Dick Smith throws his weight behind Pauline Hanson

When it comes to passionate Australians, businessman Dick Smith would have to be right up there on the list and

When it comes to passionate Australians, businessman Dick Smith would have to be right up there on the list and it has been revealed he is looking to lend his support to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party as it launches a major campaign in Sydney and the upcoming state and federal elections.

Smith told the Daily Telegraph he supported many of Hanson’s policies, though her stance on Muslim immigration was not one of them.

“I support her policy on Julian Assange. I support her immigration policy. She says she’s going to have a policy to help general aviation. I’ll certainly support that,” the Aussie entrepreneur says.

When it comes to immigration, Smith says he supports numbers of around 70,000 a year not 200,000, but he says, “I do not agree with her views on Muslim immigration”.

The Daily Telegraph says Smith and Hanson met recently to discuss Muslim immigration and it is likely the two will meet again prior to Christmas so that he can advise her on policy.

However, while he’s happy to throw his weight behind Pauline Hanson, Smith says he will not financially contribute to the party because he has never donated to a political party.

The former Australian of the Year says he understands the senator’s ‘Trump-like support’ because voters are fed up with the Liberal and Labor parties.

“So many of my friends who normally voted Coalition reckon they are going to vote for Pauline Hanson,” Smith told NewsCorp. “You only have to look at what happened in America with Trump. People are so disillusioned with our present party politics. Our politicians don’t tell the truth. They’re all actors.”

What do you think about Dick Smith’s comments on the way voters are feeling towards the major political parties in Australia? What issues are of importance to you? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Bernadette  

    Well, that’s the end of buying “Dick Smith” products for me – they aren’t as good as the originals anyway.

    • Linda Hughes  

      Me too!

      • Gina Doran  

        I’m very disappointed. Disillusionment is no excuse here or in America for poor value.choices

  2. Carol  

    Dick Smith is a passionate Australian, he really cares about the country, nothing wrong with that

    • Patricia Bates  

      I like Dick Smith and totally stand by him. If he wants to give some support to Paulene Hansen good for him. By the way totally love his peanut butte.

  3. Penny Adams  

    I’m impressed with Smith and pleased to hear that he is talking to Hanson. While I too agree with some things Hanson says I do not agree with everything and we need some calm and serious discussion about some highly emotive and sensitive subjects. We have to talk about things without resorting to name calling.

  4. Mary Manning  

    Dick Smith has finally lost the plot!! His reputation will suffer & he’s backing an empty head whose only “smarts” are she’s able to listen to the fear in people & then shouts about it as if it’s a policy. She has few policies & no answers!!
    If she ever has a sound policy to change the fear within, she’ll be a useful politician. Meanwhile she’s the perfect example of the age -old adage “Empty vessels make the most noise!!”

    • robgee  

      You silly person, you obviously didn’t stop to read past the lefty headlines or listen to what he said. He agrees with Pauline Hansen’s immigration policy because she is saying Australia CANNOT support the population growth based on the polies policies of 200,000 per year. Both of them are reminding us there are not enough jobs and homes to go around as it is. (You can hear a replay of his interview on the ABC AM 702 site – this is important enough for me to recommend you listen to a lefttard radio station!!!)

      Dick reckons Australia has passed the “sweet spot” of population where it could be supported by our economy and resources. He points to the wild population growth in the US which has caused a wages freeze of $7.00 per hour for semi skilled labour (yes $7.00) that has been in effect for over 30 years!! Trump realises this and is going to try to do something about it.

      So, wake up!! If the very real threat muslim immigration poses for our lives and those of our children doesnt wake you up on immigration, then be afraid for the country’s future without a “replacement only” immigration policy that lets in the same number as leave the country each year (currently 70,000).

      • [email protected]  


    • Mary Kerr  

      I totally agree with you & have just lost all respect fot Dick Smith. Pauline has no ability to manage a political party & that is becoming evident by recent events in Canberra.

  5. Pamela  

    That is a good start by Dick!

    Time will tell if he wakes up completely to the moslem and other immigration problems.

    • DAVE  


  6. [email protected]  

    Both are true Australians and Dick Smith is an Aussie icon in his many activities a benefactor not always published to the media. His support to Pauline Hansen is a sensible choice in general, despite many of her ideals that are totally over the top which does refute her credibility much of the time. She has simple and strong views that tempered and directed any necessary restraint, could really help this country get out of the cycle of worn out political parties with the same old self ego boosting and back biting each other, with continued Internal wrangling more than making wise decisions for the well being of Australia and it’s people.
    I do not think Pauline Hansen will ever be PM ( Lord help us if it came to that) as her education on many levels lack, But her fire and belief in her policies show tenacity and, I am sure will sway many away from the ‘leading parties’ . It is the die hards who hang on to the tired, lustreless, ineffective self serving of the two ‘leading’ political parties today. There has to be a shift and it seems to be happening in many countries not just USA!!!

  7. Susan Burdock  

    Perhaps our icon is a pedophile who believes in child brides & miss treatment of women????
    Perhaps his liking for all things Australian was just a money making marketing ploy when he seeks to support those who, want Christmas banned, the Australian flag not to fly given it’s offensive, the ceasing of the national anthem, religious icons from churches to dissappear, tuck shop lunch menus to change, Easter to go very quietly by…etc

    I call your attention Pretender, Allah took a bride aged 6 & consumated that marraige age 9!
    Boycott the man’s products, he’s out to destroy Australia not make it great! Unless he can market ‘The Pretend’ Once a hero, now a Pariah!

  8. Geoff McKenzie  

    Good onya Dick.Stick with the truth,and you can,t go wrong.Your critics are total illogical.

  9. K Johnston  

    Like Dick Smith I agree with SOME of the “policies” espoused by Pauline. However they are more like headlines than real policies. It would be much better for Oz if there was some real substance behind the spriuking. She had a chance to show some political nouce before parliament broke up for Christmas break., to get some action by the Government on at least some of her “policies” . But what happened ?? Nothing zilch zero diddly squat etc etc. I might – just might – consider her a real alternative if ever she does something other than talk blah blah blah etc.

  10. Greg Hills  

    It just amazes me how so many so called intelligent people are being “sucked in” by the Hansen rhetoric.
    She is nothing more than an ex-business woman with basically staunch conservative views of the world.
    I read a book once that, although being fiction, had a quote from one of the charachters that went something like this;
    ” The ways of the old people are very hard to change. They will hang on with their last breath to retain the status quo, even when there is a better way to move forward and make a better world.
    In the end though, they cannot help to keep things as they are. They will go, and make way for the new and better way eventually”.
    I used to have more respect for Dick Smith than he is showing by coming out saying this. At least h is sticking to his own philosopy of not donating to political parties. I will give him that.

    • Margaret Worroll  

      Pauline Hanson may not be more than an ex businessperson, however people young and old believe she is expressing many of the thoughts and ideas of thousands of Australians, voters. Those thoughts and ideas got her party into Parliament Maybe Dick Smith feels with his support and advice to Pauline he can bring about a more “sophisticated and less conservative method” of delivering her Party’s position on the ideals it holds.
      So Greg, you read and believed a it of fiction that said “The ways of the old people are very hard to change etc etc”
      Being an older person, 71, I am all for change for the better, however so far many changes have brought with them the flip side of the coin. No generation has got it 100% right yet. I have seen much good, bad and ugly and believe humans are humans and will always be fallible.

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