Christopher Pyne happily talks about how much he loves spending taxpayer money

While most of us are wishing the election campaign would just end, Christopher Pyne is saying he wants it to

While most of us are wishing the election campaign would just end, Christopher Pyne is saying he wants it to keep going.

This week Bill Shorten officially launched his Labor campaign after 7 weeks of billing the costs to the Australian people. Malcolm Turnbull is yet to officially launch his and therefore get off the public purse.

As a Liberal minister, Mr Pyne’s jubilation at being a part of the campaign has come at the wrong time – he may have wanted to save it for when the PM decides to start funding it himself.

Christopher Pyne told the TODAY Show this morning: “I don’t want it to end. It’s the best time of my life”.

“I love the campaign!”

His co-interviewee Anthony Albanese said the opposite and that he couldn’t wait for it to be over.

The two discussed the privatisation of Medicare and the front cover of the Daily Telegraph that said “Billnocchio”. Mr Pyne said Australians don’t want a prime minister who’s a liar, whilst Mr Albanese said it was just another case of the Telegraph making sensationalist right-wing headlines.

Mr Albanese said there was a controversial divide in Australian politics and that “the conservative forces in this country don’t support” public health, education or broadcasters. Mr Pyne assured viewers there was no plans to privatise Medicare, for starters.

Tell us, do you think Chris Pyne shouldn’t have been so enthusiastic considering the PM’s campaign is being paid for by us? Or is he just trying to enhance the mood?

  1. [email protected]  

    Poor old Christopher Pyne think the Libs have kept him locked in a cupboard since the first week of the election campaign. I think he is probably an embarrassment to his party with all the gaffs he makes.

    • June Kierce  

      Pprissy Chrissy should stick to his knitting.

  2. June Kierce  

    Prissy Chrissy should stick to his knitting.

  3. Make no mistake if Tony Abbott had gotten away with the changes to GP practices billing and item consultation times medicare would be gone by now and public hospital outpatients would have queues out the door.
    All the IMG would have gone back to Asia and Ozzie GP’s would have followed them off shore.

  4. Peter  

    Give Pyne what he wants, don’t vote for him then he will be able to campaign every day and make him fiscally responsible by stopping him spending tax payers money.
    A side benefit will be we won’t have to put up with the Pyne wyne!

  5. Rob Ozanne  

    Never did like the arrogant prick !

  6. Gloria J Holland  

    Christopher Pyne, you are so arrogant!! You tend to conveniently forget that as an elected member of Parliament you are Employed by the Australian people to be fiscally responsible (do you & your cronies know what that means??), therefore it behooves you to behave responsibly and not ‘party’ at our expense!! Quite frankly, you have once again just told the Australian people you are in politics not for the betterment of Australia and her constituents but for the lining of your own pockets!!

  7. Ian wright  

    If i apply for a job i pay all own costs so seeing we are paying for their job applications it should be taxed as fringe benefits and eithervthey or the party pay for it after all they are not really working the public servants run the country to these highly paid unskilled people its just a junket

  8. Truth 13  

    Can anyone remember a Liberal leaders ever telling the truth. John Hewson got caught pants down, trying to lie about GST. John Howard lied about “Never never GST, Tony Abbott lied “No cuts to Schools, No cuts to Hospitals, No cuts to ABC, NO cuts to SBS etc. etc. Now Malcolm Turn the Bull, & his disciples are saying “Medicare will never be privatised”. If what they say is true, why did they do the following: Is it to waste the Tax Payer money ?.
    1. They started an official taskforce to develop the plan, put money in the Budget for the taskforce, and made recommendations for how to prepare for the sale.
    2. They gave a big consulting firm $5 million to start the sale – and it got expressions of interest in the privatisation of Medicare from big banks, telecommunications companies, and even Northrup Grumman, a multi-national security company.
    3. They asked the Productivity Commission to do a report on how to privatise service delivery including Medicare and used America as an example.
    This all comes on top of cuts to our hospitals, a GP Tax by stealth and making people pay for vital medical tests.
    Turnbull also wanted to increase the GST to 15%, and wanted the State Governments to introduce Taxing people.
    Why did Turnbull dissolved both houses of the Parliament. Because he could never get those laws pass, without a Liberal majority in the Senate. So, he went for the “KILL”., trying to win both houses, to be a dictator & do anything he wants to do. No tax cuts to poor, but $50 billion to Banks & big business. Why not give that $50 Billion to the older retired voters, who paid all taxes for 30 to 40 years, and now retired with very low income. People who paid taxes, made “an advance payment” for their futire needs, are now to be denied a Pension, Medicare & Aged care. WHY. PAY IT BACK, IF THE GOVERNMENT CAN’T PROVIDE THEM. I have a message for older voters. 32% of the voters are 60 years & older. With the voting students, it goes over 35%. Get together, to teach these ungrateful politicians, treating the people who build the country, paid taxes, and the next generation a future, very shabbily. Together, they can make the politicians to RUN. Time to wake up, & be counted.

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