Cory Bernardi to quit the Liberal Party

There have been rumours for months and now Cory Bernardi is set to walk away from the government.
The conservative senator is said to be on his way out.

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi is reportedly getting ready to quit the party and start his own conservative party after months of speculation.

The ABC is reporting Bernardi will quit the party within the next 48 hours and put in motion his plan to start his own competing offshoot to represent Australia’s right-wing voters.

Bernardi spent time in America last year and seems to have been influenced by the ground swell of nationalist politics there.

In his most recent newsletter, he wrote that it was time for Australia to get its priorities straight.

“Unfortunately there are too few in our body politic willing to take the path less travelled — a trustworthy track that has fallen out of use,” he said.

“For the sake of our nation, we must get back on track.”

After returning from the US last year, he said “politics in Australia needs to change”.

“My time in the USA has made me realise I have to be a part of that change, perhaps even in some way a catalyst for it,” he said.

“Exactly what direction that will take is still a work in progress but there is one thing of which I am certain — I hope you will embark on the journey with me.”

Bernardi has made headlines before over his ultra-conservative stance. He caused controversy with his anti-abortion stance, accusing some women of using abortion as “an abhorrent form of birth control” and called pro-choice advocates “pro-death”.

He was also slammed for sharing a link on social media to an article by a men’s rights advocate who said rape should be legal on private properties.

Aside from the controversy though, Bernardi’s stance rings true with a lot of voters who are fed up with the direction of Australian politics and want to see more people putting the needs of Australians first with tougher immigration policies, a bigger focus on Aussie businesses and a return to conservative governing.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you vote for Cory Bernadi’s new party? Do you agree with his views, or is he way off track?

  1. Brian Leslie  

    Ok…the abortion issue is, as all realise, a very sensitive one… However there is a solution that would put to rest ….IT’S MY BODY/MURDERING YOUR CHILD….cries
    Have the baby (no wait)..put the new born up for terminating an innocent life and the mother can sleep well at night knowing that she did not pull the trigger.. so to speak . The baby will live the life that it is destined to live…with all the love and comfort that the new parents will surely provide..

    • Eugene Thomas  

      Brian Leslie, how dare you have an opinion on this issue, your a man and we seem to have no rights in this arena. “It’s not your body, “you wouldn’t understand”. “You don’t have the right”. I, however fully agree with you. A comment made by a friend : its easy to decide if it’s not you being aborted. I have very big issues as to what is considered life. The child should be allowed to live.

      • Ailsa  

        I have never had an abortion but I had friends who have. It is never an easy decision. I would point out that the criticism is always towards the woman not to the man. Once you have had a child it is not easy to giveit up for adoption. Few of the people who are so anti abortion are keen to provide support for those children after they are born.

        • Jen  

          Well said you two women. How would a man know. Lots of them run away and leave the woman to fend for herself. Yes, how dare they even have an opinion !!

    • Rhonda Canberra  

      Apologies ahead of what I am about to say! Clearly this comment is written by a man. Firstly, there’s the pregnancy itself. The woman carries a growing fetus, then a a baby that, if she’s lucky may only weigh about 13kg, if she’s unlucky 19 – 24kg – in her womb, her own body protruding from the front of her! She shares her blood supply, her excretory organs, her respiratory supply – in fact everything she does she shares with the growing entity onside her. Then comes the birth! Sometimes as long as 17 – 20 hours or if she’s lucky that gruelling labour will be curtailed by a cesarian section – a big arcing cut under her bulging belly, then she’s sewn up! But it doesnt end there! Her breasts are swollen and leaking every couple of hours ready for a hungry mouth to fill. Now tell me, who wouldn’t want that!!! Men want sex, not babies, so women are always forced to make difficult! decisions

  2. Rosanne Newton  

    i would definitely support Cory. We need a change and more accountability in government. Common sense must prevail.

    • Wendy Delany  

      Rosanne, I couldn’t agree more. Malcolm Turnbull is all ego and no substance, and is bringing Australia down…rapidly. He has achieved nothing during his term as PM, and has always been divisive within the party, and untrustworthy. I would certainly vote for Cory Bernardi, and hope that a few others join him, such as Dutton and Abbott.

      • Bundy  

        Here’s a man that believes in small government and getting the government out of our day-to-day lives but still demands the right to tell Australians who they can marry! A drain on the public purse. He has achieved nothing; even less than Bronwyn Bishop, and THAT is an achievement. Of sorts.

  3. Margaret Wilkinson  

    I would never vote for this trouble maker. At least now Malcolm might not have to pander so much to the far right and can actually stand up for what he truly believes in. Long overdue. If Bernardi is thinking he can tag onto the Trump coat-tail of perceived discontent of existing parties, then perhaps charisma is missing!

  4. Ann  

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say, cannot wait for him & his cronies to go far away!

  5. Denise Knight  

    If I were a South Australian he’d get my vote. Being a Tasmanian I’m very much for Jacqui Lambie. The three main parties are permanently off my voting list.

  6. Guy Flavell  

    Good on you Cory Bernadi. I only hope that you can recruit many of the other 20 or so
    Liberal back-benchers who are equally dismayed as to the LNP’s inaction on really
    important matters like RET, the debt and deficit, tighter immigration control and free speech.
    I would love to see the Australian Conservatives in a parliamentary coalition with One Nation
    with you as its Leader and Pauline your deputy. I can now feel confident that the conservative
    ‘silent majority’ of Australian voters may truly have some hope for this country’s future.
    Roll on Cory … and give ’em heaps !!!

  7. maria anagnostou  

    Go Cory & give those other Libs “hell”.. Get rid of the most ineffective PM of all time & get the good guys from the Lib/NP to join you. Please, give Tony Abbott a chance also, if he is willing to join your party.

  8. Jen  

    Are we sure he wont end up like the rest of them, taking taking and not doing anything constructive. I for one, being a used to be liberal wont be voting for any of them ever again. When you see what goes on around the world and nothing gets done and we let the UN dictate to us, then why would you vote for anyone. Oh I might vote for Pauline in the long run though, will see.

  9. PETA Fitzsimmons  

    Good riddance!!!

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