Do you agree with this bizarre new law on Aussie beaches?

Unofficial “nudist beaches” could soon become a thing of the past within Australia, thanks to a bizarre new legal ruling

Unofficial “nudist beaches” could soon become a thing of the past within Australia, thanks to a bizarre new legal ruling from the Sunshine Coast.

The Maroochydore District Court upheld a “wilful exposure” conviction for local man David Charles Winston, who was caught swimming naked at an unofficial nude beach called Alexandria Bay.

When presiding over the appeal, Judge DCJ Jones said that Mr Winston was guilty of exposing his genitals in a public manner, without any valid excuse.

However, Mr Winston argued he’d been told the beach was an unofficial nudist spot, and had been for some 30 years.

Allegedly, Alexandria Bay was even identified as a nudist beach by the local tourist information centre. Mr Winston claimed at least 15 other nudists were present at that beach, on the day of his arrest.

This unexpected legal ruling is a disappointment for skinny-dipping enthusiasts, who have been planning a “nude carnival” at Alexandria Bay next month.

The precedent set down by Judge Jones has also been described by police as a “clear line” when it comes to regulating unofficial nude beaches.

Noosa police Senior Sergeant Steve McReight said, “someone can be caught wilfully exposing themselves regardless of the date, time and place”, he said.

“If we get complaint, we will investigate and a judgment will be made on the evidence”, Sergeant McReight added.

“My job is to look after the law as it is. Now the court has given us a practical interpretation we can work with”.

Are you surprised by this bizarre turn of events? Do you think that nudist beaches should be legally tolerated, in certain places? Or is this law fair enough, and should people cover up?

  1. There’s plenty of “ordinary”beaches for everyone to go to, let the nudys swim where they feel safe & comfortable. Too many rules in society today.

  2. It was not a nudist beach what is all the carry on if he was at a nudist beach would not hsve been charged that seems all this story is about

  3. Why are people so judge mental every female has the same bits and every male have the same bits so i don’t understand why nudity is a shameful thing

  4. almost sounds like it is a competition amongst the Australian States as to who is the “nanniest” of them all

  5. That’s right each to their own…Such a shame thats there’s so many sticky beaks with twisted dirty minds!

  6. Whatever floats your boat, me? I have trouble when my Dr wants to look down there so no chance of me going pubic

  7. Same old story one person complaints the local council must take action why don’t they tell the complainers to go elsewhere its Australia not Dubai

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