Disgusting discovery about Aldi and Coles that could harm your health

We’ve always known that any common facility would not be so hygienic, but how dirty can things get?Apparently, shoppers are

We’ve always known that any common facility would not be so hygienic, but how dirty can things get?Apparently, shoppers are putting themselves at risk of food poisoning after tests found faecal matter on supermarket trolleys, reports Daily Mail.

A Seven News investigation revealed a trolley and a basket at Aldi and Coles supermarkets in Brisbane tested positive for faecal coliforms although it is not known if the team had also tested other supermarkets for the same thing.
These results have prompted health experts to warn people about the risks of the bacteria.

Biotech Laboratories manager Glen Pinna said faecal coliforms which are found inside warm-blooded animals, such as humans would not make you sick, but if the person who deposited the faecal matter was suffering from food poisoning, which is associated with salmonella, then they are putting others at risk.

“If the person who left this [bacteria] is suffering from a food poisoning complaint then there is a chance those bugs would be on these surfaces,” Mr Pinna told Daily Mail Australia.
“Babies tend to have pooey bottoms and you can’t rely on the hygiene of everyone else.
“You just need to be aware that baskets and trolleys can harbour harmful bacteria.”

Mr Pinna said there were ways people could protect themselves against the risks posed by faecal matter.

“Ready-to-eat food, I mean fruit and vegetables, should always go into plastic bags or paper bags before going into the trolley,” he said.

“The other part people need to be aware after using these trolleys, and if they’re going off to have a sandwich or eat, they really should be washing hands or using one of those alcoholic wipes to sanitise. They should use that before they do anything.

“Chances are they could have bacteria on their hands that could cause food poisoning.”
Mr Pinna said he did not want to spark ‘paranoia’ but stressed it was ‘something people should be aware of”.

Many customer say that they are already sanitising their hands every time they have used a trolley or a shopping basket as they have long questioned the hygiene levels.

At the time of this publication, there has been no update on whether other supermarkets like Woolworths and IGA have similar levels of contamination. Consensus is that all trolleys are just as dirty and that shoppers should be careful regardless of the supermarket brand.

Are you surprised with these findings?

  1. lyne  

    why pick on aldi and coles….there are other supermarkets that use trolleys, commonsense would tell you to be careful using any trolley. same at door
    handles and elevator and stir railing

    • Cyril Torrington  

      Could be paid for by Woolworths

  2. Irene Strugnell  

    Need to clean handles trolley bars I Strugnell. Need to clean trolley bars handles a askers handles

  3. Christine  

    Kids should be stopped from sitting or standing in the food part of the trolley, they have a place up front for them to sit

  4. Mary  

    Really getting sick of the Aldi bashing!!!

    • Rosanna  

      Yes it is a bit tiring to pick on them. Maybe this story eventuated from Woolworths who drive me nuts. At least you are treated as an important customer when you shop at Aldi. In Woolies and Coles you are just a number.

    • Fiona Kidd  

      Me too. Customers should be aware of what they or their kids are doing. Maybe the time has come for wipes etc to be provided for customers to use. Of course cost will be passed on.

  5. April Campbell  

    Why not put anti bacterial solution just inside the shore, giving people the option of using it on the trolley or their hands. Hospitals do it so if people are conscious of this they have an option.

    • Anne Blyth  

      Our Woolworths provides anti-bacterial wipes jet inside their doors and others may (or should) also found this. Worth checking out or just have some in our bags would be sensible.

  6. Sue May  

    I try to use the wipes provided at Woolies but most times they are empty so then I try to get the handle that looks the cleanest. The wipes are nearly always empty at the Woolies that I go to.

  7. Dennis Carey  

    Very suspicious of “Starts at 60s” motives for headlining only 2 supermarkets out of the lot,smells of a typical American vested interest paid smear campaign..

    • Barbara Stirling  

      In our area trolleys from target bigw Kmart as well as all the food stores are used interchangably so people should just take responsibility for their own hygiene. But good to have a reminder.

  8. Joyce  

    I only use the smaller trolleys and children cant sit in them.

    • Rosanna  

      Me too. Cant kids walk these days.

  9. stnc  

    Public toilets in shopping centres, putrid! Companies spend millions renovating toilets then spend a $ keeping them clean, just check out the like of Westfield East gardens and Marrackville Metro. The like of McDonalds and Hungry Jacks, use at your own risk, they have staff member *cleaning* toilets then back to handling food! What they need to do is out source the job and remember toilet need to cleaned a minimum of twice a day not once every 4 or 5 days.
    Slowly the need to open exit doors have been eliminated because of new design.
    Nah! use at your own risk!
    As for trollies, who suggested have kids in nappies etc. sitting , playing in a trolley, the parent is going to care to clean any mess, that’s some one else’s job! It’s like people who frequent Hungry Jacks, McDonalds or even Ikea and just leave the mess and despite the understanding written on the wall, the meals are less expensive because you clean up after yourselves…….NOT!

  10. Maureen Corbett  

    It could happen any supermarket. Coles and Aldi are slamming Woolworths and others so are in the firing line. Get a life. Media is good but can do a lot of harm also.

    • Absolutely agree. Why would Woolworths shopping trolleys be exempt from having bacteria?! Coles at least do have a hand sanitiser dispenser near the trolleys in store.

  11. Scaremongering. Truth is, if you have an indoor toilet, there is fecal matter everywhere throughout your home; even on your toothbrush. Most of the time it is relatively harmless, as long as we practice good hygiene.

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