Did Malcolm Turnbull make a big mistake calling the election?

After only a few days of campaigning, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has emerged as the hot favourite with voters. Mr

After only a few days of campaigning, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has emerged as the hot favourite with voters.

Mr Shorten and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have both been hitting the campaign trail hard, with numerous talk-back radio interviews and public events.

Now, the results have shown that voters are more in tune with what Mr Shorten has to say ranking him 42/100 over Mr Turnbull’s 33/100, reports SMH.

The numbers have come as a surprise to many in the Liberal Party who banking on Mr Turnbull to bring in undecided voters thanks to his typically middle-ground views on social issues.

However, it looks as though the Liberal Party has been tainted by its past upheaval and people are looking for a change.

Mr Turnbull enjoyed a strong popularity rate for most of his term, but has been sliding in recent weeks with the budget announcements doing more harm than good.

Yesterday, Google released results showing that more people were interested in finding out news and information about Mr Shorten than Mr Turnbull, with a huge spike in searches for Bill Shorten over the past few days.

It’s not over yet though, and if past elections are anything to go by there’s still plenty of time for both politicians to gain ground.

Who will you vote for in the election? Will you vote for a major party or do you prefer the minor and independent parties?

  1. Magi  

    I will not in the lower house as I do not like Liberal,Labor, or Greens, they are all the same leaning to the left. BUT I will vote in the senate for one of the new parties.

    • Sandy Williams  

      Is that your left or their left. Remember when you look at someone your left is their right. As for the poor old greens they don’t know where they’re leaning just like a drunk on the way home from the pub all over the place and constantly changing direction.

      • Nerrida  

        Are you suggesting the Greens are just like the ever-changing LNP?

    • colin  

      I think not voting as does an incorrect usually sways the vote the way of the sitting person. not the best idea.

    • Sandra Workman  

      Why not it’s that attitude that let a lot of the unions be taken over by the wrong people

  2. Simon Watts  

    I for one want to see more independent and minor party senators. I think they are really our best hope for not allowing dodgy legislation to flow through the parliament. Tony Abbott and the Liberals in general don’t like negotiating their ideology so want to clean them out. Julia Gillard’s government (like her or not), on reflection should be proof that you can negotiate with a cross bench in the lower and upper house.

    I thought Ricky Muir was a joke when he first got into the Senate, but he’s proven himself to be a thoughtful Senator, and I think he genuinely has tried to represent. At least the independents we put in the Senate won’t just wave things though. See how much they protected us from this term as an example alone.

  3. Cathy Howat  

    I shall be voting Labour in the House, and Senate

    • Phil  

      So will I and so will anybody with any sense

  4. Ian  

    Turnbull’s mistake wasn’t calling the election .his mistake was knifing Abbot in the back I will not vote for any of the major parties I will vote either Independent or for one of the new uncorrupt parties . Both labor and LNP are so similar they might as well be the same party .
    Labor screwed the country them jus as abbot was making inroads into fixing it Turdball knifed him in the back and took over . He is NOT a liberal he is a labor stooge .and things went from bad to worse . he has NOT done one thing for this country his whole aim is to sell it to the Chinese .
    If Australia votes either Liberal or labor or greens in, to form the government this country is finished . all that is left will be to bBury or Cremate the corpse .

    • Robert Young  

      I agree Ian I shan’t be voting for the major party’s either what a disappointment they are

  5. Robyn  

    I heard today that Shorten was putting forward an election promise that he would be harvesting water in northern Qld. If it’s true .. he’s got my vote.

    • bruce taylor  

      One of the great ideas from days gone by was to turn some of the water that just runs into the sea during the wet in Northern Queensland inland and into the Darling River Basin. This would open up all kinds of agriculture opportunities from Queensland all the way to Victoria and provide both jobs and a boost to our economy.
      First proposed before WW2 and again in the 1960s this is a forward looking idea and is certainly worth doing and voting for.

  6. Susan Bell  

    If you are not going to vote, then at least write on the ballot paper “deliberate non voting” That way an estimation can be made on whether it was your deliberate policy not to vote, or you are an incompetent fool who cannot make a decision.
    Also remember if you do not vote then you are not allowed to complain about any government decisions during the full term of the government.
    The Athenian derivation of the word IDIOT is, he who does not vote.
    In no way are the Liberal/Nats leftish, they are the of children of Thatcher, market driven, anti poor, anti education etc., etc. The only thing they care about is satisfying their rich friends and donors. Their cruelty knows no bounds, their lies, hatred and ignorance are dazzling. Labor can hardly be called left wing and without the Greens we will have no moral compass.

  7. Henry  

    A wise man once said, “The Left Wing and The Right Wing…belong to the same Cuckoo Bird”.

  8. Joan  

    Turnbull will be in trouble if July 2 turns out to be cold, wet and windy. Disgruntled voters will blame him. I cannot remember a winter election – the polling booths will be closing well after dark.

    Before you write off a party, go read their policies on their websites, you cannot believe what you read in any press, especially that owned by Rupert Murdoch.

  9. Geoff  

    God help Australia if Labor gets in again-they will break the country again like Rudd & Gillard did.As Labor always do.

    • Joe  

      No cuts to ABC or SBS. No changes to Super, We and labor are on a unity ticket. Triple the debt in 3 years and nothing to show for it. Labor had to deal with a GFC why have the libs spent so much? Started with 10 BILLION off the bat to the reserve. 57 BILLION to corporate tax cuts nothing for the workers.70 BILLION for defence to be spent in France and Spain but not a cracker for our industries. Ripping BILLIONS out of the health sector. Destroying the environment.
      Not quite sure where you are coming from with God help us if Labor are elected. Did i mention chopping your Leader because he was not popular. Shallow party

      • Mike  

        Yes the Libs ranted about debt & deficit then we’re worse. By the way while they bleat about lest we forget on Anzac Day they have cut $800 mill from veterans funds since 2013. Hypocrites

  10. Paul Hoolihan  

    Only the Labor Party can look after Australians. Education is the best way to prepare children to be employed, and sensible financial planning will ensure that young Australians will be able to buy a house. Go Bill Shgorten and Labor. Voting for fringe parties and second raters is a wazte of your vote.

  11. Bev Seton  

    I don’t think we should be giving the power to any of the top 3.. It’s definitely time to show them all that we have had enough of bad government & bad polices. They never keep their promises.Bill shorten is too weak to govern. Turncoat is just a smiley face with no heart, the greens have been lobbying to bring back death duties for years. We must vote or they will do a donkey vote for us. An empty ballot paper will be filled in by whoever picks it up.

  12. GOD help Australia… Whichever becomes PM…anyway, no matter whom, their party will stab them… SO ALL OF US….HELP 😁😁

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