Derryn Hinch is ready to run for the Senate

He is known for breaking the rules and speaking his mind – no matter what the consequences – and now

He is known for breaking the rules and speaking his mind – no matter what the consequences – and now radio host Derryn Hinch has announced he is stepping into the political arena.

The ‘shock jock’ has created his own party called Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and has warned that if he gets in, he won’t be giving anyone in government an easy go.

“Whoever gets in the lower house won’t have an easy run (if I’m in),” Mr Hinch told the Seven Network on Sunday night.

In a similar vein to Clive Palmer, Mr Hinch has had enormous success in his own right and a few highly publicised dramas along the way.

He has been to jail a number of times for revealing the criminal history of convicted sex offenders before the courts allowed and has gained a reputation for his tenacious interview style.

And just like Mr Palmer he now believes he can make a difference his politics.

So what can you expect from Mr Hinch’s party?

He says he supports the death penalty and wants to see a national public register of sex offenders, parole and bail reform, and changes to how seriously courts treat domestic violence.

Mr Hinch says he changed his mind about the death penalty after hearing about the brutal details of Anita Cobby’s murder in 1986.

He has refused, however, to say who he backs has prime minister out of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten, saying he wants to stay out of it.

“I’m not going to say who should be running the country,” he said.

While many of his political ideas have been named extreme, it’s his support of the death penalty that has really divided people.

The practice received huge backlash here at home when Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were shot by firing line in Indonesia for a drug conviction, but Mr Hinch says we should have the same consequences for serious sex offenders here.

Mr Hinch needs at least four per cent of the vote if he is to win a place in the Senate.

Would you vote for Derryn Hinch’s party? Do you support his policy ideas?

  1. colin  

    ho hum . just what we don’t need is another has been with that attitude. an why now and not previously ????

  2. Snowwhite  

    Derryn Hinch is a Conservative through and through. It’s just a ploy to give the Libs more power in the Senate if he wins. Check out who’s funding him.

  3. Michelle  

    He speaks his mind. So does Pauline Hanson, & Jacqui Lambie, sometimes.

    We NEED more people like this instead of the gutless, gormless people who are in power currently.

    He’s spot on with what should happen to various types of criminals. Back in the day, they’d all would’ve been hanged. Good riddance.
    That’s what should’ve happened to the killers’ of Anita Cobby, & Jill Meagher, Daniel Morecombe, John Price.

    There’re way too many pond scum living ‘luxurious’ lives, in prison, finding God, studying Degree Courses, watching tv, listening to stereo music, all at OUR expense!
    No cost to public purse, if hanged, then for 60-70 years, as we’ve got now, by multiple persons’ life imprisonment.
    How many MILLIONS’ $$$$ of ours’ are wasted on these low-life scum, who shouldn’t even get air?

  4. The Watcher  

    Please not this self serving publicity seeking single issue blundermouth. He has already shown his complete disresepct for the law and judicial process. The law and justice is not the “make it up as you go along” program, it is nt reality TV. Once an alleged offender is shot to death and we find out it was a malicious or unfounded acusation or unsafe conviction what will Hunch do? “oops. sorry ’bout that” Shame?”

  5. Ann & Larry  

    Definitely I’d love to see him run the country. At least he is someone who know right from wrong and is willing to stand up and say what he thinks and suffer the consequences. I think he’s great. GO DERRYN.

  6. One word … HYPOCRITE,! This man refused to vote “because it is compulsory” …. Now believes he should receive votes to enter Australian political arena …. as a New Zealander who is anti compulsory voting, he should never be encouraged.

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