Daniel Morcombe’s killer attacked in jail

The man who murdered Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe has been taken to hospital after a fellow inmate reportedly attacked him

The man who murdered Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe has been taken to hospital after a fellow inmate reportedly attacked him and threw boiling water over him today.

Prison staff called an ambulance for Brett Peter Cowan just before 9:30am this morning after he was found in the Wolston Correctional Centre. It is not yet known how badly he was injured, but the inmate in question is being interviewed about the incident.

“About 9.15am, correctional officers discovered that the 46-year-old male prisoner was injured and immediately contacted the Queensland Ambulance Service,” a Queensland Corrective Services spokesperson said.

“The prisoner was conscious and lucid and was conveyed to a Brisbane Hospital for treatment. An update on his condition is not known at this stage.

“Another prisoner is being interviewed in relation to the incident. The matter is being investigated by the Queensland Police Service’s Corrective Services Investigation Unit and the QCS’s Office of the Chief Inspector.

“As the matter is the subject of a police investigation, QCS can make no further comment.”

The attack comes only months after the murderer was removed from his protective cell and released into the general unit with other prisoners.

His lawyer has jumped to his defence saying it isn’t for others to punish him.

“I understand that there’s an awful lot of ill feeling towards him but vigilante justice is something that has never been condoned by the courts,” he said.

“He is in jail as punishment for his crime and it’s not for others who are in jail — serving punishment for their crimes — to serve out summary justice.

“It’s disappointing that the general manager saw fit to move him from his protective cell, given the fact that there have been wide ranging calls to take swift and severe action against Brett by all sorts of people.

“You have to question whether they have failed in their duty of care to him.”

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  1. Ronin  

    No Cowan shouldn’t have been attacked in prison. He should have been executed after being found guilty.

  2. Denise Steer  

    I don’t think it is dissappointing at all….
    Now he would know how Daniel felt ON THE ITHER END……EXCEPT HE DIED! !!!. THIS A**EHOLE DIDN’T

    • John  

      Glad he didn’t die. Others can now show him the horror poor Daniel went through at his grimy hands.

  3. Wilson  

    Duty of care my arse. Did the animal show a duty of care to young Daniel ? I just wished it had of been boiling oil. Then maybe he could experience some of the pain his victims did.

  4. while i dont agree with any form of violence maybe he now feels as daniel did solicitors compound this problem by always defending the guilty who pays these costs i dont want my tax dollars being used to defend these people

  5. Di  

    Surprised it took so long to happen. He deserves everything and anything he gets. There is no defence against guilt.

  6. Rhonda  

    What duty of care did he give Daniel. Suffer you rat.

  7. Janemarie  

    I hope he suffers more than little Daniel. It is a given, to be treated like tha after being released into the general population.

  8. Bob BEVERIDGE  

    Gee, whiz. The General Manager, saw it fit to move, the lowlife, scumbag, child killer ! just a shame, he had boiling water thrown on him ! Should have been boiling ACID !

  9. Fran Coyle  

    I agree with all of the comments, prison was no justice for this piece of trash. God only knows what poor little Daniel had to endure. I can only hope Cowan dies a slow and tortured death…….

  10. Dorothy cooper  

    Hope he suffers for the rest of his life !

  11. Happy to hear he was attacked, hope there will be more of it

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