Could it be?! The Queen can’t stop smiling as she rides public transport dressed in bright pink

It was a dreary day in Birmingham until the Queen arrived and brightened it up with her amazing pink hat

It was a dreary day in Birmingham until the Queen arrived and brightened it up with her amazing pink hat and outfit, plus her matching brolly.

Queen Elizabeth II was accompanied by Prince Philip to open the city’s New Street development, arriving on none other than a special Royal Train.

A crowd gathered ahead of the Queen’s visit, complete with a brass band to welcome the royal pair.

The Queen and the Duke paid their respects at the Pals War Memorial to city railwaymen killed in the First World War, then given a ride on the new tram, which even had LED lights that said they were aboard.

The tweets about the Queen came in thick and fast on social media, with some in disbelief that they saw the Queen on their way to work. Others commented on her delightful fuchsia outfit, a daring choice but clearly well-received! We couldn’t agree more… just look at her!

Birmingham Mail reports Her Majesty The Queen was wearing a cerise pink brocade dress by Peter Enrione with a pink cashmere coat and a matching hat by Angela Kelly.

After their tram ride, they were escorted to officially open the Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry.

On their tour of the facility, the Queen and Prince Philip met the management, members of the clinical team, teaching staff and students. The Duke said to onlookers as he arrived, “Are you all here to have your teeth done?”

He had more quips, and joked that train announcers should speak in ‘English not Brummie’! Network Rail operations controller Shaun Jasper said the Duke was “funny”.

“A train announcer was stood next to me and he said ‘Do you announce in a Brummie accent?’”

“She said no and he responded saying ‘I suppose you’ve got to announce in an English accent so everyone can understand you'”, Jasper said.

Interested in what the Queen and Duke ate? Their lunch included starters of smoked salmon terrine and mushroom and artichoke tart, with the main pan-fried chicken with cauliflower and parsnip puree with rosemary-infused Lyonnaise potatoes or asparagus and morel roasted gnocchi.

Desserts included apple and rhubarb tart followed by Black Country cheeses with Oxfordshire oat cakes. Wow…

Take a look at the very awesome pics below and tell us, what would you do if the Queen came to your town?


  1. If the article cites pink clothing, why use a photo of her in yellow as the title backdrop?

    • Hi Ken, the images in the article are copyright and can only be used in text 🙂 the main image is copyright-free. just making sure we’re doing everything by the book!

  2. Why on earth should we be interested in the colour of Liz’s outfit or how she travels around at home? I see my request for a Royal-free week fell on deaf ears, or should that be was seen by blind eyes? I am so heartily sick of seeing reports on the UK royals all over our media.

    • Lots of people on our site love it Alan but thank you for the feedback 🙂 we appreciate your point of view. Have a great day

    • Fair enough, as it is your site, Starts at 60 . You reckon lots like them. Some obviously do but many do not. Are you brave enough for a poll on that? I’ll be out of here after the next report.

    • I love you Alan …all the slobbering over this revolting family is embarrassing …..

      • Brian Lee  

        Just curious – what is it about the Royals that makes them disgusting and repulsive in your eyes. They look much the same as other human beings to me.

    • Each to his own. I would prefer to see Liz than the cheating lying parasites that reside in Parliament.

    • I am hesitant to comment, I objected once to one of these posts and got a load of abuse that went on all day, I blocked the people then and have nor will I ever unblock them. My simple sentence turned a tirade against me. I understand that some like these posts but I was born in Australia and they have no appeal for me

    • SAS have done well this week Alan, I’ve been waiting all week , this is the first item I think. It’s amazing how some people idolise these unelected, free loading people.

      • Judith  

        Actually, they’re not exactly freeloaders – they do bring in considerable revenue in a variety of ways & they do pay taxes…. just saying

    • My family came here in 1800’s The Royal family was not mentioned at home, we were well and truly Aussie’s by the time I was growing up. The only time I had any contact with the Royal Family was at school and they had a picture of the Queen on the wall, I just don’t feel any connection with them, they don’t even have the same accent as me

    • I am a French Australian,and when I became Australian, I had to swear allegiance to the Queen, something I had no trouble doing as I found her to be an admirable woman. I personally care not a hoot about her outfit or follow her in magazines and such, but the virulence against her puzzles me. She had done a very difficult job with grace and consistency…. as for her ‘revolting’ family..I wonder how many families would pass muster …living as they do under a microscope!

    • Muriel O’Hare The only problem with that argument is that you have to look at it first to know if you are going to like it or not

      • I am quite happy for Australia to become a Republic, but only when it’s decided how the President/Prime Minister will be elected and by whom. So far, all I can see is it will be as usual – JOBS FOR THE BOYS.

    • Libbi Elliot , I am so sorry to read you had that reaction from people here. I can look after myself online but it is sad to see that even on this excellent group there are a minority of people like that. Despite the nice folks I’ve encounterd here I will be leaving if the daily gushing posts about royals do not cease.

    • Thank you Alan it upset me at the time but I had support from lovely people like Victoria and several others but I came to within a hair breadth of leaving. You are right the majority here are lovely and that convinced me to stay xo

    • Alan Shanley I agree with you. However I just skip past the royal stuff and dont bother reading it – much more interesting stuff on the net than that.

    • I’m sorry too Libbi that you had a bad reaction and had to block people who were making nasty comments to you – I know we don’t have to read these posts but we are all entitled to voice our opinion without having to put up with personal attacks –

    • Jeanette Southam To skip past it first you see it. I wouldn’t mind an occasional post but the frequency and quantity here is ridiculous.

    • Hi Muriel O’Hare the images in the article are copyright and can only be used in text 🙂 the main image is copyright-free.

  3. I would ask why she kept it secret charles was humping the now duchess .before she got made a scape goat in FRANCE

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