Comparisons drawn between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump’s bid for presidency has caused controversies, with the Huffington Post reporting that he is using racism and xenophobic rhetoric’s to
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Donald Trump’s bid for presidency has caused controversies, with the Huffington Post reporting that he is using racism and xenophobic rhetoric’s to appeal to the worst fears American’s hold in order to gain support.

Although this tactic has won the support of white supremacist groups, some are using his rhetoric to draw similarities between him and German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Recently Mr. Trump, current Republican presidential front runner, released a statement calling for a “complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”.

These comments have been met with extreme backlash from Democrats, Republicans and political leaders around the world.

The Daily Telegraph reports that a spokesperson for the Council on America-Islamic Relations has compared his attitude to Nazi rhetoric from the 1930s saying, “sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours”

Christine Todd Whitman, former New Jersey Republican Governor, has compared Mr. Trump’s comments to those of Hitler’s in the lead up to World War II, during an interview with CNN.

“If you read your history in the lead-up to the Second World War this is the kind of rhetoric that allowed Hitler to move forward” she said.

Furthermore, Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, accused Mr. Trump of taking “a page from the play book of Hitler.” The Telegraph reports that he said Trumps comments “engenders a level of fear mongering that we have not seen literally since the 1930s and 1940s.”

American comedian Bill Maher has also made a scary comparison between presidential hopeful Donald Trump and German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Huffington Post reports that Maher learned Mr. Trump may keep a volume of Adolf Hitler’s speeches at his bedside, and has made these comparisons on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

He added subtitles over one of Hitler’s speeches with a Trump-like sound.

“Thank you, thank you. We are going to make Germany great again, that I can tell you, believe me,” the subtitles read. “Germany doesn’t win anymore. England, France America — they’re laughing at us,” the subtitles read.

However, Independent reports that some have disputed the comparison saying that his behaviour does not meet the dictionary definition of fascism. Dov Wilker, the Director of the American Jewish Committee in Atlanta said, “There is no way to justify what he said, but to compare the two, I think minimises what the Nazi regime did and I think provides Donald Trump with another avenue for his remarks.”

Robert Paxton, History professor of Columbia University, told CNN that he could understand why some might point out similarities of the two but ultimately Mr. Trump is not a fascist.

“He’s good at making astonishing speeches that make people sit up and take notice,” he said “Hitler and Mussolini – no one had ever seen public rallies like the meetings they’d have”.

Tell us your thoughts?

Here is the comedic clip from Bill Maher’s show, “Real Time with Bill Maher”:

  1. Dianne Evans  

    That was very funny ! Seems to me Don appeals to the worst and meanest of us that is why he is scary!

  2. Kathy Bethell  

    seriously guys – he is such a threat that all we hear is the biased negative comments. If you do your own research you will find there is a different side to Mr Trump – Im not the hugest fan but the more support he gets the nastier the comments get. Have you looked at his policies in detail, his work history etc? I’m sick of the rude,negative and demeaning comments. Politics does NOT have to be like this and the more we believe this stuff the more we will get to see it.

    • Vikki Marsh  

      The only opinion I have formed is based on the disgusting comments that come out of Trump’s own mouth. I have absolutely no wish whatsoever to bother reading policies or plans of this inhuman entity. Words like PIG, SHARK and other are just too good for him and an insult to living creatures

  3. He is not as intelligent as Hitler obviously because Hitler had a huge majority of people in Germany supporting him when he first came to power and only started down the road of racism and warfare after he was firmly ensconced in power. Trump has been a racist warmonger from the start.

  4. Joan Miller  

    Don’t the American people have any dignity at all. This creature is the worst thing to ever happen to America. If he is elected God help the American people because he will be the only one who can help them.

  5. I saw his comparison to Hitler very early.
    He is a bigot and a racist and he is clever enough to know how to appeal to the Masses…
    He is the most dangerous man since Hitler.
    Trump could destroy our peace, in the Western World….

  6. Trump is appealing to the rednecks in America by playing on their fears and using his celebrity status to get the “Kardashian” followers in. God help us all if Americans are stupid enough to vote this crude, dangerous person into office. Imagine what might happen if he gets the likes of Kim Jon Il off-side (that wouldn’t be hard) and falls out with Putin? Apparently Putin likes Trump, obviously because he can see how weak America would be to allow Trump into the Presidency.

    On the social side, can one imagine the Queen inviting Trump and his surgically re-arranged wife to the palace as serious political leaders? Contrast the dignified, stately Barack Obama, his beautiful classy wife and lovely daughters with Trump, his afore-mentioned wife and murderous hunting sons. Is there any reasonable comparison?

  7. We are asking the wrong question. Should the international community interfere with American politics? I believe we should! He appears to attract the least educated, the most vindictive and the most biased of America’s population. He is a meglamaniac! He is DANGEROUS! We should all pray that tha American people see the light. And so it is

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