Channel Nine’s Ian Chappell’s ‘racist comment’ caused social media meltdown

When former cricketer-turned-commentator Ian Chappell commented on South African batsman Kasigo Rabada, he probably didn’t think he would get publicly roasted.
Ian Chappell in trouble again. Photo: YouTube.

When former cricketer-turned-commentator Ian Chappell commented on South African batsman Kasigo Rabada, he probably didn’t think he would get publicly roasted. Chappell’s has caused outrage after saying one of South Africa’s star players in the first Test was from ‘a village’. Before that, Chappell was just praising the 21-year-old when he was asked by fellow commentator Ian Healy about how Rabada could have developed such a fast bowling pace, The Daily Telegraph reported. It was his response that sent social media into meltdown: “You’d have to ask all the batsman in his village”.

Chappell was not aware that Rabada is not from a ‘village’ as he described but instead Rabada grew up in Johannesburg which is a huge city with a population of more than 4.4 million people in 2011, according to Statistics South Africa.

Rabada, is also the son of a neurosurgeon, and went to the elite St Stithians College in the city.
Chappell was slammed by social media users for his comments and they were quick to point out racism in his comment.

Runi Talwar wrote: ‘I like Ian Chappell. He may be a racist, but at least he makes it clear that he’s also an idiot’.

Did Ian deserve to get bashed like that or should he have done his homework better?

  1. John  

    So its racist calling Johannesburg a village.

  2. Jo Carson  

    Much ado about nothing much.

  3. William Burton  

    Racist? i am starting to believe that there really is a lot of people out in the village who really should get out and about and soak up a bit of life.

  4. Sandra Workman  

    What the hell, they are scraping the bottom. Misinformed maybe, but racist? I don’t thnk so. I heard the comment nothing racist about it, and what has his father’s occupation got to do with it? The media is being racist. Fools!

    • Tom Jules  

      Sandra, you are right, the media is deliberately stirring things up. Has anyone reported this to Dr Tim yet? What a joke!

  5. Peter McDonald  

    I must admit I cringed when he said it and I’m a bloke of roughly the same vintage Aussie, he just did not think before saying it. IC you’re a bit of a drip, but we all have done it at some time or another.

  6. Get over yourselves. We can’t say anything these days without there being a racial/sexist/ anything else ‘ist’ Getting to the point when we will all need our words written down for us each day and we read from a script so as not to insult anyone’s very tender feelings. What the hell is this world coming to.

  7. Michael Cole  

    Must be a very slow day in news circles when this comment can command such responses…Goes to show that most people wouldn’t know what a racist comment is…This certainly wasn’t one
    At least it not about the American elections

  8. sue  

    Whose small mind labeled this as racist.
    Get a life people. I live in a village


      Good Onya Sue,

      Sick to death of this racist crap, True Aussies are the likes of the people on the ABC program Australian Story telecast on the 7/11/2016. Well worth the watch.

  9. Graeme  

    There is a “well known” African term, “It takes a village to raise a child”. It refers to concept of community raising and inputing into the lives of children. As one who has travelled to Africa supporting child development projects, I can attest that this is true.

    • Shanti  

      It takes a village to raise a cricketer – or not!

  10. Pamela  

    I would rather live in a village (read: town in Australia) than a city any day!

    • Carmel  

      Ever lived in a big city, I do and I would never live in a small town or village everyone spends Their time talking gossip instead of getting a life

  11. Andre Ambard  

    Chappel has always been a racist! Just reflect on some of the comments he has made about the west indians. And more recently Chris Gayle. He is an embarrassment and should be put out to pasture.

  12. Ralph  

    Ok Ian Chappell played for Australia. Having watched the Cricket commentary for many years I still like to hit the Mute button when Ian Chappell comes on air. Not every thing he says is correct. This is one of many. When he says “What he (the player he is commenting on) is thinking.. WTF Ian Chappell. You do not have the remotest idea what someone is thinking. All hail the new generation of commentators. Ian go home and retire. Past the use by date.

    • John  

      Ian atrocious but seriously Ralph – Taylor, Clarke et al are the worst ever – only saving grace is to mute Ch 9 and listen to ABC radio.

    • `keith Rosser  

      I do hit the MUTE button when that dip s..t Warne comes on. Thanks to Channel 9 for spoiling my Summer

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