Clive Palmer described as a ‘hero’, and the reason will appal you

After laying off workers at Queensland Nickel last week, Clive Palmer has been described as a “hero” by his company.

After laying off workers at Queensland Nickel last week, Clive Palmer has been described as a “hero” by his company. It’s a bizarre comment which has left some voters wondering, has Clive well and truly lost touch?

Queensland Nickel donated more than $20 million to the Palmer United Party (PUP) over the last two years. Despite these hefty donations, the mining operation laid off 240 workers last week.

To add insult to injury, Queensland Nickel’s managing director has praised Clive Palmer for investing his own money into the refinery before Christmas.

“Make no mistake, Clive Palmer is a hero and the people of north Queensland should be happy that he intervened and put his money at risk”, said Clive Palmer’s nephew, Mr Mensink.

However, voters have criticsed Clive Palmer for prioritising political donations above his own employees. One Facebook user said, “Clive Palmer doesn’t give a damn about his workers. They are there to enable him to be in Parliament”.

Are you shocked that Queensland Nickel donated millions to PUP, even though workers were laid off? Can you believe that Clive’s company is trying to paint him as a “hero”?

  1. Sadly Clive has put his own failing Political career ahead of his workers, I can’t honestly see Clive winning a seat at the next election , his motivation for entering Parliament has always been self interest. Shame Clive shame

    • He kept them employed for 6 years longer than BHP would have. Big companies pay much larger donations to the Liberal Party and still close down work sites whenever they want to but that’s quite OK. You won’t see the ABC or other news pointing out their workplace failings.

    • Leone and in that 6 year period he has purchased and almost destroyed Coolum, many of the owners of villa’s are taking him to court. he has bought a bevy of fake dinosaurs, that nobody much see’s. He has 5 luxury jets and a stable of luxury cars and how do we know that he kept the workers on longer..because Clive said? and I just listened to Clive say that on the ABC !! I also listened as he called himself a hero 🙂

    • he never changed my mind and if he was so correct why would he not let the Queensland Government examine his book when he wanted a guarantee for a loan ?

    • BHP will be the next big company to lay off workers, they are in serious trouble after the disaster they caused in Brazil, they still haven’t cleaned up the mess they made in Mexico.

    • Add to that, they wanted to drill for oil in the great Australian bight, thank god the government knocked them back on that one.

    • tell this to the farmers who are ruining our artisain basin fracking that is’nt Clive palmer & think he has other mining interests which are profitable so how about blaming the chinese who decided to buy the nickel else where & that was in pay back because the court case went against them

    • Lyn Layfield while your at it why not blame the whole bloody world, what about Palmer he is the employer where are his responsibilities to his employee’s?

  2. The word hero does not come to mind when I look at Clive, he is over indulgent at the expense of those around him. I feel sorry for the workers and their families

  3. don  

    just another rich wanker that doesn’t give a rats about anyone but himself BOO BOO!!

  4. Clive is just another rich Liberal supporter who wanted something for nothing, he got into Parliament to make sure he got his own way, out went the mining tax and the Carbon tax , 2 things that were bringing money to the Government and helping Australia, no matter how small the amount. He is NO hero, he is just another rich person sucking off the teat of Australia.

  5. To call this man a hero is an insult to all the true heroes in our society such as those brave fire fighters tackling the recent horrendous fires. Using hero to describe him cheapens the word and its meaning!

    • You are comparing chalk and cheese. Each do what they have to. Since when have heroes of industry and hero fire fighters ever been compared?. Governments beg and crawl and offer up our hard earned taxes to get foreign business to come to Australia. If they are prepared to pay billions per year in tax concessions and fuel subsidies to keep Rio Tinto and BHP operating here, why is an Australian company that received nothing from us whatsoever not as entitled? Big business retrench the workforce as soon as their profits lower.Big business donate big money to their chosen Party. Apparently that’s all quite OK for foreigners but not for an Australian company. Yeah Right!

    • The issue is the use of the word hero. Clive Palmer is not a hero. Heroism implies self sacrifice and a willingness to risk life and limb to protect others. As I said using the word hero to describe that man cheapens it and demeans it. It is also an insult to those who truly deserve that description.

  6. I fail to comprehend why ASIC has not investigated Palmer’s companies amid claims by his Chinese “partners” that he has defrauded them & if he is a billionaire, why request assistance from the government !!!

    • Totally agree , if he’s a billionaire why does he need assistance from the goverment , sell some of ur investments and put the workers first .

    • Billionaire companies in Australia do whatever they want closing down any site not making the profit level they want. They make million dollar payments to the Liberal Party to get whatever they want. Why is Clive’s party any different?

    • It’s not very different. Doesn’t make it right. (Apart from the fact that Clive himself is an MP – I am having trouble seeing how that is not a conflict of interest – Members of the House of Representatives are there to represent citizens and promote their welfare not vested interests regardless of who the latter is).

    • Fran Matlock  

      Exactly Rsemary, I know I live in Fairfax, he has nothing in or for this electorate.
      I would’ve surprised if he has ever put a foot inside his electorate office,!

  7. Clive has put himself and his needs ahead of his employees, I think we would all agree that Clive as a Politician was and is a huge mistake. 250 jobs may or may not have been salvaged, I guess we will never know. However it is obvious to me he doesn’t care so long as he tries to save his own neck as a PATHETIC POLITICIAN, which won’t happen.

    • Please name any other company operating in Australia that doesn’t put profit ahead of their employees? Why is it not news when very large companies sack people while still continuing to donate to the Liberal Party?

    • Get off your soap box Leone O’Sullivan, I have read your comments this morning and your looking for an argument you are not going to get from me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even you.

  8. Nothing about Clive Palmer shocks me. He is Australia’s answer to Donald Trump. God help us.

    • What shocks me is the huge amounts of concessions foreign companies get from the government and they still retrench as soon as their profits drop and they still pay large donations to their preferred Party but that apparently is not newsworthy. An Australian owned company takes on a failing company and keeps workers employed for 6 years longer than the previous owners who deserted them and that Australian company and its owner are roundly condemned My town has lost 2,000 workers in the last few years from one foreign owned company and yet not one word of condemnation has been printed. Wonder who they donate their profits to???.

  9. Hero OMG, who is calling him that seriously – he is just another rich bloke wanting more and more power – who would vote for him anyway.

    • It’s only his nephew calling him that, and he’s on Clive’s payroll so of course he’d suck up. 😡

    • Who on earth were the people that did vote? What were they thinking? I do hope they’re wiser now 😳

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