Dairy farmers dealt another low blow

Only a few months after dairy farmers around the country were handed a lifeline, they have been dealt another bad

Only a few months after dairy farmers around the country were handed a lifeline, they have been dealt another bad hand by the corporation responsible for slashing their profits.

Dairy farmers have been struggling to make ends meet and to take home a profit thanks to huge price cuts by Murray Goulburn.

Earlier this year the corporation was slammed for ripping off farmers, which led the government to step in put up loan offers just so farmers could pay off their debts on time.

Now Murray Goulburn is at it again announcing they are slashing their milk prices even more.

They had already made cuts in April to between $4.75 and $5.00 per kilogram of milk solids, down from $5.60.

Now they have set their opening price for the 2016/17 season at $4.31, leaving farmers “gutted”.

“This opening price is below the cost of production for many dairy farmers and we’ll all need to pull together to get through the months ahead,” United Dairyfarmers of Victoria president Adam Jenkins said on Tuesday.

“Dairy farmers are still carrying the weight of MG’s poor management decisions that’s led to the debt they’re being forced to repay on the back of this low opening milk price.”

Murray Goulburn said it hopes to pay dairy farmers $4.80 per kilogram over the upcoming season, with prices set to rise slightly from the opening price.

“This is a conservative price, and it’s most likely that MG is erring on the side of caution, but it opens up the possibility of stepping up to a more reasonable price later in the season,” Mr Jenkins said.

That slight glimmer of hope isn’t enough to put farmers at ease though with many being forced into even more debt thanks to these new prices.

It’s a topic that has infuriated people around the country, with many thinking and hoping this problem had been dealt with earlier in the year.

There was public outcry over the issue a few months ago, which led to the government eventually stepping in with the loans, now perhaps it’s time for it to happen again.

Many are asking how we can expect our farmers to keep producing for us if they can’t even make a living on the land…

Is it time for the power of the people to take action again?

There are calls for people to spread the message about these new price cuts and let pollies know if they are angry about the way dairy farmers are being treated.

Do you think dairy farmers are being ripped off? Should the government do more to help?

  1. Elizabeth Gardner  

    OMG what is wrong with these corporations. They are making huge profits on the backs of the producers. Where do they get off doing this to these farmers. The Government should step in a protect these farmers by insisting the companies place a standard price that covers costs with profit that they CANNOT go below! This is not fair and it is very
    unAustralian. Surely this is not too much to ask?

  2. Evelyn Duffy  

    Yes the government should step in and bring these multi corporations to heel we are paying at the checkout and this should be reflected in fairer payments to farmers.

  3. I find it hard to believe our usless government doesn’t see the writing on the wall and just move out of office now. How dare these corporations treat our dairy farmers in this way. We need to support Dairy Farmers and vote for those who will redress this intolerable situation. Some people don’t think twice about paying $12 for a glass of wine, spirits or beer yet they balk at paying a little more to keep the farmers on their land. I would pay $10 for a litre of milk to keep Aussie Dairy Farmers producing great quality milk.

  4. David Howie  

    Put Dick Smith in charge of regulating the Dairy Industry with sweeping power to heavily fine Corporations who misuse their contractual agreements! The Gov’t also needs to remove a lot of the stupid red tape requirements that are used to qualify or disqualify an Farmer from applying! 🙁

  5. Trevor  

    Its about time our leaders started leading.They look at what has happened in England and say why is the population upset.Governments start looking after the people in your country.

  6. Owen J goodchild  

    Tip the milk out don’t supply them one week with out product and they will change there tune. Turnbull you need to get you finger out and put a stop to this.

  7. Annaka HOCKING  

    OXYMORON AND A LIE ALL ROLLED INTO ONE……If the company has made a profit – how is it possible for them to say they have lost money? The farmers don’t owe the the company anything – that is basic math in anyone’s language.

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