David Leyonhjelm’s ‘complaint’ form going viral on social media

We’re used to hearing our politicians come out and say controversial things – just look at Pauline Hanson and David
David Leyonhjelm is ruffling a few feathers on social media. Source: YouTube

We’re used to hearing our politicians come out and say controversial things – just look at Pauline Hanson and David Leyonhjelm for example.

On Friday afternoon, Leyonhjelm sent social media into overdrive over a controversial comment he made immediately after the horrific tragedy in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall.

By now you’ve probably all heard about or read his Twitter post.

If you missed it he re-tweeted a breaking news post about the tragedy, with the words “Probably one of those semi-automatic assault cars”

He immediately came under fire from Twitter users across Australia.

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But little has been said about his response to those complaints.

The controversial senator, who is among the politician’s who have said they are sick of ‘political correctness’, posted a “hurt feelings complaint form” on Twitter on Friday afternoon.

The form, which has the official branding of the Liberal Democrats party, has gone viral on social media – and it’s getting a mixed reaction.

Included on the form is several sections including “Where”, “Who”, “What” and “Resolution”.

While it might look like a formal official form, it’s actually far from it.

The Where section includes options such as “In person – When I interrupted their day” and “I wasn’t even there at the time”.

In the Who section, those with complaints can select “that horrid senator”, “that prick of a president” or “Someone from the Liberal party – I’m too dumb to tell the difference”.

But it’s the What section that has people talking.

People can select options about what offended them including “pointed out that my opinion was not the same thing as ‘fact”, “told me to fuck off”, “is a heteronormative cis white male scumlord” and “made fun of something I hold dear”.

And that’s the not the worst of it.

Tbe bottom of the form has a submission instruction in small print:

“Please feel free to roll up this piece of paper and stick it fair up your a***””

Yes, you read it right. Check out the form below to see for yourself.

What do you think about this? Do you think it’s funny? or is David Leyonhjelm taking things too far?

  1. Guy Flavell  

    Yes, David’s comment was definitely insensitive and untimely for this awful situation. Typical though, of that gross,
    hysterical,extreme-left Van Badham creature to try to score points off it.

  2. Marion  

    He’s an idiot. Doesn’t deserve to have his ignorance and offensive remarks given oxygen!

  3. Jen  

    This isn’t the expected behaviour of a politician. His comments are tasteless. I expect more from the leaders of our country.

  4. Faye Paull  

    And this idiot gets to sit in Parliament and make decisions about our lives. Who the hell votes for him??????

  5. Carmen Penley  

    If anyone other than a politician treated the public/customers like he does, they would be fired instantly! Why hasn’t he been sacked – or are they still trying to arrange a generous pension for him?

  6. Ross Whiley  

    I feel it’s right that he doesn’t apologize, as he obviously doesn’t understand that he and his statement are offensive. The correct thing for the ignorant [email protected] to do is resign.

  7. Bob Potts  

    When are these people going to realise we pay their wages, they work for us, and we can and should get rid of these type smug idiots

  8. Pam Nicholls  

    What else can we expect from this man. He really is so out of touch with reality. All l can suggest is that he quickly pull his head out of his bottom and learn some compassion from the world around him. He is truly a political embarrassment.

  9. John Burnett  

    Why doesn’t David shove one of those guns he likes up his a**e and pull the trigger.

  10. Phillip Worrall  

    Appealing to the lowest common denominator. Appears to be a very successful method to succeed in politics. Very helpfull if you have nothing else to offer

  11. Khris  

    I’m still dumbfounded people actually voted this moron into the senate!
    He isn’t fit to be a senator, let alone an elected representative of people!

  12. Julia  

    The most ironic part of the form is that it includes “introducing facts to discussion” and “pointing out that facts aren’t same as opinions” as part of the form.

    It’s usually conservatives who are on the recieving end of both that treatment.

    Other than that it’s just a sad attempt at humor to push the inane “PC gone mad” conservative rhetoric from a senator elected by accident.

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