Could you be living in Australia’s most dangerous neighbourhood?

Imagine waking up to gun shots and police sirens right outside your door. That’s exactly what has been happening to

Imagine waking up to gun shots and police sirens right outside your door. That’s exactly what has been happening to the residents of Fairfield in the western suburbs of Sydney, where recent gangland violence has turned the neighbourhood into the most dangerous in Australia.

It’s pretty scary stuff.

There have been four shootings in the last two weeks, two in the same street, the occasional fire bombing of houses and cars, and intimidation in Fairfield and the surrounding area.

Local police say the war over drug turf has been simmering for two decades and has now erupted.

What is this country coming to?

The gangs involved are quite violent, said to have been responsible for the brutal assassination of police officer David Carty in 1997.

Many of the residents of the area originally came from Turkey, Syria and Iraq, fleeing the Middle East in the wake of the 1990 Gulf War and given asylum in Australia.

Naturally, when it comes to putting an end to these things police face a ‘cone of silence’ from victims of the shooting and bombing attacks, but there have been numerous raids, which led to at least 15 members of these gangs being arrested and charged with a range of offences.

The concern now, as things start to get out of hand, is that innocent lives are at high risk.

Do you have concerns about your personal safety in your neighbourhood? Do you worry about the future of society in Australia?

    • Barbara Stirling  

      Never forget the port Arthur massacre came out of the ble. Let’s not tempt providence either.

  1. Wayne Watkins  

    ………….. and they want to let more asylum seekers into Australia !! These people from these Muslim countries cannot assimilate into normal society . They love our Centrelink payments as a retainer and the drug money is their cream .

    • Barbara Stirling  

      Was the port author massacre an immigrant?

    • These people and races do not want to integrate with Australians or anyone that they can’t scare or dominate the world and the sad thing is that the countries give to them and bow and cower to them, instead of standing up to them. I’m with Pauline Hanson on this one don’t let them in in the first place.

      • bruce taylor  

        Why do people keep on blaming middle eastern people for everything? We have had Muslims from that part of the world here for over 100 years. The first mosque was built here over 100 years ago. People of middle eastern origin have fought in our armed forces, played sport at the highest level and been a big part in medical treatment and research. The vast majority of them do want to integrate. It all becomes a bit hard when they walk out and are instantly branded as terrorists. The gangs have been there for years and have nothing to do with recent immigration except perhaps for the Apex gang in Melbourne who are predominately African Christians.
        What we need to do is stop listening to the stupid civil liberties people and give our police back the power to combat these thugs.
        We need minimum penalties for drug trafficking. 5 years for a first to double on each consecutive occasion. Also addicts, who are breaking the law, should have to serve time either in prison or a secure rehab center.

  2. Andrea Robin Hunt  

    Just deport them – simple. Proven not to abide by the law of Australia, don’t stay. The rights are revoked, no citizenship, no dole payments

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