Cheque please! It’s time to pay the bill for Charles and Camilla’s visit downunder

They sipped wine and shook hands, brandished knives and provided bottoms for patting, but now the Duke and Duchess of

They sipped wine and shook hands, brandished knives and provided bottoms for patting, but now the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have left Australia, jetting out from Perth last night.

As we wave them off with one hand, the other reaches quietly for the bill.

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet conforms that Australian taxpayers will be paying for the royals’ latest tour, as is consistent with past visits, and that it will amount to roughly half a million dollars.

Is this a waste of taxpayers’ money? Well, it depends upon which side of the fence you are sitting.

Proponents of royal tours say the international coverage Australia receives throughout leads to a boost for the tourism industry, hence the multiple vineyards included in the royal itinerary.

But half a million dollars for a five-day tour that covered Adelaide, the Barossa Valley, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Albany, is a considerable price to pay for a bit of subliminal advertising.

We’d love to know what our Prime Minister thinks, considering he is an open supporter of a Republic and once accused Prince Charles of “unashamed adultery”.

At least we have the memories, right? Like the little girl who gave the Duchess a sweet posy of flowers then demanded them back.

And who could forget the time Camilla held a knife to her husband’s throat?

Here are some of our other favourite moments:

Tell us, do you think royal visits are worthwhile? Have you ever seen a member of the Royal Family up close and personal? Share your memories!

  1. What a total waste of money. What exactly do any of these Royals do except go to lavish dinners, parties etc all over the world and they call that a job!

  2. Rather pay for them than a lot of other people that come to this country and live off our taxes.

  3. Good value to the taxpayers, I reckon Charlie boy has just about convinced us not to have him as a king. And as for Mrs Charlie…..

  4. Waste of taxpayers money for someone who should abdicate

  5. I would imagine a large amount of the bill would be for security. I would like to see a breakdown of the $500,000. If we were a republic and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall paid us a visit I would think that it would still cost us money. I would think that everytime a foreign dignitary visits that it costs us money. If I am wrong I am sure someone will let me know.

    • JuneMike Denison  

      Mike here-of course they will Debbie but you are right. Look at when bush came out here though even his security detail botched keeping the Chaser boys out.

    • Did u actually see the security arrangements when the US Secretary of State was here? Wasn’t our security forces guarding her, it was all theirs….

    • We pay for sports people as well ,I remember once reading how much it cost us to bring Tiger Woods over here ,I remember commenting on it at the time ,why on Earth do we have to pay for a millionaire golfer .

  6. Make them pay there own bill, I can’t afford it I’m on a pension ( age )

  7. Well they didn’t even visit Melb. Vic apparently not rated as important! But we still foot the Bill….👣☹ not that we missed much!! 😍

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