Coward punchers are now targeting over 60s

Imagine visiting your local casino for a daytime punt, only to become the victim of a shocking coward punch. This was

Imagine visiting your local casino for a daytime punt, only to become the victim of a shocking coward punch. This was the reality for 60-year-old Gold Coast filmmaker Phil Avalon, who was attacked by an unknown assailant on the Gold Coast this week.

“The police said the blow (to my head) was so severe that I’m lucky to be alive,” Mr Avalon told a local newspaper. “I didn’t even know he was there and, out of the blue, he whacked me behind the ear. It knocked me to the ground and he grabbed my wallet, and took off quickly.”

Research has shown that coward punchers are most likely to be aged between 15 – 25 years. As the One Punch Can Kill campaign reports, 70 per cent of coward punches occur within the vicinity of a pub or club. The risks are very real, with at least 90 Australians dying after a single punch to the head since 2000.

Young people are being urged to “just let it go mate,” by both advocacy groups and police. State governments have even put in place harsher penalties for coward punches, including maximum jail sentences of 25 years, for offenders influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Despite this, coward punches keep happening. In fact, the situation grows increasingly dire. Last week alone, a 40-year-old man went into cardiac arrest after being coward punched, and he continues to fight for life. Meanwhile, an Adelaide man sustained severe facial injuries after being punched in the head.

These reports paint a grim picture of Generation Y being more violent and dangerous than any before. Some experts claim that violence amongst young people is due to the rise of extreme television, movies and video games. Others point the finger at drugs and alcohol, especially as binge drinking and steroid use becomes rampant amongst young men.

Communications technology is adding a new dynamic to this already complex topic. Where parties were previously organised through formal invitations – smartphones and social media are giving rise to unpredictable parties that can involve violent gatecrashers.

Phil Avalon is just grateful to be alive. “The incident itself really shocked me,” he said. “To be in a casino in daylight hours and be coward punched from behind like that, with security and cameras, it’s crazy.” Unfortunately, others may not be so lucky.

Do you think that Generation Y is more violent than its predecessors? What can be done to curb violence amongst young people?

  1. oh nothing would surprise me , there is a lack of respect for older people and the Liberal Government encouraged that by calling us leaners

    • Everything can not be blamed on the Government Rosalind.
      This problem can be laid at the feet of the drug ICE. This drug makes out young very angry and dangerous .
      So you can blame the drug sellers not the government.
      They have just announced they are going to try and help these people addicted to this drug.
      So please tell me how they are to blame?

  2. They consider us to be an easy target and Abbott and his mob encouraged this

    • Governments have nothing to do with it,parents give them guilt money as they are not around too busy working for their own greed,they need discipline & don’t get it..just run riot…

    • Thank you Lyn. People like Judy have know idea and are always shooting off there mouth. They are so perfect.

    • I agree with both Lyn and Wendy, I don’t know any families like that Judy Chappell, perhaps you hang around with wrong crowd

  3. Druggies don’t care who you are, they just want money for their next fix. Low-life scum.

    • You have no idea Glenda what you are talking about.
      Have you ever had anything to do with young people addicted to drugs or tried to find out how they got addicted.
      It is the sellers who are the low-life scum who are only thinking of the money they will make.
      I get very angry when I have to read stupid things that people write degrading our young people.

    • Sorry but this guy coward hit a guy for no reason and they choose to take drugs. Also even if he wasnt an addict whoever this person is I wouldn’t want to meet him. I think this person degraded himself. I wasn’t attacking you or anyone of your family or friends. So maybe calm down and sort out your problems without having a go at me

    • If they said “No” to drugs in the first place, they would not become addicted and the low life scum sellers would be out of business. They have to be responsible for their actions at some point in life. It is not as if there is not enough on TV about how bad drugs are for you.

    • Wendy Perrins they have a brain they need to use it and say no when it comes to drugs and not be like sheep, while thee are people with your attitude who condone their behaviour they will never get better, tough love is what is needed. I get angry with people with your attitude!

  4. I truly fear for my family when you know they are out and about minding their own business enjoying the night with friends, knowing there is such violence being committed for no apparent reason. I don’t know what the solution is to the problem however I do believe if someone commits a COWARD PUNCH they should get the max jail sentence to get them off our streets.

  5. It is not only criminals who get away with a cowards look at ryde council elections,shocking ,and disgusting.

  6. My son was punched at around 1pm one afternoon near Rundle Mall in Adelaide. With lots of lunch time shoppers going in and out off the nearby arcades. He was knocked unconscious. Broke his jaw damaged the bones around his eye socket but thankfully the suspected long term damage to his sight didn’t eventuate and his sight returned. It did stuff up his plans of going on a working holiday to NZ planned to begin the next week. It was weeks before he recovered but we are all mindful of how lucky he was as he survived with no long term ill effects. In his case it was just sheer bad temper as the guy had just been evicted from a pub in the little street and my son walking past was the first person he saw.

  7. I think this headline is misleading..Coward punchers are targeting over 60s.. These animals target anyone that come across their path no matter what their age, most of the time it seems to be alcohol or drug fuled, I don’t think over 60s should be made to feel scared & are being targeted because of our age, most of the time it seems to be younger people this is happening to, these lowlife cowards need to be locked up with no excuses for their actions, but I don’t think we should be scared that we are a specific target age group.

  8. Two years national service should teach them some respect, if not fear. Before this gets screaming replies, I don’t mean as fighting forces overseas!!!

    • Iam against conscription because of Vietnam but in case you might be right or 5 years on the chain gang breaking rocks

    • Nation service never hurt anyone would make men of them,I say chuck them all in they are just weak little losers…I say 1 strike & your in,my husband did Nation service I month after we were married in 56 for 2 years,didn’t have to make men of them those days they already were,it didn’t do him any harm..

    • Why give them to the Army to sort out? They probably wouldn’t have enough intelligence to pass the test to get them into the Army.

    • I would be the first to object to anything even marginally like Vietnam David, but someone has to point out to some of these youngsters (not all, I know some very decent kids), that they are not above the law. In most cases it isn’t even their fault, they have had no guidence at home. It’s always been easier to ignore your kids than to pick up their behavour with consequences and positive reactions. They need to realise that the world doesn’t owe them anything!!!

  9. Jacquie  

    Easy to blame TV and video games, but really, these cowards have to take responsibility for their actions. They know it’s wrong, but could care less. Courts are too lenient. Mandatory 25 years – no parole – no excuses. Harsh but there you go.

  10. Our society is on a downward spiral to the bottom.I don,t know what is causing the violence, drugs, violent video games, judges who let people off lightly?! All I know is the world is unrecognisable.

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