More controversial calls for “no contraception, no dole” rule. What’s your take?

Former Labor minister Gary Johns has repeated his polarising calls for a “no contraception, no dole” rule. Mr Johns believes

Former Labor minister Gary Johns has repeated his polarising calls for a “no contraception, no dole” rule. Mr Johns believes this would prevent generations of Australians from relying on welfare, but his idea has been met with heated debate.

In a new book, Mr Johns argues that women on welfare should receive a contraceptive rod which is inserted into the arm. This reversible form of contraception is often called the ‘implanon’, and it prevents ovulation for up to three years.

“If someone is on an unemployment benefit, they should be looking for work not starting a family”, Mr Johns told A Current Affair this week.

“If someone’s on a parenting payment, perhaps because they are a single mum, they should be looking after existing children not having more children. And if someone’s on Youth Allowance, they’re a very young woman, they should be studying not starting a family”, he added.

Mr Johns’ idea has criticised by some commentators though. Feminist author Jane Caro said a “no contraception, no dole” rule places too much onus on women to conduct family planning. She is also worried about not paying welfare to families in need.

“We let them starve? We let them beg on the street, do we? How does this work? It’s the most appalling idea,” Ms Caro described on A Current Affair.

Public opinion is divided though. One Facebook user commented, “I’m all for finding a solution to the whole (idea of) ‘spend your life on the dole, raising kid after kid after kid on the taxpayers dollar.’ I think its sickening and it just creates generational welfare dependancy and a sub-class within our culture”.

Where do you stand in terms of this controversial idea? Should Australia implement a “no contraception, no dole” scheme? Or would this be unfair to women?

  1. I live in Canada but I certainly agree! If you can’t support yourself don’t bring a child into this world….

  2. I agree that there has to be a solution found to get long term dole recipients off welfare, however I’d love to know why it is always the Female’s responsibility and what is the answer for long term MALE recipients? Mr Johns needs a brain transplant if this is the only solution he can offer, jobs jobs jobs Mr Johns, where are they? There are simply not ENOUGH jobs to go around.

    • Men need to keep it in their pants then there would be no need for contraception

    • I agree Kolbi, the policy is sexist, women seem to get the raw end of the prawn all the way, men do the dirty deed then go on to lives their lives while women are left with the children and all the responsibility

    • And remember abortions cause cancer, so we can’t abort because they’re taking away free scanning for cancer

      • Robb Gee  

        You are right. We should take responsibility for our actions. But humans are irresponsible selfish beings and you know that’s not going to happen. Ask any thinking observant school teacher and they will tell you of the negative social effects on the children that are popped out of the money machine. Unfortunately there is no male pill yet otherwise I would be recommending ALL persons in social security should have an implant until they have held down a job for three years. It’s an economic fact that the more people who are in work the faster the economy grows so stopping the baby social security factories and introducing work for the dole would benefit us all. And remember, we seniors who have done our bit now have to beg for the support we are entitled to. Everybody wins on this proposition especially the poor little unborn child with no future and poor sense of self worth. And for the lefttards, women can be free to chose what happens with their bodies, but we shouldn’t be burdened by the cost of the choice. Even your hero Karl M would tell you that.

        • And mean don’t make these babies. Seems some people need to reminded of history. When men breed babies beat wives and let them without a cent. Kids were then taken from their mothers. Churches and governments made millions from it. They want to again. Also the millions of babies graves and women and young girls raped and beaten in special homes. That were only closed down in the 70’s lefttards with souls are better then right wing fascists. That are killing he soul and our nation

    • It takes TWO TO TANGO, and don’t forget it. Oh wait it must be immaculate conception, because I don’t see the fathers putting up their hand to take responsibility for the child’s care.

      • Anne Wolski  

        We live in a world that sees fathers as nothing more than a sperm donor. No matter how bad the mother is, she almost always gets custody of the child. Many of these ‘poor’ single mums choose to be that way and continue to keep having children to different dads in order to get welfare. I know of one woman who had 7 children to 5 different fathers. Its a great little cottage industry.

        • And mean don’t make these babies. Seems some people need to reminded of history. When men breed babies beat wives and let them without a cent. Kids were then taken from their mothers. Churches and governments made millions from it. They want to again.

    • Dawn Peterson what a sexist attitude you have, disgusting coming from a woman, men need to keep it zipped..but they don’t

    • Pregnancy nowadays is a choice. If you choose to have children it is your responsibility to support them. Contraceptives are readily available. What makes people think that some one else’s taxes should pay for your choice to continue having babies

    • As it was my post that started this conversation Mariane Hekman-Owen, I have NOT said that it is the TAXPAYERS responsibility to take care anyone’s children, I simply said it is not just the mothers to blame for the situation and that I’m sure there are other solutions that would be fair. If you don’t like my comment that is your prerogative, feel free to NOT comment.

      • Lynette  

        There seems to be a lot of people against this suggestion but I don’t see anyone here offering other suggestions. I myself think it’s not a bad idea after seeing so many younger women who could easily work but choose to have another baby instead just so they get the benefits. Unfortunately a lot of these children are not really wanted and go neglected and unruly end up committing crimes that cost the taxpayer more money.

        • Really and it’s only the poor that happens with. You really need to go speak to case managers. You have a lot of working families. Working Ng harder and longer making things once free out of reach. The kids have to be left at home. Without Childcare or parent. They are unsupervised. We made it that way with greed and capitalism.

      • Susan Bell  

        contraception fails, time and again so I guess we then must have abortion free and on demand. And if we were stupid enough to bring this into law, to make it fair we would have to have no GST on contraception ad free doctors visits to organise contraception. Honestly some people on this site are so judgemental, cruel not compassionate and have no empathy, it really shocks me how many cruel people respond to SAS articles.

    • I don’t and I won’t, you have a disgusting attitude, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THE WOMENS RESPONSIBILITY TO PREVENT A PREGNANCY ?????

      • Rachel  

        Because she’s the one left holding the baby/babies. He’s nicked off planting his seed in the next willing welfare dependent female.

    • Mariane Hekman-Owen you came onto Trish’s post, I can assure you that none of us would be bothered with you, not with that attitude, you make no allowance for women who cannot take the pill and others who do not take it for religeous reasons to force steralisation is turn Australia into communist China and even they have realised now it was a mistake

    • Trish, jobs are definitely the answer…people whinge about the elderly retiring early but it may be the way to creating jobs for the young. I’m an advocate for job sharing but unfortunately it hasn’t taken off because employers don’t want the extra “paperwork” it involves….however in the long run productivity is up… we also need more children to replace us older peeps. It can all be dobe if governments and businesses get their acts together and if imports have higher taxes so peiple buy Australian. ..

      • Ok but where are all these jobs coming from? No country has 100% employed and no new jobs have been created here. Even the governments own site that ABS acknowledges that fact.

    • I don’t know of any simple appropriate implant that could be used on males. Perhaps that’s why it appears females are being targeted.

    • Women control conception not men. They know or at least should know that if you have unprotected sex you run a risk of getting pregnant. Women are supposed to be in control of what happens to their bodies. We’ll take control.

      • That’s rubbish. It’s just as cheap for guys to wear and carry conforms. Some women can’t use contraception. People really have to get with the times. This is the 21st century not the 18th

    • Graeme contraception is not always 100% affective ( any fool knows that) & why should it be up to the woman?..there are just as many ways a man can take control these days, why shouldn’t they take precautions as well, you sound very sexist.

    • I can answer that one Lyn because either some of them lazy or don’t CARE how many babies they father, until the child support agency catches up with them.

    • You can buy condoms in the supermarket so is easier for men. Women have to go see a doctor for the pill. Seems to me men are the lazy ones.

    • Graeme Armiger, that is a very sexist attitude, however they all so know they can contract AIDS by having unprotected sex. It time some MEN realised there are consequences for having unprotected sex, AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES.

    • When the Childcare agency catches up with them they hide their income, cry poor and get away with paying nothing.

    • I agree Lee, I had a friend years ago when she got divorced her husband told her he would never support her or THEIR 3 children and when the child support agency court up with him, he threw in his job and went to another state.

    • There are jobs if people are prepared to do anything, but a lot of people are not, thats simple they are just lazy.

    • Shirley Sanson you need to do some research because a few days ago on the news they said there are approximately 160,000 jobs available across Australia and 700,000 people looking for jobs, so obviously there is a huge short fall of jobs.

    • Lyn Bradford, exactly how is Graeme Armiger being sexist? I for one would not trust a man with birth control. We women do have control of our bodies, as all gung ho women have demanded!

  3. When an unemployed couple with 4 children again become pregnant you have to wonder how responsible they are! Our children and grandchildren will be taxed into poverty and welfare themselves to cover the cost of this rising welfare mentality!

    • I agree, but it should be after 2 children, is fair enough, specially women having lots of children with all different fathers, how responsible is that, not only for mothers but also the fathers, I feel for the poor kids.

    • They aren’t being responsible at all. If I were in that situation years ago, the last thing I would have wanted was another mouth to feed.

    • Let’s face it a lot of it boils down to laziness on the female’s part…they don’t want to work, why should they when they can get paid and stay at home and ‘play’ familes!

    • A lot of is selfishness on the male’s part. Get the girl pregnant, (notice no wedding) have 3 or 4 kids, don’t have to work, get gift cards to pay for cigarettes & what passes as food, spend our taxpayers money (centrelink payments) on drink & or drugs. Sweet…… got it made!

    • Lee Horrocks Hmm I don’t think it would be allowed in China. it would be work or starve.

    • Agree. Lived opposite a haji and every ten months a child was born to the couple. The man never worked, naturally the wife never worked and they saved enough money to holiday in Lebanon. We sure are the lucky country especially if you are a bludger.

  4. Will it be provided free and will they provide instructions on how to use it ? If still fall pregnant, what will be the results then ? Welfare I a joke. Stop this idiocy ( sic ) !

  5. People should be able to decide whether or not they want children and if so, how many. They should also be in a position to provide for them. Welfare is an entitlement not a right..

    • It isn’t an entitlement either. We’re lucky to have welfare. Many countries don’t.

    • Welfare is an entitlement..and is given to those who meet the criteria for welfare assistance. Yes, we are very lucky in Australia that welfare is provided to those in need.Thankfully, I have never needed government assistance but know many who have. Children however should be the responsibility of parents, not government.

    • The government encouraged people to have more children when they said one for you, one for your partner and one for the country

    • Kathy the government was talking about married couples. Where do you think the money is coming from. My sons had 2 children each as that is all they could afford. Yet I know of young girls near me, one 2 children before she was 18, 2 different fathers. One 6 children, 5 different fathers, 2 12 months apart, another 8 children in 9 years. Come on

  6. I think it was law in Uk that anyone can make one mistake. That’s ok..but after that it’s your responsibility and you have to support them. There is only one foolproof way to not getting pregnant and that is to not have sex.

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