Dad sparks outrage after kissing his adult son on the lips, but is it really that bad?

A British father has left people up in arms after giving his son a congratulatory kiss on the lips on

A British father has left people up in arms after giving his son a congratulatory kiss on the lips on live television.

Former boxing champion Nigel Benn was cheering on his son Conor who had just won his first professional fight via knockout.

After the match Nigel jumped into the ring and gave his son a big kiss on the lips and a warm embrace.

The reaction from viewers was fast, with many jumping onto social media to express their shock at what they had just witnessed.

Nigel Benn plants a kiss on his son Conor.
Nigel Benn plants a kiss on his son Conor.

“Bloody nightmare for Conor Benn with his dad straight in for the kiss in front of the world’s media,” wrote Rogan Thomson.

Others said the kiss made them uncomfortable and that they thought it was inappropriate, which leads us to ask: is it ok to kiss your adult children on the lips?

A similar debate was had last year after the Super Bowl in America when winning coach Bill Belichick kissed his 30-year-old daughter Amanda on the mouth in front of the crowd and millions of viewers.

bill and amanda
Bill Belichick and his daughter Amanda.

While many parents and grandparents kiss their children and grandkids on the mouth when they are young, the practice seems to fade out as they grow older.

While some people think it is inappropriate once children are teenagers and adults, others argue there is nothing wrong with it and that it is completely natural for parents and children to show affection like this.

Where do you stand?

Is it ok for parents and adult children to share a kiss on the lips? Or does it make you uncomfortable?

  1. Cheryl  

    In South Africa we kiss everyone on the lips. Mum’s Dads, aunty’s uncle’s children, young and old, as well as friends. Horses for courses.

  2. It just depends on the society you live in and what is customary. In Italy everyone kisses family and friends on each cheek, men hug and it is never seen as odd. Also, even in our society, families tend to be either mouth kissers or cheek kissers (my family were all mouth kissers, but marrying an Italian, I became a cheek kisser).

  3. Claire Hancock  

    It’s simply a cultural thing and a personal choice. Anyone who is uncomfortable with kissing someone on the mouth has the right to refrain from doing so themselves, but they don’t have the right to tell other people that they should not do so.

  4. Shanti  

    It’s no-one’s business except for the kisser and the “kissee!”

  5. Alison Laurie  

    Physical affection between friends and family is a warm and loving thing. In some European societies, there is little affection between men, including between fathers and sons. I think that is a bad thing, and contributes to aggressive styles of masculinity, devoid of tenderness and affection. It is a joy to see Italians, Polynesians and others exchanging hugs and kisses between men, between women, between men and women, and especially between parents and children. everyone should learn from this. Physical affection is not sexual. It is tender and loving, human and a good thing.

  6. Sean  

    It’s interesting how so many people get freaked out when they see physical affection between straight men.

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