Disappointment for Barry Gibb fans across Australia

Barry Gibb has entertained millions across the world and sold just as many albums.  Australia was set to welcome home

Barry Gibb has entertained millions across the world and sold just as many albums.  Australia was set to welcome home Gibb and his band as they were scheduled to do a massive tour across Australia in early 2017. Unfortunately, the key word in that previous sentence is “were”.

An official statement from Gibb was released cancelling his 2017 In The Now World Tour for Australia and New Zealand.

A statement released to the media states, Due to a change in international commitments, Barry Gibb’s ‘In The Now World Tour’ Australian and New Zealand show dates, scheduled for April 2017, regrettably will not go ahead.

As it is not currently possible to reschedule the performances, refunds will be available to all ticket holders.

For all tickets booked online or by phone, the credit card used in the booking will automatically be refunded. Please allow up to ten days to receive your refund. If the original credit card you used for the purchase has been cancelled or no longer valid, please contact the place of purchase.”

While many across the country are disappointed, it shouldn’t be the last time Gibb comes to Australia and of course there are the collections of great hits to enjoy.  Would have been nice to see him live, though.

Were you one of the ones already booked?  Would you like to see Gibb in concert?  Did you get the chance to see the Bee Gees play?


  1. judy  

    In the early sixties Col Joye and the Joyeboys, Judy Stone, Sandy Scott and probably others I cant remember, came to visit our area touring by train just about every year – a highlight of the year as you can imagine. Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb came on one of those trips and I can remember how excited I was to get their autographs because even in Townsville we had heard of the Bee Gees.

  2. Baz  

    ‘Due to a change in international commitments.’ would be code for ‘ Ticket pre-sales do not justify the expense of touring Australia/NZ.’ Let’s face it- one BeeGee does not have the drawing power of one Beatle i.e. Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr’s All Stars.

  3. Allan  

    Oh well, on the bright side i’ll have $800 to spend elsewhere.

  4. Maureen G.  

    Barry would not have canceled he loves his fans to much & tickets would have been sold out in minutes. We will soon find out. Thanks.

    • Baz  

      Call it what you like Maureen. He’s cancelled. It’s the music business, not a charity.

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