Dawn Fraser tears golfer Adam Scott to shreds for dropping out of the Rio Olympics

When it comes to speaking her mind, Dawn Fraser isn’t backward in coming forward. The Olympic swimming champion has come

When it comes to speaking her mind, Dawn Fraser isn’t backward in coming forward.

The Olympic swimming champion has come out swinging against fellow Aussie and professional golfer Adam Scott who announced he is skipping the Rio Olympics this year to focus on his individual career instead.

Dawn is not impressed with the decision as says Adam should put his country before his own career.

“Very sorry to hear that Adam Scott cannot fit it into his schedule to play for Australia at the Olympics,” she said in a scathing Facebook post.

“Well done, Adam. Great to put your country on hold so that you can fulfil your own schedule.

“How much money do you want in life? Not showing much for your country.

“I guess working three jobs a week to secure my place as a Olympic swimmer has given me the strength to say what I feel about sporstmen and women that do this.

“Well done, Adam, may you enjoy your sport and the money you earn give you great pleasure.

“I am still trying to survive at 78 years of age but a very proud Australian.”

It’s the first time golf has been included in the Olympics in 112 years, so many people were expecting Adam to step up and play for Australia.

However, after a gruelling few years of touring for the game, Adam says he is tired and needs to focus on other personal and professional aspects of his life.

“My decision has been taken as a result of an extremely busy playing schedule around the time of the Olympics and other commitments, both personal and professional,” he said in a statement.

Adam found worldwide fame after becoming the first Australian to win the Masters Tour in 2013 and securing his place as the world’s number one player.

Dawn became a national hero when she won the 100 metre women’s freestyle at the 1964 Olympics and since then she has been outspoken about a number of issues in the public eye.

She was once an independent member in the New South Wales parliament and on her website, declares herself to be “Australia’s greatest Olympian”.

While her comments about Adam have been met with support by many, some of whom are professional golfers themselves, others have questioned why she should get to attack Adam for such a personal choice.

What do you think?

Was Dawn Fraser out of line with her comments? Or is Adam Scott making the wrong choice putting his personal career before representing Australia at the Olympics?

  1. Good onya Dawnie . How many more millions does this bloke need . last year his nett worth was $40,000,000.00 . Surely he can take a week off to represent his country . He’s a lot closer to Rio than most of the other Aussie competitors living in Oz . Ozi Ozi Ozi $ $ $

  2. pat  

    It is none of your business Dawn. Don’t know why you think your opinions are so important. You were a great swimmer but you managed to get yourself suspended from competing and couldn’t represent your country anymore and it wasn’t for something worthy like family and career…..it was for misbehaving in someone else’s country. Go quietly into oblivion Dawn.

  3. Jill Austin  

    God every four years she comes up with a whinge about one athlete or another-your day is over give the youngsters a break. Can’t say as golf is an Olympic sport anyway. At least they have time to find another competitor. She and Germaine Greer should be seen and not heard-just like people said about children years ago!!!

  4. Cheryl  

    Well said Dawn, young athletes these days expect everything.

  5. Robert Haile  

    To me, Dawn is one of the most gutsy and great athletes of all time and I’m not surprised she is speaking her mind. I her day, you did a sport because you loved it, not for greed.

  6. Sebastian  

    Get over yourself Dawn! Adam has got better things to do then to listen to has beens like you. Like winning more money. Good luck to him too, he’s a decent bloke.

  7. Joan  

    The Olympics are greatly over-rated. Adam can make his own decisions without criticism.

  8. Good on him, golf is not an Olympic sport, I notice he is not the only one either one of the South Africans has said he will not play either.

  9. Ian gration  

    It sounds like sour grapes from Pat and John because they weren’t good enough to represent the country,move on get over it and leaveDawn alone and as for Adam once you get that rapped in $s enough is never enough so don’t play for Australia after all you are only a money grabbing Flog anyway so piss off and add to your bank account ,hope you realise you may never get the chance again as they don’t have a game for has evens in the olympics

  10. lorraine carter  

    who cares what you think he can do what he wants and I dont think that golf is a sport for the olympics anyway but then you are allowed your opinion the same as Adam has his

  11. Anne  

    Dawn STOLE a flag whilst representing Australia at the 1964 Olympics at Tokyo.

    By doing so, she disgraced herself, & Austalia, & disrespected another Country.

    She’s no business telling Adam Scott how to live his life.
    She’s just a jealous old woman, who doesn’t like anybody else being in the spot-light.

    Pull your head in, as nobody’s interested in what you’ve got to say, now, or ever.

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