Coles announces drastic measures to win back customers

When shopping for groceries, home brand prices are always a major draw, and if those prices are being slashed, it

When shopping for groceries, home brand prices are always a major draw, and if those prices are being slashed, it can only be a good thing.

In the latest development in the supermarket wars, Coles has today announced cuts of up to 25 per cent on 145 everyday Coles Brand products, with everything from mud cake, pasta sauce and shredded cheese to sandwich bags, and sunscreen getting the chop.

Wraps, rolled oats and copy paper have all been heavily discounted, contributing to a doubling in the number of products on “every day low pricing” since the beginning of this calendar year, according to the Wesfarmers-owned Coles.

“Moving almost 1000 Coles brand products to Every Day pricing is the biggest price promise we’ve ever made to our customers,” Coles managing director John Durkan said.

While he says that it was important for their products to be more affordable, and that’s why they have dropped the price on these products, “giving our customers real savings at the checkout” one can’t help but wonder if this is a ploy to squeeze Woolworths to match these prices. This announcement by Coles comes in the wake of Woolworths being in a transition phase with its private label product, after axing its Select range.

According to retail analysts, Coles’ focus on private label lines for its latest price push is also targeting Aldi shoppers. However, Coles claims the reductions are consistent with its value strategy.

What do you think about these supermarket price wars?

  1. Stephanie Cocks  

    I don’t think I will be changing where I shop.
    Not quite sure about this, CHEESE is poking me in the eye……
    Is this going ti be another ‘MILK’ story down the track?
    When will they bring back Primo ready cooked Roast Beef, hasan’t been available at my/Cheltenham/S.A. Coles for ages, I KNOW they are flogging their $8 chickens, but I would like some beef from time to time.

    • Yes.. Those ready cooked beef
      are no longer available at the Ballina store either. Poor form Coles! Only cooked chicken available .. Requests are being denied for the beef.
      Australian products are also being reduced. Home brand are taking over. Choices are becoming hard to find .. What are you up to Coles? Not happy!

  2. Caz  

    The supermarket wars are great for consumers, I check the specials brochures each week and purchase the best buys that I need from both, I do however support our local butcher and fruit and veg shop, as these little family owned business are becoming extinct.

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    This will not make any difference to me either. I want the brand names brought back. Will not buy COLES brand products. This is causing more trouble for our farmers, etc. BRING BACK BRAND NAMES, every time I go to find something I use to buy is either no longer available or in Coles name, not happy. I would rather shop at Aldi as I know there products are excellent and better quality then Coles, Woolworths and also cheaper.
    I cannot justify that Washing Powders are so highly priced to Aldi’s when ACA did the report a couple of weeks a go about Washing Liquid and Powder at Aldi topped the list for washing the cleanliness. Very true as White sheets go yellow but this time white sheets again.

    • Y Plunkett  

      Totally agree with all you said, I dislike having Coles brands pushed on to you and not having the choice of brands that I used to be able to buy.

  4. We will be giving Coles another chance to do our shopping because I believe they are this time thinking about their customers.

    • Denny Rosey  

      Coles and Woolworths don’t give a toss about our market gardeners and other suppliers. The milk wars are one example. We can’t go along with cheaper prices when Coles & Woolworths make massive profits but suppliers suffer.

  5. Sandra Rechichi  

    I do not think people realise that when “prices are slashed” supermarkets still need to meet increased profits expectations, so the ones who pay for these lower prices are the employees. It is they that have their hours slashed, their work-load increased and their working conditions compromised. As consumers and shareholders, are we really accepting that those who provide service are treated as slaves? No wonder many of them feel undervalued and frustrated.

  6. Lyn Leeon  

    I’m lucky where i shop i have all 3 grocery stores,Coles, Woolworths & Aldi in the one place (Sunnybank Hills Shopping Centre/Brisbane). I buy what i want/need from either store. Always do better in Coles than Woolworths. My main grocery shopping day consists of 50% Coles, 45% Aldi and 5% Woolworths.

  7. Yvonne  

    We have shopped at Coles for 43 years.I have seen so many changes over the years. I find that cleaning products, washing powders are crazy prices. I have started buying these from Aldi. They delete items which we have been buying which is frustrating. I still prefer Coles to Woolworths.Coles bakery lines could be improved and the bakers should be consistent with the bread, one time they are huge and other times half the size. Sadly we have seen our local coles fish supplies diminished, with a lot of imported products same with the deli range.

  8. Jeannie Bliss Foye  

    I live on a budget and shop wher I can to get good products and price cuts I am your woman! Make it fun when cash is short gloat on savings that I sought and bought

  9. Penny  

    Coles need to do more than lower prices! They could start with more convenient parking in regional centres other than across a busy road where I live which is impossible to cross with a heavy trolley for elderly people, coping with gutters. The very small parking area near the store is impossible to find a spot in and then there is the long haul to the end of the plaza to Coles.

  10. Terri Rice  

    So pleased Aldi has finally opened in W.A. – been to 2 of the stores so far – what a difference in prices to the other 2 majors , Coles & Woollies. Aldi opening has sent these other 2 into panic attack, scrabbling to retain their market share. Customers will shop with their wallet – not fancy advertising jingles that we all pay for in the long run. So far I have found Aldi products to be good quality & great value. They might not stock all products required but what they have provides a tremendous saving on the shopping bill. Couple this with our Spudshed for all fruit & veg. & suddenly living expenses in W.A. are much more reasonable.
    Thank you Aldi & Spudshed.
    Too little too late Coles & Woollies – customer loyalty is built through good service & prices, not complacency of ownership of the market field while ripping off both suppliers & customers to feather the bottom line profit margin.

    • Bridget  

      I agree. Wish we had an Aldi store in Moree so I didn’t have to travel a fair distance to benefit from Aldi shopping.

  11. Eleanor Fitz  

    I also have serious concerns about the Woolworths and Coles price reductions which means in the first instance suppliers are being screwed with ever increasing downward returns for their products or worse new contracts to provided cheaper house brand labelling only. Employees are being screwed with increasing casualisation and reduced hours and upwardly increasing work loads and more and more self service check outs.
    I will not do self service checkout because I cannot see where my doing their employees work for them results in any any discounting for me.
    The government allowed to enter the Australian market as a business partnership so they have a lesser taxation base for their operations – not a level playing field.

    As a consumer I alternate mostly between Woolworths and Coles with occasional Aldi purchases mostly from the centre aisle

    • Sue Burns  

      I agree. If the prices are cheaper what is happening to the supplier? I only buy Australian brands when I can. And always buy fruit and vegies from the grocer otherwise before long there wont be any.

    • Denny Rosey  

      Agree! Coles and Woolworths have been ruthless to farmers and suppliers to the point they barely make a decent living. Home brand goods often sub-standard so false economy. I gave away shopping at Coles and Woolworths when the milk wars started and now shop at privately owned supermarkets and always small greengrocers etc.

  12. Maureen  

    I worry that if they do this are they going to screw manufacturers and farmers again like they have done to our dairy farmers. I am on an age pension and really struggle financial but I will go without a treat rather than buy homebrand milk, cheese and cream.

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