Celine Dion forced to cancel Vegas shows as she battles illness

It’s been a rough year for poor Celine Dion. After losing her husband and brother earlier in the year, the

It’s been a rough year for poor Celine Dion.

After losing her husband and brother earlier in the year, the singer has been working busily getting back on stage in Las Vegas and releasing a new album.

But now the singer has reportedly “hit the point of total exhaustion”.

Celine has been battling a viral throat infection for the past week, cancelling several shows.

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Her doctors have order her to stay home, rest in bed and not talk.

According to the Review Journal, insiders say the illness is due to her heavy workload.

“She just reached the point of total exhaustion. Celine toured this summer in Europe and Canada and released a French-language album. She returned to Las Vegas without taking a break, and it’s all caught up with her now,” a member of Celine’s team told the website.

“They expected her to be strong enough to fully recover from the viral infection this week, but they want to be safe, so it will now hopefully be next week.

“You can’t sing if you can’t talk, and you can’t get back to normal health if you’re shuttling between home and work when you should be resting in bed.”

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Caesars, where Celine has been performing, has refunded ticket holders more than $2 million for two of the shows alone – and it’s not clear when she’ll be well enough to return.

Do you have a get well message for Celine? Are you a fan?

  1. Diana Crosby  

    Hi Celine ! Huge fan ! God Bless You and Keep You ! Hope Pray You Feel Better Soon ! Please Rest ! God Bless Always ! 🙏😇👼💒

    • Bette  

      Dear Celine, I have been a big fan of yours through the years. I have watched you through your ups and downs. May God lay a healing hand on you and I pray that you get better very soon. God Bless you!!!!

  2. Kris Elliott  

    Hi Celine
    Hope you feel better soon !! Am here in Vegas to see you so sad to miss you this time but understand you need to rest and get better for your health and your fans ! Hope you have some shows in May for our next trip down from Vancouver Canada

  3. Migdalia Cabassa  

    Celine I admire your strengh under all this difficulties. Losing two love ones one behind the other is not easy. But God has left you three beautiful gems that will help you to supersed so much pain. God bless you and that beautiful voice He has given you.

  4. Geri Brenia  

    Celine, please get plenty of rest. Lots of fluids to coat your throat and lozenges. Take time for yourself. And your family. Stay well God Bless.

  5. Joan and Claire Foster  

    Dearest Celine, Please get plenty of rest, you have had a very hard year. You need to take advice and get yourself well. All your fans will understand that you have worked so hard, now it’s time to take care of yourself. God Bless, get well very soon. With all our love from Joan and Claire Foster, U.K.

    • Elena Dimitrov  

      My dear Selin. I know what is heart ache, I know what is to be lonely, terribly alone even if you have bunch people around you. I experience all this pain now and I can imagine and feel such pain. Don’t give up, my daughter, you have so many years ahead full of happiness, having your precious kids is blessing.Having your talent is a gift given from God to the best human been. My girl, the wound will stop hurting you . Be patient, kid.I love you and your song, since I came to USA.I wish I could meet you soon, so you can sing my song I compose just for you and Rene.God bless you, daughter.❤

  6. Holly Eddington  

    I was so excited to see your show for the first time on Nov.5, my 40th birthday. I was so shocked and sad to see it cancelled, but I am not angry because I know that you would never intentionally cause such dismay to so many people. I recovered from it, but I am in Californian and can easily come back. I am more sorry for those that flew in from across the world to show up to a cancellation. I hope they can find it in their hearts to forgive you and to be understanding. I can now just laugh at the incident and I surely won’t ever forget my birthday! We ended up at the Beatles Love show and it was amazing! My husband, who was honestly quite reluctant to sit through your show, has always been a huge Beatles fan. I never quite understood it, but now i have a new appreciation for them! I joke that he always gets his way and he did once again that night! God bless, and please get better. I still really want to experience your show, and hope to come back this Winter.

    • Steven Van Voorhis  

      I also had tickets to the Nov. 5 show and was disappointed it was canceled. I bought tickets to celebrate my mothers 82nd birthday and purchased them 6 months in advance so she could get a seat near the front. Now we have tickets for the May 20, 2017 show.

  7. Dee Kepke  

    We also flew all the way to Vegas to see your show for my Mothers 60th birthday. It was on her bucket list to see you perform. We were so sad to hear that your show was cancelled. Hope your feeling better and have a full recovery. Hopefully one day we can fulfill the dream😘❤️ Xo

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