Do we use God as a scapegoat for our problems?

It’s the newspaper cover that’s dividing America, and we want your input. In response to America’s latest mass gun shooting,

It’s the newspaper cover that’s dividing America, and we want your input. In response to America’s latest mass gun shooting, the New York Daily News has released a provocative headline that reads: “God isn’t fixing this.”

“As latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes,” the newspaper continues.

When two gunmen opened fire at a centre for the disabled this week, killing 14 people and injuring dozens more, American politicians responded via Twitter.

Republican candidate Ted Cruz wrote, “our prayers are with the victims, their families, and the first responders in San Bernardino.” Meanwhile the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan tweeted “Please keep the victims of San Bernardino, California in your prayers.”

These perceived empty words, along with tweets from political figures Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham, featured on the New York Daily cover. Americans have been stirred by this front page, responding with a mix of outrage and resignation.

“I don’t think you realise how offensive that cover is,” writer Mollie Hemingway said. While on the other hand, author Jonah Keri tweeted, “I am frustrated by the inaction of both parties”. God and guns are certainly two topics that Americans have strongly-held opinions about.

In times of crisis, people across the world rely on their faith. When faced with natural disasters or acts of violence, it’s common to see people congregating in churches and gathering for prayer vigils. Religion is frame through which many people make sense of disasters.

The New York Daily News does beg a timely question though. It is possible that American politicians have used God as a scapegoat, rather than examining the root causes of gun violence and other atrocities. On the other hand though, prayer is a common way for people to cope with grief.

What do you think? Do people rely on God and higher forces to ‘fix’ their problems? Or is religion a natural place to turn in times of crisis? 


  1. He gave us a free will. We are responsible for our own actions. He has been known to intervene

    • How do you know God is a ‘he?’. How does he/she intervene? Of course we are responsible for our own actions….who else?

    • Ann Cleveland-Dunn Show me god is a he!!…ppphhht – what a silly myth. Idiots? hhmmmm…..I do not believe in fairies….May I recommend the God Delusion – great book.

    • ooohh Slivia – did you hear this man Jesus says it from his own mouth? Oh well. I just think it is all a bit fairy like…a myth. But I know people get something from it – and each to their own.

    • Actually Jesus said in the Garden of Gethsemane – “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”

      • Robb Gee  

        Merran, it must be a real comfort to you to be so wise and all knowing that you can categorically say there is no God. The Bible does say there is no God, but prefaces that statement with the words “a fool believes in his heart,……”. I know that I have a guaranteed place reserved for me in the presence of God through the sacrifice Jesus made for me and anyone else who wants yo take hold of the free gift. What we are seeing in these shootings and other acts of violence are those who have chosen to use the free will God gave mankind when he (yes, he) created us. We can use our free will to turn away from our sinful lives towards God to.

      • Robb Gee  

        If you are referring to my comment, I am not self righteous. I can’t be because I am a sinner. But in Jesus I am righteous. So don’t use that as a put down to someone who is on Gods side to shut them up. I am also tired of churchianity which passes for Christianity, no one gets saved by a pleasant smile, a cup of tea and a platitude. If you claim to be a Christian dig out your bible from under the self help books and look up the scriptures I quoted. You might get a revelation of the FAITH involved.

  2. God is fixing nothing , there is no proof of his existance, if there is a God he is a cruel and manevolent God to allow the pain, wars and suffering that have gone on in the World since humanity got out of the tree’s

    • Some believe; some don’t. But even if you don’t believe in a divine being, surely you believe that good and evil exist? Who or what sets the parameters and heaven help us if there is no-one.

    • People blame God for not stopping wars. But they forget that man wanted his own way. & God granted him his wish

      • Robb Gee  

        Written by a man who hasn’t been to the other side of death. Don’t let a self wise self opinionated dolt make your eternal decision for you. It won’t help when you get there and are asked to give an account of yourself to say that Dawkins has determined you don’t exist so you can’t judge me. He will be wandering about somewhere outside the kingdom crying out “what have I done!?!?”

    • People are to blame for killing people. The Americans can blame who they want, but it all comes down to taking responsibility for ones actions. What a cop out saying that a so called god could cure all the evil in this world, then sitting back and waiting for it happen. Shame America..

    • Why should I read what I am told by a heretic looking for absolution? You want to read a book your choice 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I’m with you there David …… a medieval belief. I’m surprised intelligent peoples still believe in this crap ! Each to their own I guess 🙁

      • Robb Gee  

        I agree. If you dont know for sure (in this case been to the other side of the grave and back again) don’t tell others not to believe. There are plenty of accounts of near death experiences. Only the “walking into the light” experiences are widely reported. There are many more accounts of unbelievers and rejectionists who go screaming in terror into death. Some have been snatched back from death and have very quickly turned to Christ.

  3. It is typical of politicians without any actual moral fortitude to come up with something like ‘pray for’ or ‘in our prayers’ rather than show the courage to actually tackle the problem. God isn’t going to fix it, that takes moral humans, to take courageous steps.

    • No, God will not fix it. He was kicked out of schools, government buildings and any other building you can think of. The ten commandments were taken down and a statue of satan was erected. Keep in mind, God tossed satan from heaven down to earth. This is his domain. We pray to God to get us through this hell. The free will of people is listening to satan and his minions more and more.

    • A friend once said, how interesting we turn to God when the chips are down. Whether we are a believer or not.

  4. Why are you talking as if ‘God’is a thing! You see how easy it is to slip into the assumption language.

  5. Focusing the mind back to religion lessons, God is omnipotent but he has given free will. What humans do with free will is up to us. People pray for help, guidance and comfort. It is up to humans to make things better. So the front page is correct. God can’t fix the situation. But prayers can help people find the strength and direction to do what is needed. No matter what God/Goddess you pray to.

  6. all the catastrophies are man made , therefore, it can be solved …..god gave us the brain to identify what is morally right and what is evil , the choice is ours…..

      • Robb Gee  

        Obviously Merran, some missed out.

    • common sense is god given , anyway, that’s how i perceive it….if we don’t have brain we won’t distinguish between what is right and what is wrong . thank you for your comment.

    • it’s something which is spiritual and a feeling of well being , beauty and peace, to me that is god….sorry if i can’t explain any better …it’s a personal experience. thank you .

    • One knows this when one has a personel relationship the Lord Jesus Christ, its not religion, its christianity two different things entirley, so many people lump them together……………….

  7. no …don’t believe in Sky Fairies …all the problems of the world are caused by religion …

    • Rubbish! It’s selfish, psychopathic humans that are the cause of the world’s problems. Religion is just one of many excuses these evil people use.

    • so is your sky fairy better & fairer then other sky fairies ? Just a rhetorical question Aileen ….

    • Why don’t you go and ask Mohamed’s followers. They will give you answers you can’t refuse!

      • Robb Gee  

        One day Victoria you will believe, let’s hope it’s not too late when you do.

    • Rosanna Taylor, where did I mention sky fairies, or
      God, or any other supernatural being? And have you the slightest idea what a rhetorical question actually is? I guess reading and language are not your strong points.

    • Victoria, I think my reply is closer to the truth than you would have liked. Go ahead, your Christianophobia is bulging out all over the place, so is your irrational animosity, discrimination and downright hate.

  8. The Americans have this all wrong, as I see it how can you say you believe in god and then say guns are ok and go and kill people, if you are religious as they say, how about the ten commandants and thou shalt not kill. Makes no sense at all and very hypercritical.

    • Many do not believe in God. You are under the illusion that Christians do all the killing. Most are done by gangs that I know have no believe. Then we have radical Islam’s, like the one on Wednesday and finally, we have mentally challenged that need to be in hospital under supervision, but since the government closed down mental hospitals years, and years ago, and tossed them all out on the street…we will continue to have people that hear voices while doing harm. Those that are Christians do our part in feeding the hungry, helping refugees, etc. and if we have a gun in our homes to protect our families from the above mentioned people, we be foolish not to. I find it amazing, that America was just attacked by terrorists on a soft target the way it was done in Paris, but rather than discussing that part, Christians are made to be the “problem”.

    • No illusion at all many gun owners are Christian, that was my point, as I am sure that the people you have mention are also gun owners. And we all should practice what we preach.

    • Well, you be happy to know that Christians will be wiped out of a huge part of the Middle East by the end of 2016. You can still enjoy their genocide by having their heads cut off in Mexico, that should last for a few more years… the world stays quiet!….These Christians just quietly go along with everything, you know, like the men we saw on the beach…all Christians who had their heads cut off!. I am afraid I won’t go quietly along! I help where I can and am content with the state of my soul but I will defend my family. I find it “distasteful” that America was attacked by Isis inspired terrorist, on a soft target with disabled people, many killed or badly wounded, and all you sad excuses for mature people can come up with is to drag Christians into this entire situation. Nevermind that California has no guns allowed and has THE strictest gun laws in the country…heck no! Jump on the Christians not the terrorists and followers of Isis……Hell no! Don’t condemn this act of violence! Happy to know that Isis and terrorists have sympathisers in this politically correct group.

  9. Jesus help those that help themselves, hey what, you mean he just takes the credit. There is nothing more provable than the fact that not one prayer since the beginning of mankind has ever been answered, there may be coincidence, There may be some written accounts, and these are definitely not provable, or proof of prayer being answered, but for every positive coincidence there are millions of negative ones. put it down to the laws of chance.

  10. Why is God always referred to as ‘he’? Why has God, right from time seemingly began been deemed as ‘male’? Is it that the brainwashing of a male dominated patriarchal society right from the beginning or has God (somewhere along the line and I seem to have missed it) been proven to be male? And before the name tags begin, I’m just an older free thinking woman who adored and adores my husband, son, grandson, son in law & doesnt need to beat my feminine breast defensively!! Would the world be in a better state if God had been deemed a nurturing female?

    • I suppose the alternatives are “she” and “it”. Ït” seems very disrespectful so take your pick on “He” or “She” . I don’t think that God needs a gender but traditions have given genders to countries (Mother land or Fatherland). Ships are female and we normally use the male term when referring to animals (dogs, lions, etc) and even everyday items in the French language have genders. It really is of no consequence.

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