Christmas thieves target Bert and Patti Newton in heartless crime

Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration, but Bert and Patti Newton have been left shaken after thieves
The couple have been the victims of a robbery.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration, but Bert and Patti Newton have been left shaken after thieves broke into Patti’s car and stole all of her Christmas gifts for her loved ones.

The heartless crime happened in her home city of Melbourne where there has been a spate of car robberies lately.

Patti was speaking to 3AW when she revealed the burglars had broken into her car and made away with a number of personal items and sadly all of her Christmas presents.

“I thought ‘gee my car is a bit messy, I never leave my car like that,’” she told the radio station.

“I looked around and realised my pass for 3AW had gone, my E-tag, sunglasses, perfume.

“Then I remembered … I did all my shopping, wrapped it, put it in the boot, put them in bags and when I went to the boot there was nothing there.”

Bert and Patti have four grandchildren and their gifts, along with those for their two children, where in the back of the car.

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Patti said she had just finished all her Christmas shopping as she’s performing at the Knox Christmas Carols this week and had to get it all done before then.

“Nobody was hurt, you’ve got to take the good with the bad I guess,” she said.

“You feel as though it’s awful that someone has been in your car and touched all your things.”

At a time of year when we are supposed to be coming together and spreading the love and joy it’s sad to hear there are those out there who want take advantage of others and just think about themselves.

Have you ever been robbed? Do you have a message for Patti and Bert?

  1. Nathaniel  

    They’d be insured?
    If not, pretty dumb!
    Also why were gifts, & other valuables’ still in car?
    Had they just packed it, ready to ‘go’?
    Why didn’t car have an ‘Alarm System’ fitted?

    I’ve nothing, & I do mean NOTHING in my car’s cabin or boot, at anytime!
    Also have Alarm fitted, & immobiliser, for extra advantage.

    • Carmel  

      Just finished shopping perhaps? You who is so perfect.

      • Nathaniel  

        If so, she’d be in the car, or unpacking it at home.
        Don’t they have a secured garage, in which to store car, & unpack from there?

        Your snide last sentence is typical of someone who’s not the brightest……..

        And BTW, I’ve never had anything stolen from my car, as I use what’s called ‘common sense’!
        So I’m pretty perfect, actually!

    • ray  

      Nathaneil seems to think if you have something in your car unprotected by swat and asio it is ok for some low life ice addict to break in and take what is yours.grow up

      • Nathaniel  

        Maybe you should read my post again, as your reply is nonsensical!
        BTW, if you wish to denigrate what I’ve written, at least be courteous enough to spell my name in the correct way!

    • Heather  

      Why have a boot if you never use it? Alarms are a waste of time everyone ignores them and immobilisers only stop the amateurs. Be careful about being so complacent and smug you might be hit by the Karma bus.

      • Nathaniel  

        There’s no need to be such a ‘smarta@&$’, as YOU don’t know what my car’s got, for security, in ways’ I’ve NOT mentioned!

        Your last sentence only advises what a deads@&$ you are…………

  2. Sandra Miller  

    I feel for them, it’s that horrible feeling of violation. We had a robbery some years ago and it wasn’t just what they took but knowing they had been though all of my personal things. The robbers we had took some irreplaceable things such as grandfathers war medals which I think hurt more than anything else.

  3. Carole Sweeny  

    I feel their pain… house was broken into and among many things taken that could be replaced was my fathers coin collection that he had been collecting since a boy in the early 1900’s, and a camera that had photos of my daughters 21st and engagement to her fiancé who had recently been killed in a road accident…..irreplaceable….😡😔

  4. Frank conar  

    It might have been Mathew up to his old tricks!!!!!!

    • Bob Malcolm  

      That’s a bit below the belt of a comment To make Frank Conar

  5. Gloria  

    Why did she leave these things visible for people to see in her car? You are asking for trouble.

    • Heather  

      Must have been superman to see the things in the boot!

  6. Jane  

    , Just asking for trouble.I can not believe people leave valuables in their car.

  7. Sandra White  

    Gee, nice to see everyone has caught the spirit of the season!

  8. Phyllis Melville  

    Not many people have a see through boot. So they couldn’t see in. Just rifled through. Also most people leave their etag adhered to their windscreen. Can’t see Patti did anything that most others do. Scumbags. Just pray for Karma.

  9. Marnie  

    Does Patti have a hatch-back type car, where there’s not a fully-sealed off separate proper ‘boot’?
    Where was her car parked? In her drive-way? Was it unlocked?

    Opportunistic thieves’ are on the ‘lookout’ for ‘easy steal’ items’ these days’, to fuel their various drug addictions’.

    One has to take high-end precautions’ about EVERYTHING these days’.
    Such has daily ‘life’ become in this mad world.

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