Christians are arming themselves: what is the world coming to?

In the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, which has now been confirmed as an act of terrorism, it seems it’s not

In the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, which has now been confirmed as an act of terrorism, it seems it’s not just ISIS that’s arming itself for war. But to what end will this arms race come?

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of a Christian university in the US, the campus president urged students to carry concealed weapons on campus so they could fight back in the event of an armed attack.

President Jerry Falwell Jr told the students, “I’ve always thought if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walked in.

“Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here!”

The president’s call to arms was met with rousing applause from the audience, and he advised students to take the free class offered by campus police to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

He told the media that he was now carrying a gun while at work, reports Time.

“If anything we need more people with concealed carry permits,” he said.

Meanwhile, the state representative for Nevada has posted her family Christmas picture, in which her two daughters and their husbands, her mother and grandchildren pose with their imposing weapons.

The Republican politician is the third from the left in the picture below and above. She is a long-term advocate of automatic weapons and her five-year-old grandson Jake, holding a Walther P22, is just five years old.

It’s up to Americans to protect America. We’re just your ordinary American family.-With love & liberty, Michele

Posted by Michele Fiore on Monday, November 30, 2015

Interestingly, the father of the San Bernardino shooter told an Italian newspaper his family was anti-guns.

Mr Farook recalled a time when he’d seen his son with a gun. “I became angry. ‘In 45 years in the United States,’ I yelled: ‘I have never had a weapon.’ He shrugged his shoulders and replied: ‘Your loss,’.”

“I cannot forgive myself. Maybe if I had been at home, I would have found out and stopped him,” he said, according to CNN.

What would you do if you were living in the US? Would you want to carry a gun or would you stay away from them?

  1. Everybody arm yourselves now. Your paranoia is real – they are out to get you! You need more guns, bigger guns, smaller hidden guns, guns that can fend off armies, guns you can shoot attackers with before they know you are there, guns that can deal with armour, hand grenades, anti-tank guns, personal hand held nukes …

    • Interestingly I was talking to a yank on line last night, he’s all for everyone having a gun on their hips. Scary stuff

    • It’s midnight, there’s a loud crash at the back of your property in the dark – what are you going to do?

    • Sue. Yes..they are so determined to have a gun…my brother in law has about 22 of them. Huh? He says he collects them…….i have heard others say ‘ Nobody is gonna take my gun from me’. Just madness. But it is also about the culture….sonething amiss there.

    • Gregory Procter as a 64 year old woman, the chances of an intruder taking a gun off me in a scuffle are fairly high, even though I’m fairly strong and fit. Now what am I going to do?

    • When I was 18 my reaction time was about a tenth of a second – now I’m 66 my reaction time is over half a second, my eyesight is questionable in daylight and hopeless at night, worse still if someone shines a light in my face. Lost a leg a while back. I wouldn’t stand a show with a pussy cat in a struggle.
      If I had a gun my only chance would be to shoot first. So, dead neighbour looking for his cat, dead policeman chasing a car thief, dead wife looking for goat, drunk neighbour …. Hole in foot from holding gun the wrong way around …

    • Patrick Morris  

      Me ? I am letting the cat in and putting the lid back on the rubbish 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Patrick Morris  

      Glad it was dark at midnight though – scary the dark – and shit it happens every night – how scary is that ? Clearly I should buy a gun cos ……dark happens. 😃😃😃😃

    • Love this post , it is so aussie, that Candians blokes post is black and dark 🙂 Thank God I am an Aussie 🙂

  2. The proper response is for governments to protect their citizens but left-wing liberal politicians refuse to admit that their ill-conceived immigration and refugee relocation plans are placing their countries at risk. Therefore, drastic measures are needed to protect one’s own family from imminent danger posed by the influx of radical Muslims and poor governance…

    • Leanna Stephenson, actually it is! Everyone is loved, safe and secure in the knowledge that they’re protected. BTW, does that pretty Flag of France overlay on your profile make you feel like you’ve done something precious to assist France in it’s struggle against terrorism?

    • Heavens NO I keep meaning to take it down but keep forgetting it, I put there to show my sympathy for the victims, but I am an Australian mate..what are you doing for the people of France? got your gun ready?

    • SO stupid blaming the Left for this – it just makes you look like the bigots you are.

    • Leanna Stephenson Want to show sympathy? Perhaps convince European, North American, Australian & NZ governments that a big mistake has been made with immigration and refugee relocation programs and put the brakes on them before they do our respective countries any more harm. I’m Canadian mate, and I’ve already given my service to my country and NATO during the past 30 years…and you?

    • Don. What makes you so darn superior you gun toting disrespectful arrogant Canadian. If you purport to be such a protector then do so from a respectful stance instead of your bloated self superiority. You ain’t no leader. Not everyone ‘serves’ like you!

    • Max Tivey, call me a bigot, racist, Islamaphobe or any other left-wing title that makes you feel self-righteous. The ‘real’ term you’re lookng for is ‘Patriot’ which has lost its valour over the years. BTW, a strong conservative government wouldn’t have allowed your country or mine to be invaded by those who wish to do us harm…

    • It bad enough we have our own Aussie ratbags without you nut job Canadians putting your 2 cents worth in..get a life

    • Leanna Stephenson Totally agree with you! We have enough of our own bleeding heart liberals here in Canada! LOL!

    • Absolutely spot on Don. Unfortunately, most people here in Australia cannot legally own a gun, but if I could, there is no way I would hand it over.

    • Linda Eden if I find out you are gun toting..expect a call from the Police..terrorists and criminals have guns here

    • Merran Heather Brown, I never claimed to be self-righteous, just truthful! I haven’t been disrespectful, just honest! Sometimes the truth hurts as obviously it has touched a nerve with you! Maybe you need to do a little soul searching…

    • Linda Eden, we have our own restrictive gun laws here in Canada and I know one thing, if I lived in the U.S. I’d have a gun and my wife would have a gun and my child would know how to handle a gun and God help anyone who broke into my house and tried to harm my family or friends…

    • It is sad but the fear is from each other. All those ignorant idiots walking around like they are at war, which of course they are. One of their own making.

    • I would hate to live with such fear and loathing . Jesus loves you and he will look after you , you don’t need guns just Jesus in your life , then you will get into heaven. He said so . Rely on Jesus he is your saviour not guns

    • The real World being exactly what baldy head, over 35000 people killed in the US this year 14 by terrorists.

    • Don the world does not need people like you. And I’m sure you will have a very polite and friendly come back to me so go for it. So your answer to the peaceful immigrant who lives down the road from you, is to shoot them on sight if they look at you funny…

    • Robb Gee  

      While I am not a gun advocate we do need to sit up and take notice of what is happening in the world. Take your blinkers off and observe what is happening in Europe as the northern governments are closing their borders and sctually ejecting Muslims from their countries. Have a look at the devastation that has been wrecked on Greece and the southern Slavic countries, some of whom are Moslem. They are closing their borders because they know their peace and safety are at risk. Will you bleeding heart lefties line up to protect the rest of us with your open arms and sprouting your platitudes as the country begins to sink under sharia law and violence. Or are you going to save your skins by putting on the veils and robes and bumping your heads on the concrete five times a day between sessions of abuse at the hands of your convert husbands?

  3. What a sick ignorant society the U.S. Is turning out to be. Gun business must be laughing all the way to the bank. Is it what a Christian society looks like?..

    • Ignorance is a double-edged sword! Explain to me what a Christian society is supposed to look like and please pick an era in history…

    • Not one like this picture!! Quit being so aggressive and confrontational Don and you come up with an answer to this madness then (from your high horse).

    • The Swiss have lots of guns but the culture is so different to the US. Yes…it is a sick part of US culture. So much good there but this pic is plain madness.

    • Patrick Morris  

      70 % of all gun deaths in America from a family member’s gun. Tragedy is the politician is the mother. Average age of the combat soldier dying in Vietnam 19. God bless their service god preserve us from their politicians.

    • Merran Heather Brown That is because the Swiss militia keep their weapons at home. Automatic firearms are banned in Switzerland and their gun control laws are reasonably tight and in line with most other European countries.

    • The frightening thing is that these people see themselves as the moral and political police of the world. Hence their interference in and manipulation of world affairs.

    • shootings are becoming population control in america they have guns to protect themselves but are going out and killing each other instead while calling the govt the enemy

    • So tell me people…. If America wasn’t as you call it “the police of the world” where would we be? I agree that the picture is a very aggressive way to send a message but tell me who would be the next victim of the madness that is spreading its darkness across our beautiful world and tell me why a person can’t defend themselves and their families against such evil? I agree that there should be tighter controls regarding weapons but take their weapons and the evil has won. I believe that every person on this earth should be able to and allowed to defend their own and their country. Look at us here in Aus. Because of 1 madman they took our weapons and tell me what shall we defend ourselves with when the madness reaches our shores? And it will! It’s coming so you better get your axe handles and knives ready because you have nothing else. Our military forces aren’t enough to stop them!

    • Lyn the world would be quite different and maybe more peaceful! If you think the Americans will help us if it doesn’t suit them to do so, then you are deluded. They have interfered in world affairs and caused wars and civil unrest. The have blatantly lied when it suits them ( the weapons of mass destruction lies). They are experts at propaganda and obfuscation.

    • This year, America has yet to go 8 days without a mass shooting. I’m happy to be in an un-armed Australia.
      I know if it did come down to civilians defending our gorgeous country in the near or distant future, we’d be in big trouble, armed or otherwise!

    • Thomas, I am happy to live in a country where I don’t feel I have to fight back against anything. I don’t have to have a gun under my pillow to feel safe in my house. If humanity had invested more in better way to understand each other, educate each other, love each other, look after each other instead of developing better ways to kill each other, we would not have the problems we have today. I would have hoped that the people who call themselves Christians would have worked that out by now.

  4. I can post this again immediately (tweeted it yesterday in a different context). They’re crusaders, aren’t they; and “crusader” is a _good_ word. #onwardchristiansoldiers

  5. It has nothing to do with guns it is to do with people trying to kill or be killed. I am sorry for cal

  6. the weapon makers will be laughing all the way to the bank…… then the next step will be larger defence force to look after the domestic situation… ahh that will help solve unemployment (grin) … the USA won;t need a President as the head of the Defense forces will be running the country.

  7. One has to be able to protect one self. And his family . If having a gun helps you protect the ones he loves ️then so be it.

  8. I’ve been several times to America over the years — won’t go again ,because I am so against their gun laws ,they will never change ,it’s in their constitution a right to carry a gun

    • Patrick Morris  

      Yes a flint lock musket took 60 secs to fire. Took a hundred men to fire 100 rounds in a minute. Not one eejit with an Uzi. Turn back technology to flint locks and hell yeah you can all own 1 gun in the mall the movies and anywhere else. Except schools hospitals of course.

  9. I think if I lived in America I would arm myself too. The chances of getting shot are pretty high over there. Any drongo can buy a gun no questions asked.

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