Could you be witnessing the end of printed newspapers?

Fairfax Media is reportedly deciding whether to cease printing its flagship newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. These latest

Fairfax Media is reportedly deciding whether to cease printing its flagship newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. These latest reports beg the question – how do you read your morning news?

According to The Australian, over 200 fulltime journalists might lose their jobs if these major newspapers cease printing. Instead, Fairfax could adopt a digital only approach, meaning everyday Aussies would consume more media on their iPhones, iPads and tablets.

Fairfax is also preparing a major restructure and cost-cutting program this year, following closure of its London newspaper, The Independent. Spokespersons for Fairfax declined to comment further yesterday.

Could we be witnessing the death of newspapers? Do you read news in print, or via digital media like computers and tablets?

  1. If they returned to reporting facts and were unbiased then they might make a comeback…

  2. I am a South Australian. Our only choice of newspaper is a Murdoch rag, so no I don’t buy a major newspaper. We buy our local paper YP Country Times and I read from several news sites online.

    • I hear you. I would only add that having lived in NSW with the Daily Terrorgragh and QLD the Courier Mail, The Advertiser is just slightly more balanced. Still read mostly online from a variety of sources, but read the Tiser for local non-political news

  3. Because life is such a rush,I mostly use my tablet now and when I’m on the run and I stop for a coffee or I’m waiting for an appointment,it’s so much easier to catch up on the mobile.

  4. I don’t buy the paper anyone, if I want the news I get it online

    • We have two free local newspapers which are delivered weekly, they are not too bad as they keep you informed on what is going on in the local area.

  5. People are turning away from print because most of it is dribble. I don’t even watch news on TV because it’s all one sided especially Chanel 7 grrrrrr the crap they say. I have for quite a few years been getting my news from the net. If I like the source I will either donate or pay it depends. Interestingly I get my news as its happening not having to wait till the next day or for the news on TV. Murdock hates the Internet and Google because of this he can’t control it and it’s doing damage to his billion dollar empire.

  6. My husband and I love going to a cafe and enjoying a cuppa whilst reading the daily papers….i don’t know why we just can’t have choices anymore. If we want to read things online, fine, and if we want to read the actual paper then, fine also 🤔😊

  7. Newspapers started dying about 30 yrs ago when Murdock introduced cold type ( computers) into news limited, thousands of .personal lost their jobs in the process, I was one of them. The computer will and has replaced the printed word, eg. face book and google, the news you get is pure and the truth has not been tampered with, rip newspapers.

  8. I live newspapers but don’t read them in Oz as so bad & leave ink on your hands. UK ones I do love to read when there though do have issues with certain newspaper group owners. Local papers in both countries are great source of knowledge & always look at those. Reading newspapers online doesn’t have that same delicious feel as opening a pristine newspaper first thing in morning over morning coffer

  9. Actually still luv to read the paper. Weekend papers my favourites – enjoy sitting at the coffee shop reading early the paper. Sadly all our old traditions fading away.

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