David Oldfield shocks viewers with comments about Indigenous people

Former One Nations politician turned radio host David Oldfield has caused a stir over his comments about Indigenous people on
Radio host David Oldfield has divided many with his comments.

Former One Nations politician turned radio host David Oldfield has caused a stir over his comments about Indigenous people on the SBS show First Contact.

Oldfield has appeared on the show with five other celebrities as they spend time with remote communities to learn more about Aboriginal culture and way of life.

While the experience has been eye-opening for many, Oldfield left viewers shocked last night with his claim that Aboriginal culture should have “died out with the Stone Age”.

Throughout the series, the radio host has caused tension with his harsh views and been in a number of arguments with host Ray Martin and the other celebrities, including Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson, Tom Ballard and Natalie Imbruglia.

“It’s not actually good for Aborigines to remain Aborigines,” Oldfield said.

“They should be Australians. And you just naturally let it die out. I mean frankly it should have died out. Like the Stone Age died out.

“Is there something celebratory they lived in the Stone Age longer than anybody else? I can’t see it.”

Last night, Oldfield was invited to join an indigenous family in a traditional ceremony with the other cast members, which he refused.

His comments left many viewers shocked and disgusted, but others say they agree with him and that he is only speaking the truth.

Despite all the backlash, Oldfield has now come out saying SBS edited the show to make him look bad and left out scenes showing him sympathising with local families.

“I went in knowing I was going to be the only person to question anything or be critical in any way,” he said.

“I knew that (SBS) needed me, they went to great lengths to get me to do the show.

“And the reason they needed me was evident — I was the only person that was going to provide any balance at all. What balance is there when there is only one voice?”

He also claimed Ray Martin fired up against him throughout the series.

“Ray Martin had stand up fights with me too,” he claimed.

“He completely divorced himself from the compere role because he couldn’t deal with it. I don’t know how much of that will make it (onto the program) if it’s going to make it at all.

“So essentially you had six people against one. I was the only dissident.”

What do you think of his comments? Do you agree with him, or his he out of line?

Have you been watching the show this week?

  1. Kristina Kala  

    You felt you were the only dissident? It appeared to me that you already had a fixed opinion and the incredible rudeness after entering a new household before even the first introductions are over with! The comments to me crass and uncalled for! It makes me cringe that you would get away with this behaviour because of your public persona. I am not interested in your personal or public opinions after hearing them. Edited or not you appear as you are with your words. It is intolerable to me to hear passed on opinions from the past, the same excuses and opinions, the reason aboriginal people are in this state now. There is a lot of good opportunities to right the past now into the future and thank you Ray Martin.

  2. David Oldfield is quite wrong IN MY OPINION but he is entitled to put his ugly views on display, as tasteless as he is and they are. I object to the sense of division he encourages.

  3. Erica Brooks  

    I think he is arrogant and rude and needs to look at that big flaw in his personality. However, he was the only one willing to be honest. The others seemed to be sticking with politically correct. At least the program may lead to more practical help for the aboriginal community.

  4. Lesley Casey  

    What a classless act this moron is. How dare he be so rude and disrespectful to those people. I don’t like the way he plays the superior person , which of course he is not. My grandchildren are part Koori so he made my blood boil.He should climb back under the rock he came out of.

  5. Was Nazi Germany correct in wanting to wipe out Poles and Jews? Was Russia right in wanting to delete Ukrainian language, culture and religion from the face of the earth? Does it matter that we invaded this country now known as Australia? Aboriginal Australians simply want our respect, and constantly demonstrate their wish to share this country, therefore we should all look after it, and cherish it. All the politicians want is to rape and pillage our land, stripping it of resources, and leaving a toxic and polluted mess in their wake. Wake up, David Oldfield, you and your ignorant cronies make me sick.

  6. regina townsend  

    I thought some of the comments David Oldfield should have hit home as they rang true…certainly about cleaning you backyard and house…

  7. For some time now I have asked myself, Why do our indigenous folk have to be treated different than all other true Australian. If any Australian want to go bush, let them it’s there choice. We are ALL the same, and should be ALL treated
    the same. Just saying !

  8. peter frame  

    I agree with a lot he said it was said poor people living in the conditions they had why does the housing authority fix all toilets etc well that was just utter filth we go camping and don’t leave without putting it back to normal the insides of the houses was filth their is no exscuse to live in filth even refugees sweep out their dirt floor tents with branches and leaves and the rotting rubbish in the yards and streets its a woner they all don’t have hepatitas or other illnesses and they cleaned up especially for them to come I have seen it all around kekpsey dubbo etc the ones that want to get ahead move away so they are not bought down by the others around them iwas totally disgusted as I always have been even a good aboriginal friend said if they don’t assimulate then educate themselves then save their culture all will eventually be lost very very disheatning

    • Wiso  

      I agree Peter. It is amazing how anyone who dares to tell it how it is, is immediately jumped on as being some lesser being. So many of these people have as much or more white heritage in them but they choose to ignore that and live in squalor instead. It is a basic human trait to clean your space but not these people !!

      I lived and worked with them for 36 years and have no sympathy whatsoever for those who choose not to live as human beings but as 2 legged animals.

  9. RJW  

    I agree totally with David Oldfield. Aborigines have to be Australians first. Most of them (not all, but most that I have had contact with) do not live like normal people. They will not work and expect government handouts which they waste and spend on alcohol. The celebrities on that program are playing to the camera. They have all care and no responsibility. Politically correct claptrap. David is the only one heroic enough to tell it as it is. When Aborigine people start acting like civilized people and stop the violence against their own, cease being drunks and learn how to live in a house, I might see them differently. A few of the Aborigine people on that program seem to have their act together, but they are exceptions to the rule.

    • Wilhelm  

      Spot on RJW, & David Oldfield.

      A perfect example, RJW, of which you wrote in your third last line re: house.
      Many years’ ago, I arrived in Daly Waters, NT, a day after the following had occurred.

      The Fed Govt had GIVEN an aboriginal family a brand new, beautiful high-set wooden home, complete with the proverbial ‘white picket fence’!!

      What did they do?
      Ripped out the pickets’ from the fence, took them upstairs, & in the middle of what was a ‘Lounge Room’, built a CAMPFIRE!

      Guess what?
      The WHOLE house burned to the ground, not surprisingly, with this gross stupidity.

      I don’t know why ‘white Australia’ has to pander to stone-age imbeciles’.

      I’ve been with indigenes’ in my younger life, worked with, & employed them. I would need to write a book to tell all my information, & very little of it would be positive, because of my various experiences’.

      There’ve been some very few exceptions’ to the ‘norm’, & one of those is William Barton.

      A nicer man you’d never wish to meet, & he has represented his Country, in Didjeridoo playing throughout the world.
      He accompanied famous Orchestra.

      Go see him if you’ve the chance. You won’t be disappointed by his artistry, & truly humble persona.

    • Robert Lang  

      then your an arrogant ,ignorant uneducated buffon too…

  10. Peta  

    Every person be they black or white has the right to their opinion. And quite frankly the man had a point. You do all realize that Aboriginals are just as racist as the rest of us. Yet for some reason they are allowed to get away with it.
    Someone once told me that the reason this is so is because they are the minority. To me that doesn’t give them the right to carry on the way they do!

  11. Annette WInes  

    Its a sad state of affairs, i know plenty of aboriginals that take pride in their living conditions, i am also aware of many who dont! Sometimes it is the grog that gets them, some times it is just down right lazyness…..BUT there are way too many do gooders who want to sweep these issues under the table instead of wanting to address the problem….i thank David for asking the questions, pity the group was not better balanced BUT it is SBS that a producing the program….

  12. Pamela  

    Why is it racist for a white person to paint their face black but seemingly perfectly fine for a black person to paint their face white?

    If they want to continue with their customs and culture, so be it – but don’t expect the Australian taxpayers to fund the whole thing.

    Australia – one country; one people; one law – NOT apartheid division.

    • Susan Bell  

      FFS how can you be so ignorant. White paint is ochre, using it in ceremony is the same as priests dressing up in their ceremonial costumes. Ochre is mined and has been traded throughout Australia for thousands of years. Ochre is an important part of ceremony and culture.
      Black face is not part of ceremony it is an insulting and racist practice.
      This was Aboriginal country, since the first fleet we have dispossessed, murdered, hunted, enslaved the Aboriginal population.
      really before you comment actually do some research, don’t make yourself look ignorant and very foolish.

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