Disappointment for the Morcombes after campaign fails

They’re two of the most famous faces in Australia due to the family tragedy that captured the attention and the

They’re two of the most famous faces in Australia due to the family tragedy that captured the attention and the hearts of people around the country, but Bruce and Denise Morcombe have been left sad and disappointed after a second campaign fail.

The couple were raising money through a crowd funding campaign for Where Is Daniel?, a movie about their son’s life but failed to reach their target due to a lack of donations.

The campaign was run of Kickstarter, a site where people can safely donate money to a cause, with the aim of raising $300,000 in 30 days.

Due to the way Kickstarter works, campaign organisers only receive the money if the target has been met, and since the Morcombes only raised $152,000 in the 30 days, they didn’t get a single cent.

A second attempt at the campaign this week didn’t fare much better. Even with a reduced target of $120,000, they only managed to raise $63,225.

So why aren’t people as willing to donate to Bruce and Denise’s campaign this time?

It’s a questions that is baffling supporters who thought the whole country would rally around the couple and help them make raise the money they needed.

The movie is based on the book by the same name, which was written by Bruce and Denise, and looks at how they dealt with Daniel’s disappearance and the young detective who finally cracked the case and brought their son’s killer to justice.

The Morcombes have worked tirelessly since Daniel went missing to raise awareness and help keep other children safe from suffering the same fate as their son.

Why do you think people failed to get behind the Morcombes this time? Have we lost our sense of charity?

  1. Bev Whitton  

    I live in Newcastle and I haven’t heard about it before. Maybe you didn’t get the word out enough.

    • Lorraine  

      Please try GO FUND ME on Facebook and see if that helps
      Im amazed at what some people want money for that should ask their own families for . But this is a legitimate request. And would be a great true story that needs to be seen. Good luck guys.

  2. C.vass  

    I totally admire and thank the Morecombes for their tireless dedication to Daniel and helping keeping children safe but I am sorry but personally I would not like to watch a movie based on this tragedy and friends I have spoken to have agreed this may be why people have not supported this charity as they normally do.

    • I agree with you C.vass. I have all the sympathy and respect for the Morecombes but I can’t watch movies like that. Especially true stories. I talked to friends about it as well and they were of the same opinion.

    • Lyn  

      I agree, I think enough is enough. As tragic as his tragic death was it is time to let it be and not relive through a movie. In my opinion it could be better for them to not keep reliving the horror but to move on with their lives as best they can and to keep up their good work of educating children and the public.

    • Melodee  

      We see enough ‘horror’ on the six o’clock TV News every night!
      I, for one, would NOT go, & see a movie, based on this sad situation.

      Also, IMHO, people no longer have the funds to continuously donate, even for worthy causes’.

      Life nowadays, is just SO expensive in EVERY way!

      How our Pensioners’ even eke out an existence, I’ve no idea.

  3. Chriswills  

    So what happens to the money that was raised ?

    • Cecilia Dearn  

      Did you read the article? I think not……all was explained there!!

    • Stella ellis  

      No it wasn’t explained it just said the parents didn’t get it

      • Ellen  

        The article stated that with this fundraiser of the total is not pledged then no money is handed over.
        I would say the accounts were not debited. All or nothing.

  4. Lynette Maloney  

    So disappointing but i do think peoples sence of charity has changed. I am on a fundraising committee for a local charity where i live that supports local children and their families who have life threatening illnesses and cancer. Money raise stays locally. For two years we have raised funds to have a Convoy for Kids event and while the event was great and families attended it is a struggle to raise funds when competing against bigger charities who can run TV ads and newpaper articles. Problem there is the money raised by these bigger charities doesn’t stay in the local community. This year we have had to cancel our event because we couldn’t get the donations or sponsorship needed.

  5. Gai  

    Can we move on please

    • Mary  

      Totally agree. So sick of Denise & Bruce making a living out of their son’s disappearance & death. They have other children who have needed their attention & love over the years & they wouldn’t have had time to do that with all their “Daniel” activities.
      Maybe they have needed to do all the ” Daniel” activity because they feel guilty for letting a 12 or 13 year old go to Sunshine Plaza via bus on his own…..just saying

  6. Clotilde marchioro  

    The most crucial question is not why they haven’t raised enough money but WHO keeps the money they’ve raised since Kickstarter will only pay them the money raised IF they reach the target. Seems to me that Kickstarter is a scammer.

  7. Roger  

    There are so many charities etc around these days most of which are worthwhile. There are people who seek donations for one things and another via a go fund me facebook page or something like that. I cannot see why ordinary folk would want to help fund a movie making project regardless of what the said movie is supposed to be all about. It it up to the film companies, distributors etc to fund their own movie projects.

  8. Pamela  

    Daniel would probably still be here if either of his parents had looked after him responsibly.

    I’m sure he would have loved one of them to accompany him on his Christmas shopping, helping him buy gifts for loved ones instead of an 11 year-old being sent on a bus alone!

    Take some responsibility for actions!

    • Fern  

      Are you serious ??? Is it necessary to be so cruel ? Lucky for you, that you are perfect, and have always made the right decisions with no regrets. Good on you !

    • Maryanne Shug  

      How could you write something like this. Obviously you have never had to deal with something like this in your life. I hope you never have.These people have lived with this for years and will live with it forever. They don’t need negative comments from people like you.

    • Chris  

      That is a horrible thing to say!!!I hope a tragedy like this never happens to someone you love you may have some different ideas about it.

    • Lyn A.  

      I really think you are out of line, I hope nothing bad ever happens to you, you are obviously not a very kind or sympathetic person, I’m sure you must be the perfect parent, I’m so pleased your not a friend of mine you nasty nasty person.

    • Janice Eckart  

      How terrible for you to say they were irresponsible,these poor people have been to hell and back,don’t you think they suffered enough without people like you saying hurtful things about them.

    • Maya  

      Sorry Pamela Daniel was 13 yeas old at the time and i am sure he would have enjoyed a little bit of independence at that age like most 1 year olds do.

    • Sue ashby  

      That’s a bit harsh we all like to try and let our children have there independents it helps them develop into responsible adults .BUT unfortunately there is scum out there

    • Sue ashby  

      That’s a bit harsh we all like to try and let our children have there independents it helps them develop into responsible adults .BUT unfortunately there is scum out there

    • Denise smith  

      You have no heart, who are you to judge anyone, until you’ve lost a child you’ll never know what a family goes through,

    • Emma  

      Wow! just plain wow!

      What you say is not only totally insensitive, but downright crass.

      Please enlighten us all, at what age should one’s offspring be allowed a little independence?
      You seem to ‘know it all’………….

      I used to travel into town from the age of 8, by tram, to collect my UK comic books, on a Sat. morning. As I did this regularly, all the ‘clippies’ knew me by sight, if not by name.
      Same went for going to, & from School.

      Were my Parents’ irresponsible? Not in the least. They were giving me ‘life lessons’, which I enjoyed immensely.
      I was fortunate that the tram stop was right outside our house, also across the road, inbound, & at the School gate, to, & from.

      How tf would YOU know what Daniel wanted?
      You’re just a real piece of work, you are!

    • Michelle Howell  

      Really Pamela! a little kindness please.

    • Natalie Meyle  

      Nasty woman. Yes you Pamela.

    • Sandra Zouroudis  

      Well Pamela that is such an unfair & cruel Statement for you to make who do you think you are??
      Of course parents are responsible for their children’s safety & well being but unfortunately things do happen that is NO FAULT OF A PARENT or A CHILD…How about blaming the sick perverted person who did this to a child & his family.
      They must be feeling so much guilt without you rubbing it their faces…. Who are you to Judge another human & their failings. Only GOD can do this so shut up…heaps of children Daniels age go out on their own during the day with no harm caused to them. Grow a heart & some compassion instead of a blame game…& pray for the safety of all our children to be safe from sexual predators. Read the bible where it quotes ‘ it would be better if they were not born at all’ or ‘have a millstone around their neck & thrown into the sea….’ Even God has said this about child sex offenders…

  9. didi  

    people have not rejected the morcombes fundraiser appeal as clearly over $210,000 has been generously donated it appears to me that kickstarter is the problem in only handing over the money if target goals are met what a rort that is not genuinely helping people out maybe the appeal should have been set up so that donations go directly to the morcombe foundation . I am like others and question what happens to already donated funds received via kickstarter I am upset to hear of this system in place whereby no target goal reached no funds received to me that is so wrong on many levels if my understanding of this system is wrong can someone please correct me on how it works. also the reality is there is now so many different charities etc competing for funds and the everyday person is also struggling more and more and their ability to donate is being stretched more and more

  10. Linda  

    This is how it is explained on another Kickstarter project that I was invited to donate to, which is fully above board. If I decide to donate & we don’t reach the goal I hope my account isn’t debited. Hope it helps – not everything is a scam.

    Why Kickstarter?
    Kickstarter is a revolutionary crowd-sourcing platform that brings ideas to life in a way that has never been possible before. It’s simple: it works on an all-or-nothing basis and with your support this documentary will become a reality. If we don’t reach our goal we won’t receive any of the pledges and your credit card won’t be charged, meaning the film won’t be finished. We are fully committed to the project but in order to make it to the screens of the world we need A LOT your help. ☺

  11. Jim E  

    While there are a number of things which affect donations, there are two which are fairly evident. One is that there seems to be an endless queue of people asking for a “donation” from the average person who is really finding it harder to make that two bob. The other is the growing number of people who suffer one of life’s tragedies and then turn it into their life’s mission and a business. Charity is so often really just a business and not what people reflect on as an old fashioned helping hand, no matter how well intentioned.

  12. DR  

    I am so sorry they did not reach their target. They have done so much good work, in educating people about Daniel’s shocking story and how we might prevent it happening to other children. I think that people are tiring of the constant barrage of pleas for help from every direction. Then there are constant stories of how scammers set people up. The Morcombes have had a lot of publicity about Daniel’s plight and their relentless, unwavering, fight to find his kidnappers and educate and prevent others from suffering the same plight. I think that many will agree with Roger, as I do, that if a film or documentary is to be made, then it should be at the expense of the film maker. Jim E makes a fair point too and I concur. There are too many charity business, that are relentless in their quest for the Aussie hard earned dollar.

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