Could we see the ABC merged with SBS?

Mark Scott has alluded to the idea of ABC and SBS merging, in one of his final speeches as ABC’s

Mark Scott has alluded to the idea of ABC and SBS merging, in one of his final speeches as ABC’s outgoing Managing Director.

“There would be ways of thinking about how distinctively serving audiences and meeting audience needs”, Mr Scott said. “I think it’s worthy of investigation down the track”.

Mr Scott also criticised the SBS, saying the multicultural broadcaster has “far less subtitled content” than it did decades ago.

“I suspect the SBS of today, which is more general interest broadcasting, means the difference between these two broadcasters is not as distinct as it was”.

The notion of merging ABC with SBS is a “matter for government”, Mr Scott said. Although the television powerhouse did add, “I may comment more on this down the track”.

Not everyone is convinced though! As one person commented online, “We need the ABC to broadcast programs uninterrupted by up to 10 commercials every 5 minutes”.

Would you like to see the ABC merged with SBS? Or is it important that Australia has numerous public broadcasters, offering quality free TV?

  1. I think they should just leave them alone , both of these channels serve a purpose and I prefer watching them to the commercial channels

  2. Mike here-nah sell the lot to murdoch, that’ll give us balanced reporting, hang on, my unicorn needs some champagne

  3. just another budget cut in Australia but plenty of money when it comes to helping other countrys

  4. We need strong independent public broadcasters. Not subject to government control. Keep them as they are and preferably restore some of the funding that has recently been removed.

  5. I definitely would not like to see the ABC and SBS merge. I think they offer totally different program options. We need more variety not less.

  6. I dislike the idea as each of their channels serve a purpose, you’ve got indigenous TV, Kids channels, as well as the main ABC and SBS. I watch SBS News and love some of the great shows they pick up currently The Bridge and Missing and a couple of their Australian produced shows. I love Catalyst, Q&A and many other ABC shows. I’d hate to see them lose channels but maybe there is merit in sharing admin staff and facilities just leave the programming alone.

  7. when i watch the ABC all i see is bill shorten or one of those horrible greenies i have never seen pauline hanson barnaby joyce or even hardly any of the libs so when i see someone write about an equal share well its not and the SBS has bought some great shows over the years but if the country is running out of cash then merge them and maybe do a Molly and bring some new life into this tired old dept

    • These channels are not commercial, if you want that well watch that. Molly Meldrum was part of our ABC for years & many other great dramas giving Aussies jobs & a platform to act.

    • wheres me bellbird GTK Dr Who Z Cars Maigrae all the old favourites all the other channels run repeats of repeats all the time im sick of tv

    • Barnaby Joyce has been on Q&A a few times of course balanced with labor or greens. I suspect you rarely watch it if you think your comment accurate. Yes they have Labor and Greens as they aren’t a commercial station and aren’t running their own agenda but Liberals and even National Party abound as well.

    • i did this for a test one month every morning till 11am abc 4 i never saw much of the libs or the minors just the same old bunch im sorry but i cant disagree with you because as a devoted viewer your on to it but i am very wary of anything the govt has control of wether its in power or not

    • thanks Graham im not trying to stir up trouble but this is something i have been aware of for a couple of years now if its a taxpayer funded entity then why is there always that hanson young or the other bloke di pitali and come to think of it before the other woman the leader the blonde lady i cant think of her name but she was on constantly i dont get it do i mis something when i get up to go to the toilet or get a coffee i dont know but im going crazy with all the presenters that clasp their hands all the time are they instructed to do that by their leaders ..i dont get it

    • so true and nobody seems the slightest bit interested in fact they will vote for it im sure

  8. I think a lot of money would be saved if the two were amalgamated.

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