Chinese media urges country to declare war on Australia after Julie Bishop’s comments

Recently, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop did not support China when its bid to secure marine entitlement from the Philippines in the South

Recently, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop did not support China when its bid to secure marine entitlement from the Philippines in the South China Sea was rejected by an international court in July.

And now, a state-run Chinese newspaper, The Global Times, has demanded “revenge” against Australia after it backed an international tribunal’s landmark decision to reject its claims over the South China Sea.

The article said Australia had “double standards” and mocked the nation as a “paper cat” whose power means “nothing compared to the security of China”, reports Daily Mail.

According to the article, Australia has unexpectedly made itself a pioneer of hurting China’s interest with a fiercer attitude than countries directly involved in the South China Sea dispute.
“But this paper cat won’t last. China must take revenge and let it know it’s wrong.
“If Australia steps into the South China Sea waters, it will be an ideal target for China to warn and strike.”
The article also called Australia a ‘delirious’ country with an “inglorious history” that started as an offshore prison.

“This country was established through uncivilised means, in a process filled with the tears of the aboriginals.’

It also said that Australia is willing to “do anything in a show of allegiance” for the US, but was more than willing to turn its back on China, its biggest trade partner, when there was no economic gain.
It also said even with a “scarce population and vast land” Australia disputed “nearly 5.9 million square meters of land in the Antarctic” and claimed the nation sought to avoid arbitration.

“Australia showed blunt double standards as if no one had a memory of what it did and said over the Antarctic,’ the article read.
“Australia calls itself a principled country, while its utilitarianism has been sizzling.’

According to The Sun, it was found that the country had violated the Philippines’ maritime right by erecting artificial islands that disrupted fishing and oil exploration and decimated natural coral reefs.
In what The Sun described as an “immediate show of strength”, the Chinese navy launched into military drills with their Russian allies in the East China Sea.

Is it dangerous to incite such things?

  1. thats ok we can take all the property back they bought and give it to australians

    • Pamela Moore  

      If only that would happen

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes Cathy, excellent idea. They should not be allowed to buy our farms and land. We have told the government but again they are ignoring the people. Liberals need to go now.

  2. “This country was established through uncivilised means, in a process filled with the tears of the aboriginals”. This is a true statement, but the rest?

  3. Mary Heffernan  

    Why would they bother declaring war on us? They already own half our country, thanks to a series of stupid decisions from our governments, including this one!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Agree. The people of Australia never wanted that either.

  4. Vicki Hooper  

    Take back our mines our farms and our city real estate ,kick out all foreign students and stop trade ….we were always better of without them anyway .

    • margaret  

      China talks about AUSTRALIA and what we did to the aboriginals and convicts. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. China has human rights? What about the inhumane killing of millions of dogs. China would be very unhappy if AUSTRALIA decided to ban foreign ownership of property.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Could not agree more with you. We do not want FTA and never did, thanks to Liberals. Liberals just sold 2 farms in NT to the Chinese in May without us knowing. We don’t want our government selling everything off to the Chinese, we don’t need them and their rubbish they import to Australia. Had enough.

  5. Frank  

    gee – talk about blowhard – China looks like a spoilt brat / childish bully when they promote such nonsense

    they want ‘revenge’ because someone didn’t agree with them – really ? – makes Chinese government – because that’s who controls their media – look like idiots !

  6. keith  

    stop trade and start making everything in australia,create jobs and keep everyone happy,we can still trade with the rest of the world

    • JunkYard  

      The rest of the world doesn’t want to trade with us because we are too expensive.

  7. fan zi  

    its all about u aus sending ur iron trash into south china sea.
    y u so happy to be a watchdog of the usa?
    send ur iron trash then, we would happy to teach u some chinese lessons

    • Dieter  

      Thanks mate.
      Your comment shows me your twisted mindset. Can you please explain what you mean with
      “chinese lessons “.

      • fan zi  

        you are welcome,
        if you consider me as a “twisted”, i’m afraid most of 1.4 billion people in my coutry are “twisted”
        sorry to show you this
        your troops had came to east asia in 1950s, following a leader called USA, some “chinese lessons” had been taught there,
        we didn’t have any techs back then, now we got some, standing at our own backyard, awaiting.

        • Dieter  

          Numbers don’t mean anything .
          But don’t be afraid Australia will not slap your fingers and please don’t mention Ch-lessons, we are not in kindergarten.
          You must be very fearful, don’t be, there is no reason for it.

          • fan zi  

            ye, i’m so scared…

  8. However, the article does show howlittle they understand Australia as a land. It talks about a ‘vast land which is underpopulated’. Underpopulated because so much land in uninhabitable & our water supplies are often precarious with our burgeoning population.

  9. Oh look, the world as we now it at this moment is doomed anyway…it is just a matter of who begins the Third World War …and yes it will be the final battle which will spread into Armagedon and the rest is written in Holy Scripture….so stay calm and arm yourself with the infallible Word…

    • Dawn Thyer  

      My thoughts same as Brian Leslie. I remember my mother telling me well over 50 years ago that the end of time will show the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. I’ve seen Australia make their own very good planes, good ships, good farming equipment, inventiveness, and so much more. But things are going downhill fast. All over the world there is troubles like there has not been before. Read the book “The Great Controversity” and it will tell why things are the way they are. Author E G White.

  10. china and other poor countries should stop the cruel slaughter of dogs and cats to eat. its disgusting. they often boil them alive. check it out.

    • I agree, Tracey. The Chinese have a lot to be ashamed of and whenever someone disagrees with them they go on the attack. Re the dogs and cats – approximately 23 MILLION cats are eaten every year in China and around 100 MILLION dogs. All of them are tortured for their meat and fur. Most of the cheap products that we get here are made from leather which is actually DOG SKIN. I refuse to buy anything “leather” from China. The “fake” fur you see on Chinese-made clothes and ornaments is actually cat fur. I have had arguments with traders before this over the “fake” fur they have on their goods.

      To add insult to injury, the World Dog Show is apparently going to be held in China, not sure what year, I think it’s 2017.

      Believe me, the Chinese will never cease trading with us because we are too lucrative a market to lose and of course, they can buy farms, houses – anything they like here because the government lets them.

      Before someone jumps down my throat for singling out the Chinese, that is the subject of this article. There are plenty more countries (including redneck abusers here in Australia) who could pull their socks up animal-wise as well – e.g. Spain and Mexico, the Middle East – the list goes on. As humans we deserve everything that’s coming to us.

  11. Philippa  

    Why bother ‘declaring war’?

    The Chines already OWN huge tracts of land, & many a mansion, & suburban houses in this Country.
    They’re just one of a few nationalities’ which seem to have oodles of money.

    When at a large shopping centre, sometimes I think I’ve been ‘time machined’ to Hong Kong.

    I live near a ‘gated community’ of numerous apartments. I’ve not seen ONE European walk out of its’ gate.

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