Did Julie Bishop do a Bronwyn?

With Malcolm Turnbull away and the foreign minister left at home to put out any fires he starts while at

With Malcolm Turnbull away and the foreign minister left at home to put out any fires he starts while at the Paris climate talks, Julie Bishop was looking tired last night as she appeared on The Project, defending the government’s decision to use foreign aid money to fund climate change mitigation.

But it doesn’t look like her week is going to get any better, with reports emerging late last night that she allegedly “did a Bronwyn” and chartered a $30,000 flight at taxpayers’ expense.

The Daily Telegraph has obtained documents showing that a nine-seater RAAF jet flew from Canberra to Perth to pick the foreign minister and her partner David Panton up from a charity dinner, then back again so Ms Bishop could make ministerial meetings at 7am the next day.

The Telegraph reports: “The nine-seater jet flew across the nation empty on October 17. The jet then left Perth bound for Canberra, with Ms Bishop and Mr Panton aboard, at 11pm the next evening, before arriving in Canberra at 5.50am on October 19.”

Ms Bishop and Mr Panton were the only people on the flight, which is believed to have cost $30,000, reports the News Limited paper.

Ms Bishop said she used the jet because there were no commercial flights that ran after her function ended.

She was representing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at a private­ dinner for WA Telethon donors, having starred in the telethon and completing her official duties the day before.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Ms Bishop should have cancelled her evening function if she couldn’t get back in time for her duties.

Ms Bishop will no doubt remember the furore over Bronwyn Bishop’s helicopter flight, although that was compounded by the fact that the then Speaker refused to apologise.

At the time, there was a lot of talk about the end of entitlements and MPs not acting above the purse strings – it will be interesting to see how Ms Bishop, and the new Prime Minister, respond.

Are you surprised that Julie Bishop would take a charter flight after everything that happened with Bronwyn Bishop? Do you think she will face repercussions?


      • Rose  

        And you’re obviously a Liberal voter, (you are= you’re)

      • Rikda  

        Talk about shooting ones self in the foot.
        Mr Cruize wasn’t speaking, he was typing, Mr Academia, & you have all the elements of a typical right wing snob.
        Carry on.

      • Ken Thomas  

        Yes and YOUR a Liberal voter not LABOUR. I probably have said you’re and Labor but we are not as educated as you pious fools.

    • Mate I’m no roads colder I had to work when I was 13years don’t be a prick

  1. Anonymous  

    She is a politician with a politicians elevated sense of entitlement, and a broad base of rules to misconstrue. Did anyone expect anything else?

    • yes we do expect better getting sick of having crooks for politicans . bring back truth and honesty .

  2. She said she had to be back in Canberra for a 7am meeting. What a crock of codswallop. She has to go, NOW, or are we going to put up with this nonesense. Sure there will be some sticking up for her but she has in fact broken the rules of being a pollie. How can you tell when a pollie is lying, their lips move.

      • Bill  

        If you are referring to the Australian Labor Party note it is Labor not Labour

    • We have to plan our commitments, our jobs and our own transport. If you can’t meet your work and social obligations without ripping off the taxpayer. ..you’re not worthy of serving the Australian public….get off the entitlement wagon or get a real job!

    • This politician is the second most powerful person in the country. I do understand that often they have to be almost at two places at one time. The very nature of the job dictates that reality.
      At Julie Bishops level of power this service is a must. I don’t have a problem with it.
      What distresses me more than that situation is to be reading some of the nasty personal statements.
      What is that? Discuss the situation without the verbal diarrhea!

    • Del Dennis I agree with you, we seem to have some very very nasty people on this site and something like this only makes them worse. Julie has an important job and if time runs over she has every right to catch that plane, this is just Labor playing the nasty again, they got rid of Bronwyn and now they are after Julie Bishop, because they can’t get what they want.

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