Did Elvis attend his 82nd birthday event? Many think he did

It was a sad day for many on the 16th of August in 1977 when at the age of 42,

It was a sad day for many on the 16th of August in 1977 when at the age of 42, the King of Rock’n’Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley died. For many Elvis lives on through his music and his films, but many believe he lives on generally.

Elvis “faking” his death has always been a popular conspiracy theory and now it has heated up again as fans believe a picture of a man they believe is Elvis was snapped at the King’s 82nd birthday celebrations at his Graceland home.

The man dressed in a black jacket, hat and sunglasses is sporting white hair and a white beard. With suggested bodyguard in the background, many claim that this is Elvis come to check out the celebrations in his honour.

Many were quick to point out The King posting on the Elvis Presley Is Alive Facebook page, “I thought, he’s hiding in plain sight again. The people next to him probably have no idea”. While another user added, “Must be our Elvis. The bodyguards are so obvious. Wish I was there so much. I would have noticed him.”

In an interesting turn, however, the administrators of the Facebook page claim that this isn’t Elvis, who they believe has been living as famous religious preacher Pastor Bob Joyce, but instead believe that it’s Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis’ twin brother who reportedly died at birth.

Whoever this man is, we are sure that he’s having a good chuckle over the attention his image has gotten for attending the birthday of Elvis. Though it’s still fun to wonder what could be.

Do you think that Elvis is still alive? Do you think that this picture is him? Why do you think that people still believe that Elvis is alive after all these years?

  1. Rob  

    Technology is is so good, they could compare the image against head and face bone structure, these things don’t with age.

  2. Yes Elvis Alive 100 % But this photo seen in Graceland, 82 years old,
    No, I think more about Elvis at Veteran day’s this 11.11.2016.
    If the secret services did not make a forgery, it is indeed the King,
    His hand with his finger, is the proof, even more his face 82 years,
    Resume the traits 100% of its 10 years!
    Moreover, it is the one seen in 2015 next to Joshua Lee, who has many times said, that he was the son of Elvis, his voice is close to his father yes, and it is finally called Presley and yes, but In 2009 the madness took it? A little girl of 07 years is the victim!
    Joshua Lee known in Texas, and more is the one seen on 11.11 and well, he’s next to his son, in 2015 At Rally Trump!
    This man for me is the one, who once was Pastor Bob Joyce,
    Posture, sweating, look, size, size, everything is there !!
    Even the chickenpox scar, right eye, operated later!

    I know that when he was 45 years old, he had a quadruple bypass surgery, and that’s the worry of heart,
    To Elvis, and diabetes, yes everything is Exact !!

    Elvis is alive!
    My videos had been seen 4.620.000 times, youtube stole me 620.000 views !!!!
    I wanted to complain

    Thank you,

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