Council bans lollipop lady’s kind gesture after parent complaint

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, a council has decided to ban a lollipop lady from handing out

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, a council has decided to ban a lollipop lady from handing out treats to school children after a parent made it complaint.

Once every term Melbourne lollipop lady Kaye Kittelty hands out icy poles and pies to local school children.

But now she’s been told to stop by the Maroondah council because a parent complained.

So what is all the fuss about?

According to the council, the law doesn’t allow lollipop ladies “to be distracted by undertaking any other activities.”

Ms Kittelty told Channel 7  the children got the treats out of the bag themselves, and that it wasn’t a distraction from her important work.

“I was upset, I thought (the parent) could have come to me first and said they didn’t like it and tell me why they didn’t want me to do it,” the grandmother said.

“I’m here for the children and the parents and that’s the main concern.”

The school students are now starting a petition backing their lollipop lady.

You might be thinking, what do the parents have to say about all this?

One parent said the children loved Ms Kittelty, and they enjoyed rushing up to see you her.

“It’s just another example of the council’s overstepping their mar and interfering in things they don’t need to interfere in,” the parent said.

Ms Kittelty on the other hand said she plans to keep smiling and waving as she walks the kids across the road and will respect the council wishes.

What do you think of all this? Is the council taking this too far?

  1. One parent complains and the council listens to one parent out of how many. Good grief what next. Maybe the council will say she is holding her lollipop incorrectly. I think the council are definitely overstepping themselves. Watch it they might trip over a pebble while overstepping.

    • cee  

      Yes, but where was the parent from? It only takes one of them to complain and everything changes!

    • Gail Coghlan  

      I do not think there is any harm with the lollipop lady giving sweets to the children, if a parent does not want their child to receive a sweet, tell them to say No Thankyou!

  2. Kevin Coombs  

    Check out the Lollipop Lady on George Street Liverpool along side the Catholic School. She is a menace holding conversations in the middle of the road with people while they are crossing, Rushing out to stop the traffic the moment someone even looks like crossing instead of waiting for a reasonable gap & giving the traffic time to slowdown, holding up traffic for people who haven’t left the School grounds. She regularly causes traffic chaos in Liverpool. It may seem petty to you but drive a bus around Sydney & see how many irresponsible Lollipop people there are. In New Zealand the children patrol the School crossing themselves supervised by a Teacher & it works much better.

  3. Sheila lakeman  

    Yes I think council should have spoke to her about it,.

    Shame the kids miss out on thre treats, but I am sure her smile each day brings a bit of sunshine into there lives..

    Hope the lady that complained is proud of her self

  4. rex peirce  

    what is wrong with these idiots??
    perhaps the council should be concentrating on law breakers —-real law breakers
    as for the complaining parent all i can say is —-thank god i am not their child . miserable persons—and that is being very very polite Rx

  5. Brenda Greenwood  

    what is wrong with these parents that have NOTHING better to do than ringing councils to complain about such trivia, it would have been a simple matter to ask he lollipop lady and her child, not to accept anything end of story, but this self imposed health freak has spoilt it for ALL the kids how dare she speak for the majority, and more importantly why has the council been lilley livered enough to take notice. Sounds like they are short of more important issues too.

  6. Noisy minority again.
    Let’s just ignore the minority groups n get on with life.

  7. Chris  

    Instead of complaining to the council why didn’t she approach the school first, or even the lollipop lady herself. Truly there are some spoilt sports around isn’t there. Get a life lady.

  8. Dianne Evans  

    Way to far ! The person who did it should have spoken to the lady herself or the School why spoil it for everyone else.

  9. It is strange how the Council will listen to one parent about a lollipop lady and they will not listen to the population of the area about other important matters.
    As far as the parent that complained – I think she must be a very sad person to complain about someone doing something very nice for the children. It would not be as if the lollipop lady did it all the time.

  10. Well that’s just plain stupid. Can’t even do something nice for someone now without getting into trouble for it.

  11. I do agree with the ban. if it was my kid I didn’t want a stranger giving them any type of food either. Somebody is peanut allergic, she does not know, dairy intolerant etc etc. Nice gesture from this lady, but it is not part of her job.

    • Jeff  

      I agree with you, kind hearted lady but you are right about allergies, diabetes etc…

    • Paul Nicholson  

      well than is it not up to the parents of children with Allergies to teach them not to take any food from anyone else

  12. Florence Healey  

    Oh well my high school students will not be getting Christmas lollies or Easter loillies any more I have been doing it for 6 years now ,sorry kids

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