Could this be the strangest form of protest ever?

A protest that will bring a tear to your eye for a entirely different reason.

New Year and another form of protest in a start to the year that has seen many. The world was moved at the site of the Women’s March that had millions of women standing up for their civil rights all over the world. However, a new form of protest could bring a tear to your eye that has nothing to do with emotions.

It’s well documented that new US President Donald Trump loves to use the social media platform Twitter as he believes that it’s the only way to get “real news” to the people. It allows him to bypass the “biased media.” He’s been very successful on the platform as he currently has almost 22 million followers. This is a fact that President Trump has been very proud of when talking in interviews.

One protester has decided to “hit him where it hurts” and created an account with the sole purpose of getting more Twitter followers than the US Commander and Chief. The account isn’t even for him. It’s for a half an onion in a sandwich bag. That’s it. The creator of the account thinks that if he can achieve his goal of having more followers than President Trump that it’ll annoy him and get the point of the protest across.

While there is a lot of doubt over whether or not this will even get his attention, it has created some great, or “grate”, tweets.

President Trump has made his feelings about protest known, so we think that he’d appreciate this one as well.

What do you think of the protest? Do you think that it’s clever or silly?

  1. Perry  

    Trump got 59.4 million votes, how many did the half an onion in a bag get? About 59,400,000 less, I imagine…

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Ho hum, another slow day on Starts at 60. This article is absolute twaddle and an insult to your readers.

  3. Gerry Wilson  

    Why is Trump always the villain (in your eyes)… reality he is saving USA from the clutches of the Agenda 21/ 30 merchants of slavery,ISIS, UN, the Arabs world domination attempts,Marxists..Oh you can’t make an omelette without cracking an egg..
    Also we are about to find out how the 2008 elections were rigged .report that when it happens hey!

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