Derryn Hinch snapped having a snooze on his first day on the job

Watching parliament can be a bit of a snooze at the best of times. And it appears sitting in on

Watching parliament can be a bit of a snooze at the best of times.

And it appears sitting in on it can be too!

Photo Credit: @epeakscotland/Twitter
Photo Credit: @epeakscotland/Twitter

Newly-elected Senator Derryn Hinch has been criticised after he was pictured having a snooze on his first day on the job.

To make matters worse for the ‘human headline’, his little bit of shut eye was during a speech by the Governor-General.

So what did the Senator have to say for himself?

Hinch told Fairfax Media he was “just resting the eyes for a minute”.

“It wasn’t the Governor-General’s speech – although we’ve heard all that before many times on the campaign trail,” he said.

“Late nights, early starts. That’s what I’m in for.”

So why is Derryn Hinch have a kip in parliament making the news?

Well it turns out, just four days ago the Senator warned colleagues they only had themselves to blame if they were photographed dozing.

Hinch is a vocal supporter of lifting restrictions on press gallery photographers taking photos in the Senate.

Under the current laws, photographers can only snap Senators when they have been called to speak.

On Friday, the Senator argued that the media and the public should be able to see politicians in action “or photograph our inaction”.

” If you get caught nibbling your ear wax, or counting your money or dozing: tough,” he said.

Despite his little nap, Hinch says he won’t be dissuaded from wanting the rules changed.

“It’s ironic because I’m the one who wants to let the photographers in there,” he said.

He’s not the first politician to have a snooze in parliament.

Clive Palmer has been snapped getting some shut eye before.

And in the same photograph as Hinch, Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm was also yawning.

What do you think? Should Derryn Hinch be criticised for having a snooze in parliament?

  1. Greg Hills  

    A boring speech by the G-G I guess! Sitting for hours in meetings and lectures does make a person’s eyes want to close. Human nature.
    I wouldn’t mind this job where you get paid mega dollars for sleeping and putting your hand up to vote now and again. Simple as.

  2. R. English  

    What a waist of space….. Hinch should be removed from parliament now…. If you or I went asleep the first day on the job we wouldn’t have a job so why should Hinch….. Parliament should be no different from any ther work place…. This is like saying get stuffed to all tax payers……

  3. Truth 13  

    Sick & old, with an ego, near the age of a person deserve to be in a aged care has decided to make a good living being a Senator, for at least three years, if not six years. If this is the start, what will happen in the middle or the end. People are appointed to the parliament to represent the citizens, and do some good for the people & the country, and not to sleep, on the very first day. He may have a BIG mouth, but nothing else. He should resign gracefully and get someone else, well educated & who can be vigilant to work. If he wants to sleep, he should go home. Are these the type people who want to lead the country ? Shame.

  4. Pamela  

    I often shut my eyes to rest them while my brain and ears are still wide awake and active.

    Much easier to avoid distractions and focus on what is being said with eyes shut!

  5. colin  

    it may have bene boring BUT it was only 35 minutes. Pamela said she closes her eye but her brain is awake. HINCH was definitely more than closed eyes and as for the brain alert bit>?????????????????

  6. Proves he’s human.
    Just imagine being in the Senate room.
    Choices of boredom, anger at the rubbish being spoken, crying when the occasional truth comes out, disappointment at the demonstrated ignorance, disappointment of the lack of genuine interest in the Australian public welfare, shame at the self-interest of the individuals or their duplicity.
    Sleep might be the best choice?

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