Council wishes locals a very PC Christmas – and they’re not happy!

When will this end? Queenslanders who flocked to Coolangatta Beach for its annual Christmas concert have expressed their disappointment that barely

When will this end? Queenslanders who flocked to Coolangatta Beach for its annual Christmas concert have expressed their disappointment that barely a handful of traditional carols were sung.

Apart from a dance remake of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, there were reportedly only four non-traditional Christmas songs performed. Many families left early, after realising there would be no sing-alongs for their children.

Facebook user Stacey Storrie wrote about Sunday’s event, saying although she had a nice time, she was surprised by the lack of Christmas carols. “It was portrayed as an Aussie beach Xmas event. Some Xmas songs… would have been nice to hear”.

Ms Storrie also added, “all it would take was to get each performer to sing at least a couple of Xmas songs in their set and that would have been achieved”. 

Local councillor Chris Robbins disagreed with this suggestion though. “It’s not as if people don’t have choices — if people want something that’s more traditional they should pull their finger out, pick up the phone and give them a ring to find out what’s going on instead of pissing and moaning on Facebook”, she said.

Either way, as Facebook user Kane Adams wrote, a Christmas concert without carols hardly seems “worth it”. A local survey found that over 90 per cent of attendants were disappointed by the lack of festive cheer.

Is political correctness ruining Christmas? Should carols be expected at Christmas concerts?

  1. I don’t live in Qld but it seems to me that this is not the fault of Politcal correctness, the blame lay squarely on the shoulder of the Council. These issues don’t happen on their own, some human is always at the back of it, through cost cutting or their own religeous beliefs

  2. If you a rate payer and you were not happy , contact your local council and let them know

    • Did you see Councillor Robbins’ answer to somebody who complained to council? What I would call being given the finger!

  3. If the councillor’s comments are reported accurately, I would regard them as very unsatisfactory.

  4. It’s just common sense that if you are going to a Christmas anything you would hear Carols sung,typical of another of so called political correctness issue

  5. Will be no Christmas soon unless every true Australian stands up and keeps the same tradition alive

  6. I am sick to death of PC when it comes to Australian ways and customs. For 200 years we have celebrated Christmas in the traditional way. Our migrant population, up until the last decade or so, either joined in adding traditions from their homeland or just ignored the celebrations. Why is this PC change happening? Those who enforce it should be ashamed of themselves. Are we all bending over backwards to accommodate everyone other than ourselves? MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. HO, HO, HO.

    • Mike here-gotta agree with you but Christmas is taking on all the signs of just being another ‘Hallmark’ celebration.

    • JuneMike Denison Not for this li’l black duck. Each of us makes Christmas to be what we want. Some celebrate the religious concept of Christmas, others don’t. Each country has different Christmas traditions and not all fall on Dec 25th. Remember that celebrating the birth of Christ was imposed over an already existing of a Pagan celebration by the early Christians. The point is in this country we should not allow how we celebrate this time of the year change because of “political correctness”.

    • Wendy Perrins Thank you, Wendy, the greetings are returned. May you have a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas and the best of all years in 2016.

    • Well said Anne, I am fed up with Australia having to be THE only one who bends over backwards to accommodate those who prefer not to celebrate occasions that we do. How about those people start accommodating our traditions after all they chose to live here!

    • Ruth Weston Thanks Ruth. I was in a discount store yesterday. Asian owned, Asian staffed and playing loud and clear were Christmas Carols, not just Christmas songs, but actual carols. If these, presumably non Christian, folk can get into the spirit of Christmas then surely shopping centres and councils can. My cousin lives/works in Dubai. She is required to wear the Arab women’s mode of dress minus the face veil when dealing with male customers, but even there the shopping centres are fabulously decorated for Christmas.

  7. I went to a xmas concert in Urunga years ago only two carols havent been since left halfway thru.

  8. How ridiculous if your personal religious belief isn’t Christian and you don’t want your family exposed to Christmas you won’t go. A Christmas concert is surely about celebrating Christmas. Nothing to do with political correctness, just the councils bah humbug attitude.

    • I read a link from that and they said had Christmas Carols in other years and no one went.. haha bet they have them again next year

    • should be an interesting day Morrison is having a mini budget Savings are understood to have been made across a range of portfolios, but the Australian Financial Review reports that bulk of the savings measures will be found in the health and welfare budgets.

    • I must admit not going to our local one which is just in the town square across the road. I did go to the pageant and wander around the fair.

  9. And how dare they blame the public for not calling to say what they wanted. If its a Christmas bash, you want Christmas carols.

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