Did Elvis Presley overdose on purpose?

Elvis Presley purposely overdosed on pills, that’s according to sensational claims by the singer’s step-brother in his new ‘tell-all’ book.

Elvis Presley purposely overdosed on pills, that’s according to sensational claims by the singer’s step-brother in his new ‘tell-all’ book.

It’s been almost 40 years since the King ‘left the building’, but David E Stanley, who became Elvis Presley’s step-brother when his mother married Presley’s father in 1960, delves into the deep and dark side of Presley’s demise in his latest book My Brother Elvis, 

Stanley says the King knew the end was near and gave him an ominous warning just two days prior to his death on August 16, 1977: that the next time they saw each other Presley said he would be “on a higher plane”.

He claims that when Elvis Presley was found dead at Graceland, there were pills and syringes around the singer’s body, and that before police arrived he placed drugs and other paraphernalia in his pockets.

Stanley writes Elvis had “done this on purpose”.

He says the ‘Jailhouse Rock’ singer was “so messed up” in his final days friends and family had to help him use the toilet. Stanley also recalls Presley would regularly fall asleep at the dinner table and he and others would have to “reach inside his mouth and remove the food”.

The book is scheduled for release on August 16, coinciding with the 39th anniversary of the singer’s death.

Would you be interested in reading this book? Do you have any memories of the time around Elvis’s death?

  1. Brenda taylor  

    Always someone willing to drag you down after your death, shame on you,RIP Elvis ❤️

  2. Sally  

    In a news report about your non-anticipated book, they mention that by the end of his life Elvis needed to be watched 24 hours a day. Then why is it that Elvis died alone, possibly having endure some hours alone before death finally claimed him? Surely everyone around Elvis, by this stage, would have known that Ginger was not willing or perhaps capable of taking this critical “watch stint” (the time of the day when Elvis may well have taken the highest dose of pain killers, sleeping meds) by herself. If Elvis was really as bad as you say in this latest book, a back up plan would/should have been worked out. Or is it that you have fabricated the details around this period of Elvis’ life so you can cash in AGAIN.

  3. Sally  

    One thing you didn’t mention in this article that this latest tell all book by Elvis’ step brother David is in fact his SIXTH book on Elvis. Surely if there was anything worthwhile to share about his life with Elvis or Elvis’ struggle with prescription drugs, book 1 or 2 would have been the time and place, Me thinks David has run out of money and that good old Elvis ATM that people like David are just so addicted to is always good for some more $ $ $!!

  4. Mia Van Der Stam  

    Wont buy it- David just needs some more money, and will say anything to get his book published. RIP Elvis- you are still the KING

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