Diana’s designer criticises Duchess Catherine’s “disappointing” style

Duchess Catherine’s outfits are some of the most talked about in the world. If you’re a lover of the royals,
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Duchess Catherine’s outfits are some of the most talked about in the world.

If you’re a lover of the royals, then chances are you think she’s pretty stylish.

But the late Princess Diana’s personal designer Paul Costelloe disagrees.

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He told the Irish Independent he didn’t get the hype surrounding Duchess Catherine’s style.

Speaking about her June Vogue cover, Costelloe said he was ‘disappointed’ that it didn’t measure up to Princess Diana’s covers for the magazine.

“Kate’s not as individual as Princess Diana. She’s not offering the excitement, unexpectedness and vulnerability that Princess Diana did,” he said. 

“She’s filling the perfect daughter-in-law role. She’s very obedient.”

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Costelloe has even gone so far as to suggest it comes down to the difference in backgrounds between Duchess Catherine and Princess Diana.

“Diana’s mother was an aristocrat while Kate’s was an air hostess,” he said.

Despite being critical of her sense of style, Costelloe said he would love to dress the Duchess and described her children as “gorgeous” and almost “too perfect”.

So, what will Duchess Catherine think of his comments?

The Daily Mail reports that she’s not likely to mind, as she has previously said she wanted to avoid being a fashion icon like Princess Diana was.

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If you haven’t seen Duchess Catherine’s Vogue cover, it features her in a country setting with a relaxed, country outfit.

Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman explained the reasoning behind the casual cover on the Lorraine show.

“I think it was very much her feeling that she wanted to be what she felt she was comfortable with being,” she said.

“She is not a clothes horse. The idea that she is a kind of silent mannequin that just wants to put on expensive clothes is so not what she is. 

“And I think she wanted this cover to reflect that.”

What do you think? Is it fair to compare Duchess Catherine with Princess Diana?


  1. Diana  

    For goodness sake, give it a break! The Duchess’s function in life is NOT to be a fashion icon and amuse all the twits who think clothes are everything. P/ Diana was a deemed a clotheshorse whether she wanted to be one or not. but many times I think she thoroughly enjoyed being the media darling. At least it would appear that way.

  2. Rose  

    Just rediculous. Kate is Duchess of Cambridge and has a supportive husband. Diana was Princess of Wales and didn’t. Diana was patron of hundreds of charities and was forever at functions. She did amazing things for AIDS and leprosy for starters. Please don’t make comparisons between Williams wife and mother, it is extremely unfair. Kate is still probably the most photographed female of the Royal family and currently the youngest up the chain and dresses well. Leave the comparisons in the mind but no need to bring to the forefront. Kate never got to meet her stunning and hardworking mother-in-law, let it be.

  3. Triciap  

    Probably jealous Kate doesn’t buy more of her designs.

  4. Sylvia  

    He’s just ‘shirty’ he’s not designing her clothes’, & being able to ask obscene prices’ for them!

    Get with the times’, the days’ are gone when even Royals’ have the funds’ to lavishly spend on clothes!

    The Duchess of Cambridge is a breath of fresh air!
    Thank goodness for her, & Prince William, & their beautiful little children!

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