Derryn Hinch makes a stunning confession after being outed by ex

Derryn Hinch’s battle with alcoholism has been well documented over the years, but his life-saving liver transplant seemed like a

Derryn Hinch’s battle with alcoholism has been well documented over the years, but his life-saving liver transplant seemed like a turning point.

Despite swearing off booze it appears the former shock jock is now drinking again, with his ex-partner outing him on social media forcing him to admit the truth.

“Derryn Hinch has been back on booze 12+ months. So much for respecting organ donors gift of life. Fave wine, cheap Gossips. No loyalty,” Natasha Chadwick posted on social media on Sunday.

Ms Chadwick said Derryn followed protocol and stuck to non-alcoholic beer and wine after the surgery but had started adding alcohol to his drinks after their break up in March.

“Since then he’s been back on it regularly, starting the day with non-alcoholic beer for breakfast, then moving to his Edenvale non-alcoholic wine and then moving on to harder stuff,” a source told the Herald Sun.

“He’s even spent an afternoon at a pub in Redfern in Sydney and come home stinking of alcohol,” they added.

The revelation has lead to Derryn addressing the controversy himself, saying he had been drinking, but only with the permission of his surgeon.

“I’ve had the odd glass of wine, perhaps one-third wine and two-thirds water, with Natasha at birthdays and at events like Christmas,” he said.

Every year in Australia thousands of people desperately wait for transplants to save their lives.

There are calls from some saying Derryn isn’t showing any respect to the person who’s liver he now has.

Do you think he is being disrespectful? Or is it ok to drink because his doctor said so?

  1. John Grech  

    Leave Derryn alone

  2. May he who has no sin, this article is typical tall poppy syndrome one I’m afraid to say. Why are people’s personal lives such a big deal, how about we focus on the real issues.

    • Rob  

      Well ok, , but he is a public figure and there’s a question of hypocrisy.

    • No it is not. people gossip vindictively about others to hide the flaws in their own lives. Just think, if we talked about real issues, we might have to do something about them and actually think!

  3. Gail Hughes  

    Oh godness he knows what hes doing he has had transplant im sure he is appreciate of the person who donated move on ex.

  4. Gaye Brown  

    He is such an idiot! You have been given a wonderful gift of a liver and now youre abusing it. How disrespectful to your donor and his family. Alcohol in insidious and soon you wont be able to control it
    .soon it will have control over you. I come from a family with strong addiction issues!!

    • He has received a gift. I suspect he appreciates this. He drinks moderately according to reports. It’s his life and his choice. Those who think he needs to change need to take a look at some of the decisions they take in life before criticising others based on your values only.

  5. I can’t understand how he is a Politician. Spent time in jail, insult to alcoholics who are trying to be alcohol free, what did it do to his marriage (possibly a lot of verbal abuse.) did he pay for his liver, total insult to donor and people waiting for donors. What don’t we know about DERRYN HINCH. He does sound like he speaks like he has experienced everything he talks about.

  6. Dellmo  

    Another one who shouldn’t be in the senate……well done Turnball with the Double Dissolution election!

    • Nigel Kay  

      Don’t blame Turnbull,blame the idiots who voted Hinch in!

  7. Mozzie  

    Derryn, you are deluding yourself and trying to con the rest of the country. Even after being near death, going through the pain and suffering of a transplant, making false promises to everyone including yourself, you have still given into the lure of alcohol. I’m sorry I put you on my list for the senate.

    • Michal  

      It looks likes my Father was right by saying:
      – ” there is no known cure for lunatics”
      – Sorry Derryn.
      It proves that we are blind and led by deaf.

  8. Margaret Wilson  

    My daughter at 32 yrs was unable to get a Liver Transplant and passed away leaving 3 little boys. She would of taken care of herself had she been given one. But the likes of a personality comes first. What a waste..What a wasre.

  9. Truth 13  

    Intelligent people learn. Idiots fail. Leopards never change the spots. The country is paying over $300,000 a year in salary & perks, even when it has a massive debt, and unable to fund the schools, hospitals, universities, sick & the elderly. Some rejoice, with almost free money, while millions suffer.

  10. Kes  

    Nothing like a woman scorned.
    Yes he got a transplant but its his liver.
    I am sure he is intelligent enough to be reponsible with his own health now.

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