

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