Cosmopolitan shuts out Sonia Kruger with strong statement

Couple of months since she first dropped the bombshell about banning Muslims on Channel Nine’s Today Extra, the news of
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Couple of months since she first dropped the bombshell about banning Muslims on Channel Nine’s Today Extra, the news of Sonia Kruger being one of the nominees of the Cosmopolitan’s Women of The Year Awards dropped – with the September edition of the magazine featuring the awards hitting the stands this week.

However, the editor of the magazine Claire Askew has made a statement distancing the magazine from the TV personality, and confirming Ms Kruger’s comments were made after the nominees were selected.

“We went to press before she made those comments. She, 100 per cent, does not reflect the opinions of us or our readers but the comments were made afterwards,” Askew told The Sun-Herald.

“It was a bit of challenge that category,” she added. “But it reflects who the networks are putting forward on their big shows. It’s reflective of who the channels are putting forward as their TV presenters within the Cosmo demographic.”

Ms Askew admits there was a “big debate in the office” surrounding Ms Kruger’s inclusion.

“The fact is she’s one of the big TV presenters in Australia. We didn’t take her out because we thought she’s one of the big TV presenters and now it’s up to the readers to vote and whether she should be the winner or not,” she said.

“In the end I left it up to our readers to decide that and I trust them to choose the best woman who they think deserves the award.”

Despite the all-white TV presenter category, Askew is pleased with the overall nominees list, which, for the first time, will include a humanitarian award.

Kruger will go up a selection of other blonde-haired and blue-eyed personalities in her nomination for TV Presenter of the Year.

“It’s helped us have one of the most diverse nominees list so far in the awards history, we also have the first transgender women nominated in Margot Fink. Something we’re really proud to achieve with the awards is that we’re reflecting the diverse culture of Australia,” she said.

While their statements have made it clear that they did have the option of changing who the nominees were, they didn’t, and yet have made the statement distancing themselves from the TV host.

Do you think that’s fair?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    I don’t think that what Sonia believes in should affect her nomination. Totally unfair.

    • Lance Fishman  

      In the 1930s Time Magazine once proclaimed Hitler as their Man of the Year.
      Same logic I guess.

  2. Gay Long  

    Honestly Sonia only says what she feels as do probably 80% of people are already saying to each other – Very unfair of Cosmopolitan to do this.

  3. like everyone else in Australia she is entitled to her opinion. you are a bunch of wimps trying to act politically correctly, have some guts and don’t be so judgemental.

  4. Jean O'range  

    Why should it make any difference if she has an opinion different to some. She should be able to say how she feels without being classed as racist or anything else other than its how she feels. Not a Sonia fan but I think she has been bullied and still is being ,cosmopolitan get over yourselves. I would bet there are people working for your magazine with same opinion but are to scared of voicing them for fear of also being bullied.

  5. Vicki Hooper  

    From reading this it appears only Cosmopolitan is allowed to have an opinion

  6. Lorraine Delaney  

    Get over yourselves .. you have an opinion , she had an opinion and both parties have stated publicly what that opinion is. I’m not a Kruger fan but for heaven sake she never suggested we should line up and wipe out all Muslims at dawn (a desire shared by a lot of Australians these days). She said she was ‘scared’ and so am I – where is the hue and cry about some Muslims claiming they will take over OUR country, have us under Sharia Law, expect us to respect their religion and beliefs whilst (some) totally disrespect our beliefs and way of life. Everyone needs to stop being so thin skinned and politically correct.

    • Maria Dingjan  

      I couldn’t of expressed myself any better than you Lorraine. Thank you. All most Australians want is to be able to continue to live our lives our way and not be bossed around. I must say though, I do not like the Muslim women covering their faces. Showing your face is an identity and safety aspect. They can wear what they like otherwise and please assimilate and enjoy the Australian way of life and not try and convert us and take over or threaten us if we do not conform to the Muslim way of life.That will never be acceptable to Australians. Just likewise any religion, (which I prefer to think,of as an emotional virus, usually given to you by your parents), there are moderates and fundamentalists/fanatics.

  7. Mal  

    The world is full of cotton wool wrapped people. Gone are the days of being allowed an opinion. If you have an opinion we should be allowed to state it. Not every needs to agree with your opinion but you are allowed an option without being segregated or ridiculed.

  8. Hazel Evans  

    Going by the comments on here, Cosmopolitan has made a huge error. I join these people, in saying, this is grossly unfair. The editor Claire Askew from Cosmopolitan, is right, in saying, ‘Sonia Kruger does not represent 100% of the readers opinions’, but sure as heck, there would be more that agree with her views than disagree…..just read the comments for starters.

  9. heather  

    for goodness sake people should be able to say what they feel if people disagree well fine but this politically correct society we live in is just getting out of hand the magazine will hopefully lose readers because of their sanctimonious attitude as for anyone out there if you have a view on something just say it you will always have people with differing opinions and hopefully everyone will see that that is a good thing

  10. Virginia Baines  

    I would vote for Sonia because she voices her opinion , whether it is right or wrong is not the issue. She is a strong and brave women and there should be more women who are not afraid to step out of the politically correct way.

  11. Pete the Pirate  

    Seems to me that most of those commenting here view political correctness as some evil foisted on society… I view it for the most part as simply good manners. Like my old mum used to say “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

    • Sue Hayes  

      The explanation of this saying taught to us by my mum was involving the individual NOT an organisation, or group, or club etc. We were taught “if you can’t say anything nice about “someone” don’t say anything”. She also had another saying she used to say to us “sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you” Mum raised us to have strong beliefs in right and wrong and to stand up for our beliefs. I too am scared for our future generations if the infiltration by these people who want us to change and have NO intentions of assimilation into our society continues. Call me all the names you want I do NOT want any more Muslims bought into our country given full financial support and homes easily assigned etc. We should be helping the Christians they are persecuting to the wonderful freedoms we are privileged to live in.

      • Susan Bell  

        Bloody Hell, help the Christians, where have you been over the last two thousand years! Not all Christians are horrible, racist, cruel, homophobic people and the same applies to muslims. at 2 per cent of the population muslims are no threat and we are not being swamped. I have put up with cruelty and hatred from Christians all my life, why do you think they are special?

  12. Carmen Iglesias  

    I would not bother buying or reading a magazine that doesn’t believe in freedom of speech anyway.

    • Denis  

      That’s the answer Carmen – hit them in the pocket. Sonia has the right to her opinion.

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