Controversial radio host bans the Irwins from his show

Kyle Sandilands just can’t stay away from the headlines. Recently caught out having a dig at singer Adele, the shock

Kyle Sandilands just can’t stay away from the headlines. Recently caught out having a dig at singer Adele, the shock jock let rip after an interview with Bindi Irwin fell through at the last minute.

Sandilands wasted little time blaming Bindi’s publicist and threatened to ban the Irwin family from appearing on the radio show in the future.

“We were told 8 o’clock. I’ve changed the whole show around to allow Bindi on because I love the kid,” Sandilands says before taking aim. “Some dumb publicist has ruined it now.”

When it was confirmed that the reason for the change in plans was because a live television cross the 17-year-old was appearing on went late, Sandilands fumed.

“Dropped us for what? Do these idiots not realise we have more people listening to this than the whole audience watching the television? Stupid publicists.”

Sandilands co-host Jackie O agreed that the situation was “not good”.

“Irwins are now banned for life,” an angry Sandilands said.

However, Jackie O was quick to come to the defence of the teen.

“It’s not her fault. She wouldn’t even know about it,” she countered.

Word of the ban must have spread to the Irwins and it wasn’t long before Kyle and Jackie O were talking to Terri Irwin, Bindi’s mum.

Terri did her best to calm the storm that had erupted with Kyle saying, “No, no, no. We’re just trying to get the word out about Bindi turning 18 and set the record straight about all the great goss and it’s so exciting.”

When Bindi joined the conversation shortly after one could assume that the ban was definitely not going ahead.

Was Kyle’s response appropriate given most celebrities have multiple media commitments? How did you celebrate your 18th birthday?

  1. Lance Fishman  

    Who gives a rodent’s rectum?

  2. Avrina  

    I wouldn’t listen to his show. He is rude, arrogant, self opinionated and self loving. They should ban him for life not the Irwins. Surely the station has run out of dummies for him to spit by now

    • gil hampton  

      I agree that Kyle is a arrogant so and so. Rude and full of himself! Get him OFf the air!!

  3. Tammy  

    Kyle should be banned from radio. He’s a Moron

  4. Sandra  

    Well he’s a pig any way so I for one don’t listen to him he’s just rude and Bindi doesn’t need him

  5. Angie B  

    I never listen to his program, life is too short!

  6. Bruce Ruxton  

    When did you become the almighty.

  7. Brownie  

    Don’t give a damn about Bindi’s birthday or the rest of family

  8. Jean Manley  

    Cant stand any of them All they are doing is taking peoples And trying to look good

  9. Maxine jorgensen  

    Big baby thriwing a tanty boo hoo

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