Could you survive on this much each week? Radical plan to scrap welfare will go to a vote

Switzerland is famous for being a place that knows how to handle money, which makes this radical idea all the

Switzerland is famous for being a place that knows how to handle money, which makes this radical idea all the more intriguing – the Swiss government will vote on a proposal to introduce a ‘basic unconditional monthly income’. Under the scheme, every citizen of Switzerland would receive a monthly payment of 2500 Swiss francs per month, regardless of whether they were working or not. Children would 625 francs per month.

The idea has been put forward by a group of intellectuals, the Independent reports, and while it hasn’t had a mass show of support, the federal government announced it will vote on the matter, making if the first country to vote on the matter.

Finland has also considered a basic income strategy, which is designed to replace all welfare payments with a monthly lump sum of 550 euros.

Research carried out in Switzerland found that only two per cent of people would give up working, however a third of people surveyed suspected that more people would stop working if they were guaranteed an income.

The Swiss payment equates to $3450 or around $860 per week in Australian dollars, and gives pause for thought. Would people really be inspired to continue working? And does a one-size fits all payment work in our culture?

One thing is for sure, it would cut out a lot of the confusion about what we are entitled to and possibly save us days communicating with Centrelink and filling out forms.

But what impetus would there be for an 18-year-old, fresh out of school to get a job? And who would man our cafes, stack shelves in our supermarkets, pick fruit if there was a basic wage one could rely on? One can only assume that this would force prices up on essentials and rent, too.

While on the surface, getting $3450 in your bank account might seem like a great idea, we’re not so sure… But if Switzerland was to go ahead with it, perhaps the world would pay attention.

Would a one-size-fits-all welfare payment work in this country? What benefits and problems do you see with this idea?

  1. when you look into this it is actually v sensible. except of course centre link etc. they’d be out of a job.

  2. I wish I got $860 a week, instead I get half that !

  3. Yes although some of us choose to work and we both get our pension cut

  4. fantastic idea – of course people would still work, to supplement the basic. But think of the benefits of NOT filling in a million claims. It would be amazing. People who actually need the support will get it, and those claiming massive extra amounts for all sorts of stuff would have to think about actually working to get more. Mums or dads who want to stay home to bring up kids could do so,pensioners would be able to afford heating in the winter. Do it !

    • Lyn Bradford i’ve read the layout of Swiss idea. and yes you can work don’t have to declare it etc. just pay your taxes. which is a major problem it’s such a huge paper trail to do work if you are getting support you end up working for half the amount you would normally get plus it’s just employing paper pushes who a lot of the time have no idea of what they are doing.

    • You’d be happy with less than the age pension right now? That $860 per week is actually PER MONTH.

  5. Stupid idea, it takes away any incentive for people to work or better their qualifications & education to earn a more comfortable living, dam sure I wouldn’t be working full time if I could get the same amount doing nothing.

  6. If it was introduced they would need to have an agreement in place that if you were to leave your paid work you would not continue to receive it. Other wise you would have everyone leaving their jobs to stay home to do what they like. Which equates to no Taxes to cover the idea in the first place, doesn’t make sense.

  7. Wouldn’t work because they wouldn’t work,imagine the envy of those working while those doing nothing gets the same pay,c’mon.

    • There would need to be a sliding scale, so if you work and earn so much, the income gets docked. That retains the incentive to work, earn more, and rise in life. But it helps students to study.

    • People have to realise, THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU A LIVING,you have to contribute if you can,I find the biggest moaners are those who do nothing and expect every thing.

  8. An interesting alternative. It would certainly cut down drastically on bureaucracy/paperwork. But all those Centrelink employees would be out of a job 🙂

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