Did Nick Kyrgios actually dare officials not to pick him for the Olympics?

What is going on with our athletes? Just when the dust is beginning to settle with Grant Hackett’s groping incident,

What is going on with our athletes? Just when the dust is beginning to settle with Grant Hackett’s groping incident, Nick Kyrgios has come out to dare Australia’s Olympic team boss, Kitty Chiller, to not pick him for the Rio Games.

“I mean, if you don’t want to pick me or Bernard, you know, there are plenty of others you can pick to represent your country as well,” Nick said.

“If you don’t want two of the best players in Australia to represent your country, so be it.”

Nick and Bernard Tomic were put on notice last week after behavioural issues on and off the court.

Bernard was criticised when he used the handle of his racquet on match point, and also withdrew from another match in Rome only eight minutes into it.

“Would you care if you were 23 and worth over $10 million?” said Bernard Tomic, Australian tennis player.

Kitty brought up the issue with him and described Bernard’s behaviour as “appalling” when he said, “Would you care if you were 23 and worth over $10 million?”

Although Nick admitted that behaviour would be a factor in the selection to the Olympics, he defended Bernard’s actions.

“Yeah, for sure I think, you know, the behaviour has to be monitored going into the Olympics, representing your country,” said Nick.

“I don’t really know what he was doing, but that one point he gets scorched for when he probably tried his heart out the rest of the match,” he said.

While Bernard has seen himself kiss the dust, Kyrgios has been performing well; he beat Salvatore Caruso easily, and continues strong clay court form.

Although SMH reports that they could lose their spot at the Olympics should either of them keep opening their mouths or using the end of their racquet on match point, some sports fans are still keen to see him play in Rio.


Do you think it’s fair for athletes to say what they want on social media?

  1. Rosco  

    My main concern is that any decent person with half a brain living abroad could see that racism in Australia is soooooooooo alive and well.
    Not one article in the Australian tabloids about Nick’s work with charity and the time he gives to the kids.
    Keep working hard kid,your doing great!

    • j beadle  

      Coud,NT give a big rats,A, Could not name anything he has done for Australia,only for himself.Wanker.

    • Robyn Rylands  

      Racism? What are you talking about, he’s Australian

  2. Anita barnes  

    These kids need to grow up and lose their attitudes. They are good tennis players, but spoil everything with their tantrums.

  3. walter  

    It”s not there country anyway, it’s there adopted country, which is a difference!

    • Alexis  

      What is the difference?? They have the exact same rights in Australia as you do disreqarding where their parents were born….

  4. Henry  

    Who cares? He’s got his head buried in where the sun doesn’t shine as does Tomic.

  5. They have big mouths but the Olympic Tennis tournament should feature the best of the best of every big Tennis nation. Would be a huge pity if they wouldn’t be nominated.
    Where in the world is Kokkinakkis at the moment by the way?

    • joao souza  

      banging wawrinka’s ex-girlfriend

  6. Oh really Walter…..Nick was born here in Canberra. Please get your facts right.

    And anyway…when people move here, live here, become Australian citizens for all purposes they ARE Australian and THIS is their country. Attitudes like yours make lots of problems.

    And Nick has been playing well and not been abusive, why don’t some of you stop bringing up old info. I am sure you all loved McEnroe at the time he was a ‘brat’ and lots of the otehr greats have been explosive when young. How quickly we forget.
    I don’t condone bad behaviour, but I don’t believe in bringing it up over and over and over. Pity your kids really.

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