Debbie Reynolds rushed to hospital

Our heart goes out to Debbie Reynolds who just two days ago lost her daughter, Carrie Fisher to a heart

Our heart goes out to Debbie Reynolds who just two days ago lost her daughter, Carrie Fisher to a heart attack.  Now, reports are coming in that she has been rushed to hospital suffering a possible stroke.  The medical emergency has come just a day after losing her daughter at 60, something no mother expects in her lifetime.  

A report on TMZ says the 84 year old mother of Carrie Fisher was rushed to the hospital from the Beverly Hills home of son Todd Fisher around 1 p.m. PST.  She was at his house to discuss funeral plans for her daughter Carrie Fisher.  

Just after 1 PM someone from the house called 911 to report a possible stroke.

The hospital apparently now has her “listed as ‘fair to serious’.”

Debbie wrote this message on her Facebook wall just yesterday.
“Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother”


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  1. Hans de Rycke  

    I fell in love with Debbie many years ago after seeing her in ‘How the West was won’. My problem was how to make the choice between Doris Day, whom I had also fallen in love with after seeing the movie ‘Calamity Jane’. What a wonderful actors, dancers, singers these ladies were. God be with you Debbie!

  2. Barbara Centeno-Cannon  

    I too began loving Debbie Reynolds after How the West was Won, and another… can’t remember the movie but she sang Tammy. What a sad string of events for this family, during the holidays too.

  3. desleigh clarke  

    OH NO – double tragedy, the shock might have been too much for her to bear, poor Debbie, she is much loved by many including me. Hope she makes a full recovery & is not left a vegetable, poor thing.

  4. Fred DiFabio  

    my prayers go out to dear Debbie Reynolds in her terrible loss, and in the hope that she will recover…I was in the audience at Eddies show in NYC the night he introduced Debbie to us…of course Iwas already crazy about her…best wishes for a speedy recovery…

  5. Mark Grieveson  

    She has unfortunately died just a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher. She will be remembered like Carrie in many wonderful performances on film

  6. Joan Marshall  

    How awfully sad the darling of America is gone along with her daughter. The shock of loosing her only daughter brought on the stroke because her heart must have been aching so much. I will always remember both Mother and Daughter with lovely memories. RIP Debbie and Carrie.

  7. Mary Heffernan  

    I just head that Debbie Reynolds died as a result of the stroke she suffered. My heart goes out to her son Todd, who has lost a sister and a mother 2 days apart. What a tragedy for this young man! I remember Debbie in “Tammy” and loved her version of the title song from that film, and also her singing and dancing in “Singing in the Rain”. She seemed like such a gutsy lady after being so publicly abandoned by Eddie Fisher in favour of Elizabeth Taylor, and I remember being very sad at the time they split up. But Debbie soldiered on, and carved out a great career for herself both in films and on the stage as an actor, singer and dancer. Vale Debbie and Carrie Fisher!

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