Court rules against mother’s questionable choice of baby name

We’ve heard some interesting baby names over the years, such as Le-a (Ledasha) and ABCD (Abcidee) but this one has

We’ve heard some interesting baby names over the years, such as Le-a (Ledasha) and ABCD (Abcidee) but this one has to take the cake.

A woman from Wales has gone to court over her choice of baby name. Most unusual names can slip through without much fanfare but we can see why ‘Cyanide’ wasn’t going to be allowed.

The woman, whose name cannot be published for legal reasons, has newborn twins and wants to name her son Preacher and her daughter Cyanide, saying the poison is a ‘lovely, pretty name’, reports Sky News.

She explained that in fact the poison has positive associations because it helped kill Adolf Hitler.

But it wasn’t to be: a family court judge ruled against the mother, saying she was not acting to secure her children’s welfare.

The mother disagreed and said it was her right to choose her children’s names.

One of the justices, Eleanor King, from the Court of Appeal said it was ‘one of those rare cases’ in which judges should intervene.

‘It is hard to see how … the twin girl could regard being named after this deadly poison as other than a complete rejection of her by her birth mother,’ she said.

It’s definitely interesting.

Here’s a list of some other very unusual baby names. What’s the weirdest you’ve heard?

  • Ace
  • Admire
  • Couture
  • Deva
  • Excel
  • Fedora
  • Jagger
  • Juju
  • Leeloo
  • Monalisa
  • Oasis
  • Rogue
  • Sanity
  • Sesame
  • Shoog
  • Thinn
  • Yoga
  • Zealand


  1. A child at a local Preschool is having her name changed to Ra Ra Rose. Her family call her Ra Ra. True story.

    • Shanti  

      So many idiots should never be parents – or, at the least, should never be given naming rights! All they are doing is trying to draw attention to themselves! Instead of giving their kids ridiculous names which will ensure teasing, why don’t they just change their OWN names and cop the flack themselves!

  2. In the same way as somebody who bought and used a perfume called “Opium” could be regarded as a slow-acting dope?

  3. Just as well the judge stepped in and put a stop to this woman’s nonsense. I cannot comprehend the idiocy of some people who give their children names that will make their lives miserable. Just bids for attention on the part of the parents, as far as I can see.

  4. Suzanne  

    I once overheard a woman in a shopping centre addressing her children (a boy and a girl) as Yarra and Torrens. She obviously had a ‘thing’ about rivers. I was curious as to which name was attributed to which gender child 🙂

    • Sandy Williams  

      Maybe the father’s served on the HMA Ships Torrens and Yarra.

  5. Raewyn Oliver  

    I was a midwife many moon s ago – in another country – a family with surname ‘Knight’ named their baby girl ‘Star’ !!

  6. Jenni  

    One of my friends have grandchildren called Peter & Brock, first two born (they are well in their 20’s now)…also my daughter is known as Rara too, nicknamed when my younger children couldn’t say Tamara, so they shortened it to Rara…

  7. Jenny Liptrot  

    What about Johdi Gordon and Braithwaite Anasta’s daughter’s name Aleeia? A name in search of another vowel. Also Grant Hackett’s twins Charlize and Jagger. Why do people have to copy or invent names when there are plenty of lovely names available. Poor kids.

  8. Rosie  

    When my son was born 34 years ago, the little baby girl in the bed opposite was named RAGETTY ANNE. Poor little thing, I bet she changed her name as soon as she could. Some parents think these names are cute but would you like to be called Ragetty when you are an adult.

    • Cheryl  

      If it was named after the doll it would have been “RAGGEDY ANN”

  9. Joy Saker  

    A NZ court said NO to “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii”

  10. Jane  

    Recently heard of baby boy named ‘Haven’.

    Poor kid.
    Imagine the bullying he’ll get with rhyming words at School, let alone when he applies for a job, nobody will take him seriously.

    Idiot parents, yet again.

    • Jane  

      Poor kid will be having to spell it all the time. Hope she changes it when she turns 18!

  11. Meg Smith  

    Lingrin Ann Diane. The minister refused to baptise the baby with these names, poor little lamb. They agreed on Dianne. BTW she didn’t linger she kept improving.

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