Could this retail move convince you to shop at Dick Smith again?

An Australian “retail veteran” has been installed as the interim CEO of Dick Smith electronics. This move signals there could

An Australian “retail veteran” has been installed as the interim CEO of Dick Smith electronics. This move signals there could be hope for Dick Smith stores yet, but some Aussie shoppers have been burned too much already.

Don Grover has been placed in charge of Dick Smith stores, bringing over 30 years of retail experience to the job. Mr Grover has previously overseen brands such as Retail Fusion, Diana Ferrari, Williams and Dymocks.

Market experts have been surprised by Don Grover’s promotion, hinting this could prove good things are┬ástill on the horizon for Dick Smith stores.

“It’s probably a positive sign, that if someone’s been convinced to take the job they’ve been convinced that there’s going to be a (future Dick Smith) job there at some point”, Steve Johnson from Forager Funds said.

“My guess would be there’s been at least some degree of due diligence done and there’s some chance this business is going to be sold to someone at some point”, Mr Johnson added.

It might take more than a new CEO to return shoppers to Dick Smith stores, though. Many everyday Aussies remain unconvinced about the retailer, especially as store-credits and lay-by purchases were not honoured last month.

As one Facebook user wrote about Dick Smith’s outgoing executives, “incompetent management and now the consumers are paying the price for its own failure”.

Would you return to Dick Smith stores under the guidance of a new CEO? Do you think a lot more needs to be done, to recover this Aussie brand?

  1. To little, to late, bad customer service and the recent events of not honouring gift cards and laybye’s have put the last nail in the coffin of this store. I would never trust them

  2. Was it not sold by Dick to someone else. cannot remember who you should be venting your anger at them.

  3. We went to Albury Dick Smith to buy a Tablet, we asked to see them she said she could not open the glass door. So we went to Harvey Norman. So why would we go to D C

  4. This company is trading on some elses name i beleive a name change should be made as people are blaming Dick Smith himself he no longer owns the business i beleive

  5. Dianne Evans  

    It is not Dicks business has not been for years.

  6. paul  

    sorry to say but the damage has been done if i was you i would close up shop & start again because i for one will not be setting foot in this store

  7. Bob Tait  

    Over time their technical competance declined, the product range was the same as JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman, Good Guys. There is nothing that. Sets them apart from these stores only the buying power of the it purchasing department. They need to reinvent themselves. Dick Smith was a visionary unlike all those who followed.Best of luck.
    The Techxperts thing did not work.

  8. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I would not shop there again after what they have done to people’s gift cards and laybys. This is absolutely disgusting behaviour for a business to do this. It was sold back in 70’s to Woolworths and they sold it on. Not Dick Smiths fault it is the owners of the company now who have ignored all peoples gift cards and laybys. Very bad business.

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