Choir’s haunting rendition of classic hit song will leave you speechless

The song was always great, but done like this will send shivers down your spine.

South Africa is experiencing some much welcomed rained which is giving many something to sing about.

This cover by the Angel City Chorale of the 1982 rock classic Africa by Toto is the type of celebration that we can all get behind.

The song’s original release reached number one all over the world and peaked at number five on the Australian charts in 1982.

What did you think of the performance? 

  1. Pam Harvey  

    Could be great if there was any sound

    • Betty Hutchison  

      I could not get any sound either??

      • Joan Bryson  

        There’s a long, quiet introduction. It starts . silently and grows slowly. This is on purpose.

    • Joan Tisdell  

      Really interesting version!

    • joan thorne  

      Be sure that the radio button within the video is turned up and that within your browser. Hopefully you are watching the video and not just the first segment pictured.

  2. Jeff  

    Magnificent, unique rendition of a classic 🙂

  3. Jenny  

    What a performance! Good to see the singers all enjoying themselves and by permitting lots of movement it enhances that joy. Too often choirs just stand and never move but this juat shows the exhilaration of everyone.

  4. Rosali  

    Love it! I can listen to this again and again………and again…

  5. Rhonda De Stefano  

    Beautiful! Sent shivers down my spine!

  6. Robert  

    This is truely representative of the magnificent things that human beings can do. I want and need much more of this in my life and far, far less of the ugly and stupid that is paraded in front of us instead.

    • Katherine  

      Amen! I have shivers…and they are not from this Canadian snow!

  7. julianne johnson  

    excellant, enjoyed it

  8. Jean  

    Absolutely amazing! Well worth waiting for the sound to grow, and grow.

  9. Sue  

    Absolutely fantastic! It brought tears to my eyes!

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